Interesting Ideas To Make Your Wedding Memorable

Your wedding day is special as you are going to tie the knot with a person who will always stand behind you and spend the rest of your life with you. This should be reflected in your marriage as well. If you want guests to always remember how unique your wedding was, then make it memorable with the following tips.

1. Venue and Décor

Venue and Décor
The very first thing that guests notice the most is the venue and its decoration. To add up the wow factor on your special day, choose a venue that can be easily reached via different transportation modes. Consider a distinct and divine décor by focusing on ceiling decoration, centerpieces, customized addition, photo booth, etc.

2. Select a Memorable Menu

Select a Memorable Menu
Another thing that guests notice the most at the wedding is the food. Select a menu that your guests will never forget. From appealing themed meals, and family-style menus to plated dinners, you can select from a variety of menus.

3. DJ Request Box

DJ Request Box
Allow your guests to enjoy their favorite songs by setting a DJ request box on the table. Ensure your DJ informs the guests that they can request for playing their favorite songs throughout the celebration.

4. Guest Book

Guest Book
Select interesting guest books that show who you are as a couple rather. You can ask guests to sign on a guitar, a glass bowl of postcards, a boat paddle, a globe, or other things based on your choice.

5. Memorable Send-Off

End your wedding day on a high note with a memorable send-off that leaves a lasting impression. Instead of a traditional sparkler exit, consider alternatives like releasing lanterns into the night sky, having a fireworks display, or making a grand exit in a vintage car or horse-drawn carriage. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s reflective of your personality and sets the tone for the beginning of your happily ever after.

Rely on Wedding Planners to Reduce Your Stress

To stay happy on your special day, you can allow the experts providing matrimonial services to take the tension off your head. Wedgate Matrimony reduces the whole stress by allowing their candidates to meet their dream partner and get quality wedding event service.

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Does Kundali Change After Marriage?

Kundali Milan or horoscope matching is an important ritual practiced since ancient times. Indian marriages are widely based on this ritual, which is performed before making the final commitment to the would-be bride and groom. The horoscope or Kundali of would-be couples is matched to determine their compatibility with each other.

Most Indian families don’t get their son or daughter to get married without matching their planets or gunas with a potential partner. Let’s jump into reasons why this custom is being followed widely.

Does Kundali Change After Marriage?

1. After finding the perfect match at a matrimonial site, the couple’s marriage
compatibility is checked by matching their horoscopes. It shows the positions of several planets and their effects on the life of a would-be couple.

2. To test the amity between a prospective couple, eight Gunas or Ashtakoot are considered. Each guna consists of various numeric points. In total, there are 36 Gunas. The higher the score of these points, the better will be the compatibility and the more successful will be the wedding life.

3. Another reason to perform Kundali Milan is to predict the final conditions, family adjustments, and physical & mental compatibility of prospective bride and groom. The chances of proper adjustment of a girl or a boy in each other’s life and their families are analyzed after matching their Kundali.

All these are the key reasons why parents and elder family members prefer horoscope matching before finalizing a marriage. But, today many people argue that the success of a marriage is not based on what their horoscope defines. They state that in ancient times marriages were performed even without Kundali Milan and all marriages were successful.

Is it Possible that Kundali Changes After Marriage?

Every person has a different perspective regarding horoscope matching and astrology. Some people believe in it while others consider it just a myth. Many people believe that Kundali changed after getting married. But, this is just a misconception. The horoscope remains the same as it was predicted based on your date of birth, timing, and place. Some people’s lives get changed after getting married. It’s not that their horUncover Kundali shifts post-marriage. Explore astrological dynamics, factors influencing changes. Gain insights into marriage’s impact on Kundali and destiny.oscope gets changed but it is due to the unique planetary placements they are born with. If you’re ready for marriage and wondering how to find the right person based on your horoscope, then get matrimonial services online. Wedgate Matrimony helps you with the perfect solution by providing a list of compatible brides and grooms.

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Things to Do if Your Marriage Feels Boring

At the start of the wedding life, everything seems good and exciting. You both have romantic date nights or dinners planned, walking hand in hand, planning future baby names, and engaging in so many romantic and cheerful moments. You would hardly get time to get bored. But, at a certain period, a new routine starts and life gets busy. That loving honeymoon stage doesn’t last forever. Couples started feeling bored in their wedding life.

That boredom doesn’t mean the end of your marriage. However, it can lead to several problems if they are not resolved quickly. Here, we will discuss some important things you can work on to make your bond stronger and get things back on the right track.

Things To Do If Your Marriage Feels Boring

7 Ways to Spice Up a Dull Marriage

1. Engage in a frank and open conversation with your partner to better understand each other’s likes, dislikes, and habits.

2. Explore new recreational activities and take advantage of every opportunity to connect with your spouse.

3. Try spreading positive energy by asking your partner about their feelings and desires.

4. Accept and reveal each other physical needs to reach another level of closeness with your better half. Create a romantic space for increased intimacy in the bedroom.

5. Escape from the mundane life and take a tour together in a place where no daily life responsibilities and tensions are all around.

6. Don’t let any insecurities take a toll on your wedding life. Trust your life partner and let go of burdens and aches from the past.

7. Examine what you both are expecting from your relationship. Find out if the expectations can be fulfilled.

Spending time before getting married is essential for having a better understanding after marriage. That’s why most people get matrimonial services from leading agencies such as Wedgate Matrimony to find the right and compatible partner.

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Can we do marriage in Panchak?

In the sky, there are 27 constellations. And, Panchak is the combination of five constellations from the last. These are ‘Dhanishta‘, ‘Shatabhisha‘, ‘Poorvabhadrapada‘, ‘Uttarabhadrapada‘, and ‘Revathi‘. According to several religious scriptures, if someone dies at Panchak, five other family members will also die. Panchak that starts on Saturday is the most dangerous Panchak. It is mainly known as the death quintet.

Is Marriage Possible in Panchak?

According to Hindu scriptures, auspicious and holy tasks such as naming ceremonies, marriage, Nav Vadhu Pravesh, Upnayan Sanskar, new construction, Mundan ritual, and housewarming are not allowed during Panchak Kaal. Marriage is prohibited in Mrityu Panchak if it begins on a Saturday (death). Marriage and the starting of any auspicious event are prohibited during this Panchak. During Panchak, wood or wood-related items are not purchased. Also, traveling in the south direction during Panchak is not considered good as the south is the direction of the God of death (Yamraj).

How to Perform Wedding in Panchak?

How to Perform Wedding in Panchak

The negative effects of Panchak Dosha are reduced when Panchak is in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. When this Panchak falls on a Sunday, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is created. This yoga is beneficial for engagement and other marriage ceremonies. If the last three Panchak falls on a Sunday and Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is formed, it brings prosperity and success.

During Panchak, follow the astrological treatments and recommended precautions. Don’t perform any activity that is prohibited during Panchal Kaal.

If you want your wedding rituals and married life to go smoothly without any obstacles, find the most compatible life partner with the marriage bureau.

Wedgate Matrimony helps you find interesting matches based on different cultures and castes in the Hindu community. You can locate the right person who shares similar compatibility with Hindu rituals such as Panchak, etc.

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Choosing a Dream Wedding Destination: Key Factors and Success Tips Unveiled

Destination weddings continue to be the most popular way of tying the knot someplace memorable. These are hosted away from the hometown of the would-be couples and require travel and a bit of logistical planning. Here, we’ll weigh some advantages and disadvantages of a destination wedding to let you make the right decision.

pros and cons of destination wedding

Pros of Destination Wedding

1. Get married in a place that is memorable and special for you and your life partner.

2. Make your wedding photos more beautiful in an epic backdrop to create remarkable memories.

3. Planning a small guest list for a destination wedding can provide a more intimate feel.

4. Based on the location you choose, a destination wedding could be cost-effective and help in getting more bang for your buck.

5. A destination wedding offers a new experience with the chance to spend quality time with dear ones in a breathtaking location.

6. You are getting a built-in holiday in a picturesque location.

Cons of Destination Wedding

1. Destination weddings need comparatively more research to identify if you can legally visit there and tie the knot there.

2. Planning a wedding in another country you would have never visited would be a bit challenging. You need to consider language differences, currency exchange rates, marriage licenses, and more.

3. In a destination wedding, there is a possibility that invited people may not come as there might be some logistical or financial barriers.

7 Ultimate Tips for a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding can be an exhilarating adventure, but it also comes with its own set of unique challenges. Here are some invaluable tips to help you navigate the intricate waters of organizing a memorable destination celebration:

1. Choose the Perfect Location: Select a destination that holds sentimental value for you and your partner, or opt for a picturesque locale that offers stunning backdrops for your special day.

2. Notify Guests in Advance: Since destination weddings require more planning and travel arrangements, ensure to give your guests plenty of advance notice. Send out save-the-dates at least six to eight months before the wedding date.

3. Research Local Marriage Requirements: Familiarize yourself with the legalities and requirements for getting married in your chosen destination. Some countries may have residency requirements or specific documentation needed for a legal ceremony.

4. Hire a Local Wedding Planner: Enlist the help of a seasoned local wedding planner who is familiar with the area. They can provide invaluable insights, recommend trusted vendors, and help coordinate logistics from afar.

5. Consider Your Guests’ Comfort: Keep your guests’ comfort in mind when selecting accommodations and planning activities. Choose a venue that offers a range of lodging options to suit different budgets and preferences.

6. Embrace the Local Culture: Incorporate elements of the destination’s culture into your wedding festivities, from cuisine and music to customs and traditions. This adds a unique and memorable touch to your celebration.

7. Plan for Unexpected Weather: Be prepared for any weather surprises by having backup plans in place for outdoor ceremonies or receptions. Consider renting tents or indoor venues as alternatives.

To plan a dream destination wedding, you can get help from a marriage bureau like Wedgate Matrimony to choose the right venue, photography, makeup services, and more. Get the right time to avoid larger tourist crowds and more costs. Consider buying travel and wedding insurance.

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How to Keep the Spark Alive in a Long-Term Marriage?

Well, to get married to your loved one is not soo difficult as keeping the Spark alive in your relationship is. To feel, what you felt for your better half after a decade, is what keeps the relationship running for a lifetime.

Keep the Spark Alive in a Marriage

5 Proven Tips to Keep the Spark Alive in a Marriage

1. Be Adventurous

You must keep trying new things with your partner to spice up things. Be adventurous and push one another to take risks and try new things.

2. Spend “WE Time”

It’s good to go on vacations with friends and family but in between it is also important to spend some time alone with your better half. Just the two of you with no one else.

3. Communicate Emotions with Your Partner

Saying “I Love You” now and again does sound very promising and loving, but at times, it is important to express your love and emotions beyond I Love You.
Sometimes words like “You mean the world to me” can express more feelings than saying I Love you.

4. Plan a Date Night Regularly

You went for multiple dates before you got married, but once you are tied in the knot, the responsibilities make you keep aside the romance in your life. Therefore it is important that at least once a fortnight you must take time to plan a date with your partner.

5. Talk About Coupling

It is important to be physically intimate in any relationship and even more important to include sex in your conversations. If you “Omit Coupling from your Relationship” – the relationship ultimately ceases to exit.

Just take time for your partner, make them feel loved,d and don’t ignore them because of your responsibilities. After all, it’s YOU and YOUR PARTNER that make the relationship, don’t ignore the essence of that relationship.

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Top 10 Wedding Trends That will Rule in 2024

Some certain traditions and rituals are worth including in your wedding ceremonies, some new trends can add a WOW factor to your big day. We have consulted a pair of leading industry experts of reliable matrimonial services providers for the unexpected wedding trends we will see in 2024. Let’s discover a few of them here.

1. High Impact Florals

High impact Florals

Reintroduced the impact of florals by adding soft pops of vibrancy from lovely flowers like wildflowers, poppies, and roses. This will make your tables look more modern and attractive.

2. Animated Invitations

Animated invitations

Creative, sustainable, and fancy digital animated invitations with your wedding theme, your favorite couple’s song, or an appealing color story will add a more personalized touch to it. This will rule out in 2024 and more coming years.

3. Destination Weddings Will Continue to be the Choice

Just like previous years, 2024 will be a year of destination weddings. Couples are increasingly searching for places with historical magnificence and natural charm that provide the alluring backdrop to their D-day. For example, the royal palace, forts, beach venue, etc.

4. Trendsetting Patchwork Lehengas

Thanks to Bollywood celebrity Alia Bhatt who brings the textile style of patchwork lehengas into the trend. These lehengas have an awesome combination of regional textile art. This vibrant yet light outfit is perfect for various wedding rituals like Haldi, Mehendi, or Sangeet.

5. Weekend-long Parties

Weekend-long parties

Multi-day celebrations are gaining rising popularity. ‘Abhi to party shuru hui hai’ is the famous wedding trend in 2024. Planning weekend-long celebrations provide guests with more opportunities to meet each other and spend time together.

6. Eco-Chic Celebrations

Couples are prioritizing eco-friendly choices, opting for biodegradable decor and locally sourced menus to reduce their environmental footprint while celebrating their love sustainably.

7. Intimate Affair

Small-scale weddings are gaining popularity as couples focus on creating intimate, meaningful experiences with close family and friends, prioritizing quality connections over large guest lists.

8. Digital Delights

Modern couples are embracing technology, incorporating virtual elements like live streaming and interactive features to ensure that distant loved ones can participate in their special day, regardless of location.

9. Unique Venue Vibes

Unique Venue Vibes

Breaking away from traditional wedding venues, couples are choosing unconventional locations such as vineyards, art galleries, and even private estates to create unforgettable settings for their nuptials, adding a unique touch to their celebrations.

10. Tech-Savvy Soirees

With the rise of technology, weddings are becoming more interactive and immersive, with couples incorporating cutting-edge features like AI-powered wedding planners, virtual reality experiences, and high-tech photo booths to enhance the overall guest experience and create lasting memories.

If you’re ready to start the new adventure of a wedding, find your best life partner with Wedgate Matrimony featuring a huge database of brides and grooms profiles.

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Importance of spending quality time together in a marriage

Spending quality time with your spouse not just makes your relationship blossom and grow into something more profound but it benefits you in many more ways. Just living together is not enough for married couples. To keep their bond strong and long-lasting, it is equally essential to spend quality time together. Lacking enough communication can reduce the spark in a couple’s relationship. They no longer do the special things that they used to do in the starting years of their marriage.

Let’s jump ahead over the reasons why couples in a marriage need to spend quality time together:

Importance Of Spending Quality Time Together In A Marriage

1. Spending quality time together can keep your mind off things and help in relieving stress.

2. Connecting on a level alongside spiritual and emotional helps couples feel closer and keep their passion alive in the relationship.

3. Taking some time out of your schedule builds memories and contributes to more meaningful experiences.

4. When you spend some time with your loved one, you can better understand each other’s personalities and find the perfect balance in your relationship.

5. Spending time with your spouse is one of the best ways to improve communication with them and share some of your thoughts.

6. A couple that spends time together shows each other’s commitment to the relationship. Having quality time together prevents them from treating it as a last resource to save their relationship.

7. When spend quality time together, will help you get more insight into your spouse as an individual. This creates better understanding and increased intimacy between them.

Try scheduling time together before marriage to examine each other’s compatibility and determine whether a person you like is right for you or not. Wedgate Matrimony, a reliable marriage bureau helps in finding an ideal match and arranging a meeting with them.

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Benefits of Developing a Strong Spiritual Connection in a Marriage

Meaningful relationships always matter in every relationship including friendship, family, business partnership, and couples. Finding someone special via matrimonial services or other ways is one of the most fulfilling experiences. Look for someone who is not just your soul mate but your best buddy as well. Creating spiritual intimacy lays the foundation for a lasting marriage.

What is Spiritual Intimacy?

Spiritual Intimacy

It can be defined as enlightening your spirituality to your spouse and listening to his/her disclosures in spiritual support. Couples share a spiritual connection when their relationship is based on communication, growth, authenticity, and respect. The spiritual path uplifts your senses and assists in understanding different aspects of your life.

8 Benefits of Spiritual Connection in Marriage

Benefits of Spiritual Connection in Marriage

1. Relationships rooted in a shared spiritual connection not only survive but flourish, offering immense satisfaction and resilience in the face of challenges.

2. Couples who prioritize spiritual practices and beliefs find themselves united in a mutual journey of growth and wisdom, supporting each other along the way.

3. A strong spiritual bond in marriage fosters a profound sense of peace, providing a solid foundation for navigating life’s ups and downs together.

4. Embracing spirituality in marriage unveils a mystical path towards experiencing the presence of God, infusing joy and tranquility into the hearts of both partners.

5. Cultivating a genuine focus on spirituality within the marriage renews and revitalizes the entire relationship, fostering deeper connection and understanding.

6. Trusting in and seeking God together strengthens the intimacy of the marital bond, permeating every aspect of the relationship with love and devotion.

7. Prioritizing spiritual intimacy within marriage is essential for fostering emotional, relational, and spiritual alignment between partners.

8. Jump-starting spiritual intimacy involves consciously aligning emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally with your partner, deepening the connection and harmony in the relationship.

If you have not found someone special yet, reach Wedgate Matrimony where you will find so many profiles of grooms and brides. Start a meaningful conversation with the person you are interested in to develop a spiritual connection.

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