Re-Marriages: Is it a Welcome Sign or a Taboo in India?

India is the birthplace of a lot of customs and beliefs. Marriage in our culture is seen to be a bond that unifies two individuals, their families, and their traditions. Breaking such a divine bond is still considered taboo in many areas of the country. Small towns and villages call it detrimental to the progress of their community and society. Yet, major cities such as Delhi have come to accept the fact that divorces are not harmful and try to understand the real reason behind the divorce for the benefit of the people involved.

As individuals living their current life, it is important that all of us live it in happiness and harmony. Discords and misinterpreted happenings may have led to the separation of married people in their past. This doesn’t entitle them to remain alone and sober all through their life – they are still living, and they need to live it happily. Re-marriages have emerged to be a welcome sign in major cities and families do accept the need for separated people to remarry to find their happiness.

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A matrimonial site such as Wedgate Matrimony, the best remarriage matrimony in Delhi, offers a lot of support & helps divorced/ widowed individuals find a good partner when they decide to remarry.
Re-marriages are welcomed by small towns or villages for widowed individuals.

The social beliefs among them permit re-marriages for the benefit of children who have lost one parent and are expecting support. The widowed individual is encouraged to remarry so that he or she can share the responsibility of bringing up the children and not solely carry the burden of the family in this regard. However, they don’t mete out similar empathy when a divorced person wants to remarry.

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Larger cities are quite liberal, and we have been witnessing that most of the re-marriages are encouraged. It is welcomed that individuals are able to leave the past behind, whether it was a distasteful marriage leading to a divorce or the death of the spouse. Such individuals are encouraged by friends and family to step ahead and prepare for a happy life. Also, in this process, previously married people, who now seek partners in re-marriage, are careful and wise.

They assess the pros and cons quite efficiently and make wise decisions. The history of being hurt due to the occurrences in the earlier marriage prepares the people to be emotionally strong and stable. Nobody wants to get hurt twice, do they?

It is definitely a welcome sign in today’s Indian society for re-marriages!

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8 Questions to Ask Your Mate Before Wedding

When you know you are ready to be married, it is important to understand if you know how ready you and your partner are. Is it confusing? Let’s clarify this in detail. Whether you have been in love & known your partner or if this marriage is going to be arranged by family, friends with the help of a marriage bureau, there are a few questions you should consider asking yourselves. The answers to them will help assess how prepared and clear you are as partners.

Questions to Ask Before Marriage

8 Inescapable Questions to Ask Before You Get Married:-

1. Where would we be living after our marriage? Do we have any specific preference in choosing where our place of living needs to be – whether closer to work, closer to parents, etc?

2. Do we have differences in customs and religious beliefs? How are we going to handle these differences, if they exist? Would we be able to adjust and be flexible in practicing our individual beliefs?

3. Do we have loans or financial needs that matter a lot to us? Are we comfortable handling this after being married? Do we need each other’s support in alleviating such financial burdens?

4. How important is our career to us? How supportive we would be to one another if there is a brief time of joblessness or sickness for one of the partners?

5. How are planning to fulfill our obligations towards our family members? Do we plan to support them financially at a regular frequency? Have we planned for medical emergencies if any during the old age of parents?

6. How prepared are we to start a family? Are we equipped to handle the responsibilities of a newborn child sooner in our lives? If we need to postpone childbirth – how long this can be?

7. What is our emotional quotient in handling disagreements? How do we plan to treat the situations that will arise due to differences in our individual opinions? How can we resolve arguments or fights between us?

8. How are we going to split and balance work with domestic chores? Can we adhere to the plan of splitting daily activities so that it is easier for both of us?

The questions may seem frivolous nevertheless very important for every couple to discuss them well. It certainly brings a lot of confidence in the hearts of the couples who are preparing themselves for a harmonious life.

Your search for a good matrimonial bureau in Delhi, which can assist with searching for a partner with whom you can comfortably discuss these, ends with Wedgate Matrimony. Make use of their experience to look for the right person, discuss your questions, and be assured of a good life ahead.

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How to Start a Conversation with a Girl in Arranged Marriage Meeting?

Hey men, if you are one of those who would be shortly meeting a prospective girl that you would be marrying, you may want to read through this entire blog to know how you can get on an interesting and engaging conversation. We are not going to give you tips to woo her yet, but here are some things that you can take care of so that you don’t have a girl walk away at your first meet-up.

Start your conversation with simpler questions about her name, whereabouts, and her family. Tell about yourself too but be cautious that you don’t rant on about your family history and what a great background you have.

Make efforts to find out about her education if she continues to study or wish to do so in the future. If she is a working person, ask about her career aspirations and how she wishes to focus on them. The girl could also interact with you to know about your educational background and your career with its short-term/long-term goals.

When trying to know about her family, it would be good to also get her to stand on the obligations that she has in her family. You might be meeting with girls who have a desire to financially support their parents even after their marriage.

Put her at ease talking through her hobbies, and interests. If she is vocal about any of them, try to listen to it out so that you know the depth of her interest – you might just come across a person who has the same passion or hobby as you.

One of the foremost things to know and converse in your meeting is about the girl’s view of marriage. The interaction on this topic will help you understand the girl’s belief in the sanctity of this bond and how she wishes to live a marital life with a partner. It will be important to also share your views on the marriage with her – a healthy conversation may just get you to spend more time with the person and know more about the person

If you are from Delhi NCR and are thinking about availing the services of a matrimonial bureau to help you with your marriage plans, do contact Wedgate Matrimony. They have commendable experience and have proven successes of working with men/women to find their prospective partner with the interests of the families’ tradition and cultural values.

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Top 5 Expectations of Indian Girls From Marriage

In India, when a girl wishes to get married, the first stop point for her parent and her extended family is the marriage bureau. Several matrimonial sites are functioning in the prime cities of the country offering a wide range of consultations for fixing up an arranged marriage in the Indian household. But for them to function and find the prospective bridegroom for the Indian girl, they need to understand what these to-be brides expect out of their marriages.

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Here’s Assessing Some of the Key Expectations of Indian Girls:–

1. With a Stable Job & Good Salary

Financial stability is the foremost aspect that the Indian girls today are mostly looking forward to in their partner. A man who has a good job, offering good pay that would ensure comfortable living as well as provide financial security, is a prospective bridegroom. The girls see it as a way of being able to provide for the family including the children of their future.

2. To Let be Independent and Career-Oriented

Indian girls today have advanced in every field and are making strides. When it is the time to be married, their expectation is that they remain unaffected in terms of their career priorities. They expect that a marriage shouldn’t stall them from the progress they are making and is expecting independent decisions to be made when it comes to their career.

3. Sharing Household Chores

We have career-driven women in society today and many of them work long hours too! Indian girls of today are equally busy at their jobs and hence find it normal that the men at home share the responsibility towards household chores. Partaking in domestic cleaning, cooking, and tending to home needs, Indian girls expect the men to share the workload at home.

4. Non-Patriarchal

Indian girls today want their partners to grow away from the traditional patriarchal society that they were brought up in. Mutual respect for each other’s parents, an open attitude towards children without gender bias, and planning families considering the wishes of the wife are being sought by the Indian girls of today.

5. Good Looking / Smart

Though not the topmost expectation from Indian girls of today, good looks and smart men are still factors that will alter decisions in prospective alliances. “Good looks are important too – they make both the husband & the wife confident” – say some of the girls of today, who would love to gladly walk hand-in-hand with handsome husbands.

Wedgate Matrimony is a marriage bureau in Delhi that has good experience in finding suitable alliances for men and women! Approach them with your expectations and they are sure to help you find the right person.

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Is Marriage Really Essential to Live Happily?

The responses to this question can be different when asked to different generations of people in your family. If you ask a youngster, who is living his life, will say ‘No’ and when asked to a man/ woman who has experienced decades of marital life, will say ‘Yes’. Despite their different answers at different stages in their lives, the human race now accepts the fact that being married adds to your happiness and long life.

Married couples go beyond their individual vision of being successful in careers, being reputable in society to being responsible parents to the future generation. They come through the lineage of family beliefs that has established marriage as an institution and it to be a means to procreate. Marriage creates the nuclear society where we bring forth children who will be part of the larger society and will work towards the growth of society & country.

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Do marriage and happiness solely lie in birthing the children? No. Marriage identifies you to be someone who can love, respect, and mutually share your space with another person of a similar nature. An individual’s focus grows beyond his own selfish needs to the needs of his/ her partner – to talk and do similar activities, to laugh at humor that amuses both, to respect each other’s ambitions, and to love each other despite any differences. These aspects of living a life in harmony, and at times resolving conflicts, makes you a better individual and sharpen your ability as a responsible individual. In turn, it also contributes to the overall success and happiness of the person

Beyond managing your life, marital life brings discipline to the lives of people. It improvises behavior, it helps individuals to follow methods and standardized ways of living, to eat well, and live a better lifestyle. This is an ongoing process and as nuclear units of the society; all families of happy marriages evolve socially and economically. Several cities today boast of improved living when families come together and form townships & communities with schools, healthcare facilities, and economic establishments – if not for marriages, such growth in urban areas is not possible.

Looking to settle down for a happy life that will improve your way of living? Approach Wedgate Matrimony, a marriage bureau in Delhi that has been very successful in finding the right partners for individuals. Their consistent contribution towards the people of Delhi, in providing matrimonial services is well acknowledged.

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Can People in Arranged Marriages Really Fall in Love?

Most of the countries around the world, live by the thought of ‘first one falls in love, then they proceed to get married’. But can it be the other way round? Can couples who assure their commitment in arranged marriages eventually find or rather fall in love after marriage? Yes – it is possible.

Marriage experts and matrimonial services providers speak about successful couples who find love after their marriage. This is not uncommon in countries like India, where the couples believe in the tradition of arranged marriages – they enter a commitment of life trusting that they find love in the partner that the family chooses for them.

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The key mantra is about understanding each other’s priorities and sharing the same – be it family, career, love, or relationships. The bonding between the couples is slow but the foundation is strong and not driven by mere passion. When families are at the matchmaking phase, they look more towards the compatibility aspects of the couple rather than merely checking their horoscopes. Arranged marriages bring together two people who have been brought up in similar family backgrounds and values. They are more inclined towards understanding and respecting their beliefs mutually – why wouldn’t this be a ground to respect and love your partner?

Falling in love doesn’t start with the moment that the couples say, ‘I do’. It will be an ongoing process that generally calls for some effort on each of them. Arranged marriages have two individuals who know that understanding each other and their interests will be important to make this work. The slow and steady process of knowing each other involves spending a lot of time together, doing the common hobbies as a couple, participating in events where they share common interests, and obviously talking through how they want to phase out their lives. These smaller attempts of knowing the partner can establish the trust needed in the relationship and will spark the fire of love among them.

The entry of a child into the lives of couples has only been found to have added more love and respect for each other. The joint responsibility in bringing up their child with mutually partaking in childcare activities has been supportive to the couples’ respect and love for each other.

Several agencies have their matrimonial site, rendering their services to arrange a good wedding depending on the interests in the family. If you are seeking such assistance, Wedgate Matrimony would be your right choice. They have been closely working with families for the marriages of their children.

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Why Arranged Marriages are More Successful than Love Marriages in India?

In Indian society, marriage is seen to be more than just a union of two people – it is perceived to be a union of families, the union of cultures, and the union of beliefs. The sanctity of marriage is tied to the fact that the couples are perfectly matched according to the religion and community beliefs that exist. Hence at least 80% of Indian marriages are arranged by families and it has been established that they are more successful than love marriages.

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Some Reasons Why Arranged Marriages are More Successful than Love Marriages in India:

1. Entrusting parents with the responsibility of finding the right partner for you has gone deep with our Indian beliefs. The younger generation cannot deny the fact that parents can decide for your wellbeing and they can rightfully find the person whom you will like and who will be the right partner to you. To top it, the arranged marriage structure has been well established in our society to back up the current generation.

2. Matchmaking according to religious and community beliefs plays a vital role and in the case of arranged marriages, these are well-taken care of. It automatically brings a sense of security to be following the customary practice of matchmaking for prospective people. Love marriages, on the other hand, mostly override these sentiments and hence are not a big welcome among families who believe in such practices.

3. Arranged marriages open the affiliation between two families of similar nature – financial, educational, and cultural. The saying that marriages are about the coming together of two families is not an understatement. In arranged marriages, families get acquainted and can bond well for the union of their prospective bride/groom. The relationship continues quite in a harmony throughout the couple’s lifetime.

4. Arranged marriages begin a relationship with lesser expectations among individuals. Partners entering the commitment of marriage through arranged means are open to understanding each other over a period, give room for sharing opinions, partake in cultural activities of similar nature, and eventually grow to love & respect one another. This results in very little discord among them – it is one of the reasons why arranged marriages end up in the happily ever after scenario and divorces are quite less compared to love marriages.

If you reside in the capital city, several matrimonial services in Delhi continue to facilitate arranged marriage procedures and Wedgate Matrimony is one of the leading matrimonial agencies that can help you. Wedgate works with families to bring home the right partner into the lives of our younger generation.

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5 Things Couples Should Talk About Before Marriage

Marriage is one major milestone in every man or woman’s life. Beyond the single or multiple days of celebration and festivity, marriage opens a whole new world for couples to live through for the rest of their lives. The partners to get committed need to spend time discussing, understanding, and preparing for this world of love, responsibilities, and time that is ahead of them. When you speak to family or friends, they are ready to give a host of ideas on what to discuss and how to prepare.

5 Things Couples Should Talk About Before Marriage

But here’s what we feel are important things that every couple need to talk about before their marriage:

1. Starting a Family/Raising Kid – One of the most important things yet delicate in the current Indian society is the discussion about starting a family. Most couples these days prefer to discuss the readiness in having children and what their responsibilities would be in raising the child. Partners can discuss how many children to have and their perception towards handling the future of the children (education, etc.,)

2. Careers and Handling Finances – In today’s world, we have working partners – it will be crucial to understand your partner’s career and his/her ambitions long term. With this, it can aid in discussing the handling of finances at home, especially when you are entering the commitment with some debts (education / personal). It is advised to be transparent so that finances can be better handled for a fully benefitting living.

3. Medical Conditions – Marriage vows ask your commitment to stand by your partner in sickness and in health. So, discuss if there are medical conditions that your partner needs to be aware of. Talking about medical conditions, treatment costs and frequencies can help plan your time together along with the finances.

4. Family Obligations – Our Indian society is close-knit, and we are bound to fulfill the obligations of the families. Responsibilities of a brother, that is obliged to his sisters, and of a daughter to her parents are open items of discussion. Also, it is imperative to discuss how the other partner can participate and partake in such obligations.

5. Handling Differences – Another foremost important discussion is how couples are going to handle their differences. Fights, differences in opinion, dislikes temperament – ensure that as partners, you are discussing ways & methods to handle these situations in your marital life.

Wedgate Matrimony has been offering exemplary matrimonial services for various communities in Delhi. So, if you are seeking elite matrimonial services in Delhi, Wedgate will be your one-stop destination.

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How Matrimonial Agents are Changing Perspectives for Arranged Marriages?

If you are living in Delhi and want to get a partner soon, then this blog is for you. We all know the time has changed now; therefore we don’t knock on doors to find a bride or a groom rather we go online. In recent times online matrimony has spread rapidly, especially in the capital city of India, Delhi. With the invention of online matrimonial agents in Delhi, marriage has become straightforward and uncomplicated.

This is the main topic I will cover in this blog; how matrimonial agents have changed the perspective of arranged marriage. According to a survey, 59% of people in Delhi prefer to arrange marriage.

We have seen the hardship in finding a partner, exceptionally in the case of arranged marriage. Visiting hundreds of houses, carrying gifts for them, arranging all sorts of food and beverages along with many other formalities. But now, with just one click on your phone, you can get to know each and everything about the person you are interested in. Matrimonial agents in Delhi have done a great job in different parts of the state, by connecting people and relationships from the comfort of their homes.

Now let’s discuss what feature does matrimonial agents provide us to make arranged marriage easy. As this blog is mainly for the people of Delhi, it will only cover it according to it.

1. You get both the options – free registration or if you prefer elite matrimonial services, then you will be charged an extra penny for it.

2. There is customer care service available round the clock.

3. According to our profile, we get suitable matches and suggestions to choose from.

4. Your data is 100% secure and privacy is maintained.

5. You get suggestions and advice from experts for wedding-related products and services.

6. All IDs are verified through important documents, so there is less chance of fakes profiles or abuses.

7. You get many options and categories to look for our partner. Matrimonial agents in Delhi also provide meeting options along with video calls.

There is a lot of features, but let this blog be brief so it could be understood comfortably. If you want to look up some good agents then, don’t forget to consider, Wedgate Matrimony as they provide stellar services when it comes to building new relations.

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