10 Questions Every Father is Supposed to Ask His Future Son-In-Law

Every father wants to do their best to conform to the fulfillment of promises of their lovely daughters to protect them. They ensure that their daughter marries the best person and happily lives her wedding life. Here, we will discuss some key questions that a father asks his would-be son-in-law no matter whether they choose him via a marriage bureau like Wedgate Matrimony or he is her daughter’s choice.

Questions Every Father is Supposed to Ask His Future Son-In-Law

1. The straight question that needs a clear answer is “Are you ready to marry my daughter”? With this question, a father just tries to gain clarity on whether his future son-in-law would or would not be able to face the challenges life throws in their wedding journey.

2. What would be your financial objectives? It means what you’re planning about family, home, and other things.

3. What do you like in my daughter that made you marry her?

4. Will you always support my daughter and always stand with her regardless of the complexity of the situation?

5. What do you do to solve the conflicts/arguments/fight?

6. What do you think about your relationship with my daughter?

7. Are you cohesive spiritually?

8. Do you have any relational red flags?

9. Do my daughter and you settle on biblical roles and responsibilities?

10. Do you both have meaningful and honest communication?

So, these are the questions that a father is supposed to ask his would-be son-in-law. He would agree to your relationship and get your marriage fixed if he is satisfied with you with his heart. Thus, while answering any question, be loyal, honest, and straight to your words.

What you are saying should reflect in your behavior and expression. The answer must be strongly convincing and solid. So, remember it must be about getting married not about dating.

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