Outlook of Arranged Marriage in Modern Time

Arranged marriage is quite popular today around the world. It is believed that more than half of marriages globally are arranged. The rate of divorce cases is also lower worldwide. In India, about 90% of marriages are arranged and it has just a 1% divorce rate. In this post, you will get closer to the world of arranged marriage and how things have got changed.

Modern Impact on Tradition

Modern Impact on Tradition

Technology has greatly transformed the way arranged marriages take place. Nowadays, there are thousands of matrimonial websites providing matrimonial services such as Wedgate Matrimony, Shaadi.com, etc. These websites have changed things from earlier times (press in the fifties) when Indians coupled up through matrimonial advertisements in national papers.
Another significant change is seen in how families provide their children the chance to select their prospective partner. Today, arranged marriages concentrate more on free choice. If children don’t like their parent’s choice, they have the right to decline the proposal. This happens in many areas of the world.

Everything Remains the Same in Some Areas

In many areas of the world, women still don’t have any choice. In some countries, cases of child brides have been found where women are forced to have arranged marriages. Young girls who age less than 15 years are not allowed to go to school even keep them isolated, leaving them no opportunities.

There are many positive explanations for reduced divorce cases of arranged marriages. Mutual admiration and dedication make couples work through problems together. They don’t have to make quick marriage decisions. For young ladies, a low divorce rate only signifies that they don’t have another option. Some people are following the blend of traditional and modern arranged marriage trends that facilitate people to choose the perfect match that makes everyone happy.

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Scientific Arguments for Inter-Caste Marriage

In India, marriages are usually arranged by family recommendations, matrimonial site, family meetings, and followed by gotra and patrika matching. Inter-caste marriage is known as marrying out of caste. In scientific terms, marrying within the same community is called endogamy.
Genetic diseases happening out of a limited gene pool is due to endogamy. Thus, it is recommended to figure out the right way to find a life partner.

A Tradition Finds Base

Getting married within the same community make it easier for a family to welcome a new member. It also helps a would-be couple get into their familiar traditions. Marrying outside the caste, however, make them feel like an outsider if they don’t understand their culture, lifestyle, custom, language, and other things.

Inter-Caste Marriages

Community-based marriages are more widespread among rich urban Indians than in other parts of the nation. The choice to select a partner from the same caste comes with a genetic disorder caution. Any defective gene in the limited gene pool will expand its presence across generations. Genetic mutations causing disease found in this pool puts coming generations at increased risk.
Considering the adverse reactions, it is recommended not to marry in the same gotra. After marriage, a woman’s gotra automatically changes to her spouse’s gotra. It means, marrying with aunt’s children. Changing gotra doesn’t mean a change in the woman’s genes because she shares the same gene pool across siblings.

Right to Make Informed Decision

Right to Make Informed Decision

Genetic tests are available to determine the possibility of a potential child suffering from any genetic disease. Pre-checking of parental DNA and gene-testing are becoming more common nowadays. There is no scientific proof for genetic matches to pre-examine various attributes.
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Marriage Rituals and Customs in the Aggarwal Community

Just like in all other communities, there are multiple marriage rituals in the Aggarwal tradition. Just learn about some of them.

1. Rokna or Engagement

Rokna or Engagement

It shows that the search for the soulmate has stopped and two families of the couple are coming together. The bride’s father or other male member applies a tilak on the groom’s forehead to welcome him into their family. The groom’s family presents gifts to the bride.

2. Teeka


The bride’s and groom’s father perform a small puja. The bride’s family members put a tilak on the groom’s forehead and present some sweets and gifts to him and his family.

3. Godh Bharai

Godh Bharai

The groom’s family place makeup, jewelry, gifts, clothes, doll, and sweets in beautifully decorated baskets on the bride’s lap.

4. Sangeet

It is a musical and dance get-together with female family members and relatives of the bride. The bride sits on a silver chowki surrounded by her family and the groom’s family.

5. Haldi or Tel Baan

HaldiA paste of mustard oil, curd, fresh milk, turmeric, and herbs is applied on the feet, knees, arms, shoulder, and face of the groom and bride.

6. Mehendi

The groom’s family sends the mehendi to the bride. Then, the mehendi ceremony is performed in the bride’s home with beautiful designs made on her feet and hands.

7. Kangana

The bride and groom have tied a sacred thread (kangana) on their right wrists to protect them from evil eyes.

8. Ganesh and Gaur Puja

Ganesh Puja marks the start of wedding festivities. In Gaur Puja, a would-be bride is worshipped as Goddess Parvati or Gauri.

9. Mangal Phera


The couple takes 7 rounds around the sacred fire.
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Decoding Jain Marriage: Their Rituals & More

Don’t know what the rituals of Jain marriage are? Here, we take you through everything you must know about the Jain wedding.

1. Khol Barana and Tikka

Khol Barana and Tikka


These are the pre-wedding ceremonies. In the Khol Barana ceremony, the groom’s family gifts the bride a silver plate with the fortunate coconut and Shagun. In the Tilak ceremony, the bride’s family visits the groom’s home with gifts.

2. Lagana Lekhan or Lagana Patrika Vachan

Lagna Patrika Vachan

Lagana lekhan is a small puja that takes place at the bride’s home. After that, the groom performs the Vinayakyantra puja known as the Lagana patrika vachan. This ceremony can be organized on any auspicious date, while exchanging the rings, or pre-decided by the priest.

3. Sagai or Engagement


In the Jain community, this ceremony is known as tilak. The bride’s family visits the groom’s residence and exchanges gifts and sweets.

4. Mehendi

This ceremony is like in most other communities in which mehendi designs are applied on the bride’s hands and legs, and the groom’s hands.

5. Bana Betai

Bana Betai

In the Jain community, instead of turmeric paste, a chickpea paste or besan is applied on the bride and groom’s body followed by a ritualistic bath.

6. Mada Mandap

Mada Mandap
This is a wedding ceremony that involves sanctifying the Mandap.

7. Baraati and Aarti

Baraati and Aarti

In this wedding ceremony, the baraat is welcomed with an aarti. The groom and bride’s brother apply teeka on each other’s foreheads.

8. Kanyavaran and Pheras


The bride’s parents present her to the groom. The groom holds the bride’s hand and the priest chants mantras. The couple takes seven rounds around the holy fire and takes wedding vows.

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5 Common Marriage Problems and Solutions

It is normal to have marriage problems at different stages. The outcome of such issues depends on the bond between the couples. If they have a good understanding, they can effectively work through marital problems. The seriousness and complexity of issues can differ in every marriage, but almost every couple will experience them at certain times.

Let’s discuss some common problems in marriage and how to tackle them effectively.

1. Poor Communication

Poor communication

The major complaint among married couples is a lack of communication. Many couples keep their problems asides instead of discussing and solving them. As a solution, reserve time to have some healthy conversations. Be a good speaker and listener.

2. Lose interest in intimacy

Lose interest in intimacy

Medical problems, emotional issues, financial, and other life stressors make couples lose interest in intimacy. To keep that affection in your wedding life, make physical intimacy your priority. Be open regarding your desires and try to get rid of emotional problems.

3. Stress


Day-to-day stress of professional responsibilities, financial burdens, family life, parenting, and other things can negatively impact the relationship. To manage stress healthily, find interesting things you can do with your spouse. For example, doing activities together, getting outdoors for a walk, having dinner, etc.

4. Money issues

Money issues

Conflicts over money are common among couples. It mostly happens that one partner wants to save money while others wish to invest it. To avoid arguments, sit together regularly and discuss financial goals, problems, and related facts.

5. Boredom


Repeating the same activities with the same person brings monotony to a relationship. To spark new energy and love into your wedding life, do something new and exciting like taking up a hobby together.

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How to Handle Money Issues in a Marriage?

It is not a surprising fact that money issues put a lot of strain on a relationship and ruin married life. If you and your partner are facing financial problems and don’t want them to destroy your relationship, then follow the tips mentioned here. It will help you in getting the best of your marriage.

1. Regular Communication

Regular Communication

Take some time out and engage in criticism-free discussion with your partner. Do regular communication and be open to compromise on your end as well. Talking about financial management and how to resolve money issues like debt, and methods to save money is important.

2. Understand Your Spouse’s Financial Outlook

Understand Your Spouse’s Financial Outlook

Most fights between couples are not just about finance but a clash of temperaments. So, understand your partner’s financial viewpoint to know how they consider money and how they were raised around finance. You can go for a money personality quiz to broaden this subject.

3. Set Your Budget Together

Set Your Budget Together

Evaluate your financial situation, set financial goals, and set a budget together to manage stress and reduce money issues.

4. Remain On The Same Team

Remain On The Same Team

Stop keeping secrets from your partner because it can put you on the fast track to married confusion. So, always remember that you are on the same team and there is no benefit in keeping things from your better half.

If you don’t want your married life to go in the way of arguments and conflicts, engage in open discussion of financial matters. Discuss financial management and finances early on in the relationship while finding a partner with matrimonial services to prevent fighting over money in the future. You can have an open interaction at Wedgate Matrimony to find and marry a person who will respect and support your financial goals.

What We Can Learn from the Best Marriages?

Every phase and occasion of our lives teaches us something. People all around the world get married for numerous reasons. But, as per the statistics, the cases of broken marriages or divorce are increasing over the past few years. However, it doesn’t mean that your marriage cannot last forever. You can learn different lessons from successful and happy marriages. It will help you in understanding various positive and negative aspects of a relationship and what makes the marriage healthier and long-lasting.

Things You Can Learn from Successful Marriages

Things You Can Learn from Successful Marriages


1.  Do a few love hacks such as practicing gratitude, getting perspective on a conflict, improving a sense of security, celebrating joy, and giving your loved one the benefit of doubt.

2.  Invest more quality time together by involving in healthier communication. This will help you in understanding your better half, their strengths and weaknesses, requirements, and wishes. Being responsive will help you genuinely care for your spouse’s well-being and make them more connected to you. Engage in fun and playful activities such as going to a movie, watching a play, dancing, etc.

3. Lessen your expectations because higher expectations can sometimes lead to disappointment and resentment. Having fewer expectations can make you more satisfied. To lower expectations, you can become more independent in your self-knowledge and concentrate on your personal growth.

4.  Evaluate your goals and determine if some of them can be supported by another person. Your spouse might not necessarily be your sounding board for office chat, hiking partner, and career mentor alongside being a gourmet cook, caring lover, and affectionate parent.

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Mission of Marriage – 3 Crucial Aspects for Husband

Since marriages nowadays need a mission, men also require a mission. A man today doesn’t get a certain mission from God. The original pattern of God of creating a man, providing him a mission, and granting him a wife as spouse and helper describe the lasting design of God for marriage. Some men remain unmarried and get that assistance from their fellow laborers and friends instead of a wife. Most men follow God’s creation rule with the help that comes from their wives.

Dream, draw, and do are three-part frameworks that husbands should work upon to live with their wives as treasured women and dear helpers.

1.  Dream


The leadership of a husband usually starts with a dream. He looks upon his home, kids, family, and many other things. A wife will perform her fair share of dreaming. A husband will value her dreams. He must understand his special responsibility of further taking the family, instead of waiting for his wife.

2.  Draw


With humility, patience, wisdom, and tenderness, a man must draw his wife in and out. He must welcome her into his dreaming by getting her impressions, asking for feedback, and listening to her counsel. In drawing her out, a husband imagines how their mission as one can make the best use of her abilities.

3.  Do


When a husband dreamed for his family and draws his wife in and out, he must act. He must take the initiative towards the uncultivated edge of the garden. For example, get the kids for family devotions, organize a block party for neighbors, etc.

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Benefits of maintaining individuality in a marriage

Maintaining individuality is important in a marriage to develop a sustainable and healthy relational dynamic. Both partners must maintain their own individuality and respect their partner’s individuality to have a successful married life. Each person is concerned with their own and their spouse is continued development as an individuality. A relationship in a marriage success and grows when two strong people bring their varied and distinctive qualities to their partnership.

Why maintain individuality in a marriage?

Why maintain individuality in a marriage

Many people said that to be in a relationship with a partner, they have to make specific compromises and sacrifices. They hide a part of themselves that is not acceptable to meet the expectations of society of what a thriving relationship must be. This more often results in a relationship fraught with dysfunction and secrecy. This more often lacks the true intimacy and closeness that most couples wish for.

Maintain your individuality

Maintain your individuality

To be a good person in your relationship and life, it is important that you keep a strong sense of autonomy and independence. It will allow you to keep on cultivating and empowering your special traits and behavior that show your ideals and interests. Be truly an adult and identify your early childhood losses and trauma. Understand how they assisted in shaping your present behavior. In simpler terms, it means actively recognizing and challenging the defenses you created in your childhood and improving the negative biases or attitudes. Be undefended and open to expressing your personal desires, thoughts, dreams, and feelings. Rather than defending yourself from the suggestions or criticisms of your spouse, consider the kernel of truth in what he or she is saying. It would be helpful to ask questions about maintaining individuality by finding a partner via the Wedgate marriage bureau. Identify and value your differences.

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