Benefits of Marriage with a Businessman vs a Service Job Man

It is not just love that matters when you plan to marry someone. Apart from love, there are other factors too. What kind of a job the guy has played a very crucial role in deciding whether you want to settle down with him or not? He cannot feed you with just Love, he needs money too. Even as a parent, they need to see what is the work of the guy they are looking at.

Marriage with a Businessman vs a Service Job Man

A Girl Looks for a Businessman More Than a Guy with a Service Job:

1) Works of their Free Will – The husband is free to spend time with his wife whenever he wants to. There is no specification of a 9-5 job. If they plan to go out, they need not wait for the leave of the guy.

2) No Fixed Income – There is no fixed income that a man gets in his own business. Today he may earn a little less, but tomorrow, he may earn the double of that too. Expenses can be managed by income. The wife is free to even make some luxury expenses if she wants to. She knows, her husband will manage.

3) No End of the Month – In a business, there is no fixed month-end, after which the cash flow stops. The constraints of money at the end of the month are not something the wife will have to feel.

4) He is His Boss – A businessman is never irritated because his boss said something. He is free to make his own decisions and plan work according to his mood. There is no fixed work he needs to complete on a particular day, just because his boss said so.

Saying all that, there are lots of problems too. A businessman has no fixed time of work. He may continue working even till 11 at night, and may even go to work on a Sunday. The decision lies in your hand. You need to also see the kind of man he is. Only that will help you decide if you wish to be with him lifelong or not.

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5 Problems Faced by a Short Girl While Looking for a Life Partner

Every mother wants a perfect girl for her son. Someone slim, tall, and looks pretty is what is preferred in an arranged marriage. All matrimonial sites show even the ads of those kinds of girls for a guy. But what about a short girl? Doesn’t she have the right to get married or find a good partner? She has faced a lot and goes through a lot of questioning eyes before getting married, especially in an arranged marriage. There are a lot of problems she faces when her family looks for a guy.

5 Problems Faced by a Short Girl While Looking for a Life Partner

Challenges Faced by Short Girls in Arranged Marriages

1) Comments on Her Height – A short girl is often commented on her height. She is also made fun of. People ask how she will be able to fetch things from a higher shelf. She is also asked if she would look good with the guy because of their height difference.

2) Comparison to a Child – A short girl is often compared to a little child. She is often made fun of by saying that her height looks like that as a child and not enough to get married.

3) Height Becomes More Important Than Her Qualities – She is rejected only based on her height. Even if a family like everything about her including her qualities, she might get rejected because she is short.

4) Thoughts of the Child Born Out of Her to be Short Too – Even before the finalizing of a girl, a guy’s parents start thinking as to what kind of a child she will have. Just because the girl is short they reject her based on the fact that the child she will wear will also not gain height.

5) Comments on Clothes – Everyone’s in a while a short girl is asked where she bought her clothes from. Sometimes parents think of this as a disadvantage. They feel as if it will be difficult to buy clothes for her. Thinking of this as a reason they might want to reject a girl who is short in height.

In the end, what people don’t know or understand is what matters more is not her height, but her personality and the kind of person she is. She will look after her family not because of her height but because of her nature.

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Also remember, if you think someone is the right choice, go for it. Don’t reject based only on one particular parameter.

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Why Does a Female Prefer a Serviceman to a Businessman to Get Married?

When you plan to get married to someone, you need to see what kind of a person he is if he will be able to keep you happy, and also if he is financially stable to take care of you and your needs. A businessman may earn more, but in the end, he does not have a fixed income. The money that he has today, may not be there tomorrow.

Why Does a Female Prefer a Serviceman to a Businessman to Get Married?

Why Women Prefer Servicemen over Businessmen for Marriage

1) Fixed Income – When you start a new month, you know how much you have in your hand, what your fixed expenses are, and what gets left. So you know what money is to be spent where. All your expenses are aligned accordingly, and you know what you have to save, or what you can spend on luxury.

2) Fixed Work Timings – A man who does a salaried job has fixed working hours. You know when he will leave for the office, and what time he will come back home. As a partner, you are free to do whatever you want throughout the time you have. And you also know when your husband will spend time with you.

3) Holiday Feels Like a Holiday – In a service, you have a week off at least 1 day. It is that day, that there is no disturbance in their time.

4) No Work Tension at Home – For a salaried employee, work is only till the time they are at the office. Once home, there is no more tension of work.

When it comes to a salaried employee, he may have a lower income compared to a businessman, but at the end of the day, he is happy. A wife would always want her husband who can spend time with her and not talk about work only. Even if a matrimonial service says that the person is a salaried employee in a particular company, always remember to get it verified at least once. Who knows, he may not hold the post they claim. In a salaried job, the only problem is an increment. Depending on work and company, it can be slow sometimes.

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What Happens When Someone Plans to Remarry after a divorce in India?

Going into a divorce can be painful and traumatizing. But having a divorce does not mean the end of life. It can also mean the start of a new one. At times, a person might get divorced just because they fell out of love with someone. Or there might be other numerous reasons. However, when making that decision, what a person has to go to, only they can feel. Even on matrimonial sites if you see it, you will never find anything about remarriage.

What Happens When Someone Plans To Remarry After A Divorce In India?

Challenges Faced When Remarrying After Divorce in India

What a person goes through when they plan to remarry after a divorce is something you will read here:

1) Mental Torture – The people all around keep blaming them for their divorce. They somehow put the person on a guilt trip, even if they knew it was the partner at fault.

2) Taunts – Any person who wants to remarry after a divorce has to hear a lot of things from the public. Starting from the fact that they did not do anything to make their marriage last, to even hearing things like they got a divorce just to get remarried to another person again.

3) No support from family – In most cases, we see that the family does not support the remarried partner. Be it the mother or the father of the girl, somehow they don’t accept her fully as their daughter-in-law just because she was married elsewhere.

4) Doubts – The biggest problem with people here is that they don’t want to believe what is true. They just want to cook up their stories and believe what they feel like.

5) A New Life – Beyond everything, the couple gets a new life. They again get someone who loves them, who cares for them and is by their side in the journey of life. They get love, even after they have lost all hopes of being loved again.

Divorce is a difficult phase for any person but what is more difficult, is not getting a second chance at life.

What a person goes through after a divorce only they can understand. Here we always feel that no matter what you never have to feel anything like that. However, even if you do you have a right to be happy and live happily. If you’re searching for a bride or groom for remarriage, contact Wedgate Matrimony. We’ve verified the profiles who want to start their second marriage life.

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Does Family Background Matter in The Marriage of a Son?

Even though it is the other family’s daughter you bring to your house, the family background of that family matters a lot. The nature of the girl depends a lot on the kind of family she has. Also, your son will become a part of that family after marriage. So you must know the girl’s family well before marriage. When it comes to getting your son married no matrimonial service will speak of the family of the girl. All they will tell you is about the girl. It is then on you to know her family well.

Does Family Background Matter in The Marriage of a Son

Some Important Reasons why the Background of the Girl’s Family Matters in your Son’s Marriage:

1) Nature of the Girl – the way a girl stays depends a lot on the values her family gives her. Say the girl belongs to a family where abusing elders is a common thing. So that is what she will learn and bring to your house. To make sure the girl is well behaved and good you should know the kind of family she belongs to.

2) Marriage is a Union of two Families – when you marry your son to a family, you keep relations with that family for your life. if there are reasons why you disapprove of a family you will never be able to keep good relations with them.

3) Your Family’s Future Depends on the Girl – it is said that the daughter-in-law is the one who takes care of the house. If she does not inculcate good values and bring goodness to the house, even the best houses go for a toss.

4) Societal Status – when you announce the marriage of your son society asks you about the girl’s family a lot. You would always want to get your son married into a family of equals. Knowing the family background helps you choose the right kind of family for your son.

It so happens in certain situations that you love the girl but you don’t like the family at all. You cannot go forward with that marriage. You must approve of both the family and the girl you want to get your son married to. Checking the family background not only helps to make sure that you get to choose the right person for your child, but it also makes you mentally free about the kind of life he will have in the future.

Our blog section has more articles that talk about marriage, and all the goodness as well as negativity associated with it.

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Role of Family Background in Marriage

Marriage is not an easy thing, especially in today’s life because everyone lives a busier life. Even many people nowadays think if a happy wedding is possible or not. Thanks to a renowned matrimonial site such as Wedgate Matrimony that makes it is easier to find the most compatible partner. One can explore multiple profiles and choose the right one.

Is Family Background Important for Marriage?

Does Family Background Important for Marriage

Marriage is not merely a bond of two individuals but two families. The would-be couples don’t have to live alone their whole life, but with a family. So, it’s important to consider the family and their background. Consider the compatibility and similarities of both families (bride’s and bridegroom’s as well). Make sure that your future spouse will have a good family background with good ethics, moral value, and no criminal history.

Here are a few factors that one should consider while ensuring the family background.

1. Social Status

Social Status

Both families should have a similar social background, graces, and expectations. If this similarity does not exist, it may challenge your relationship. It will be good to ensure that both know some of the same people in the society.

2. Spiritual Beliefs

spiritual marriage

Spiritual compatibility and faith in the family are vital in marriage. Whether you realize it or not, the significance of spiritual belief is huge. If both families have similar and strong faith, it will result in making the wedding and relationship stronger.

3. Parent’s Marital Status

parent’s Marital Status

The parent’s marital status and relationship is another considerable point. If your would-be spouse’s parents adore each other and live happily, there are chances that you’ll have an easier time loving your soulmate. On the contrary, if he or she grew up in a family where parents are divorced or used to fighting with each other, you may have to deal with problems in your marriage.

4. Cultural Similarities

Cultural Similarities

The cultural background of the two families is another important criterion when fixing a marriage match. Some families do not like people who are open-minded and permissive and vice-versa. The educational and financial background of families is also seen to impact the marriage.

However, there is no problem with inter-caste marriage, but considering the economic aspects and lifestyle is vital. The reason is that in some cases, these differences result in various issues and the end of the marriage. So, if you’re finding a life partner for you via the marriage bureau, consider the family background of your would-be spouse.

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Ways to Provide Financial Support to Parents after Marriage

In India, children have been habituated to taking care of their parents in their old age. But, today the time has changed. In old age, the medical expenses, the increasing number of nuclear families, and the huge cost of living make parents bank upon their retirement plan. Sometimes the retirement fund does not prove enough to meet the financial needs. So, children are the only support system for them.

Ways to Provide Financial Support to Parents after Marriage

After marriage, it becomes a little difficult to support parents financially as an individual gets the responsibility of his/her spouse and kids. Here, you’ll learn the ways you can support your parents after marriage.

1. Discuss it with your Spouse Before Marriage

Discuss it with your Spouse Before Marriage

Today, the concept of Hindu marriage has changed a little bit. Would-be couples are now allowed to meet each other before the wedding. So, it’s good to chat with your partner about your plans to support the parents. Discuss the salary proportion you want to give and how often you’re going to contribute it. i.e. regularly, on special occasions, or just in emergencies.

2. Give your Partner Some Privacy

Give your Partner Some Privacy

While putting your family’s finances in order, give your beloved one some financial privacy. Let them have their account for personal spending and/or saving. Give him/her some freedom to use the amount from his/her account the way they or want without being held accountable for it.

3. Look for Other Financial Plans

Look for Other Financial Plans

In old age, the chances of regular health illness increase. So, set your parent’s finances in order by getting the most useful health and critical illness insurance plans. Guide their investments with debt and equity so that they don’t need anyone else to meet their financial requirements after retirement.

4. Consider your Family a Priority

Consider your Family a Priority

After getting married and having kids, your own family should be your first goal. Ensure that you have an emergency corpus, a strong budget, and adequate insurance plans to meet the regular and basic needs of your family. Support your parents whenever they need, but not by compromising the requirements of your own family. If you’ve siblings, create and assign a tangible plan acceptable for everyone.

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Why Matrimonial Sites Become Preferred Choice to Find Marriage Material?

Matrimonial sites are those sites that help people search for their most compatible life partner online. Somewhat they’re similar to the dating sites except for the fact that they provide services to facilitate arranged marriages instead of facilitating dating. Not just youngsters, but parents are also loving online matchmaker services to find the right marriage material for their child.

Why Matrimonial Sites Become Preferred Choice to Find Marriage Material

Although the traditional approach of arranged marriage is still followed in society, matrimonial sites are gaining increasing popularity. Here, you’ll find how matchmaking services are helpful in finding the soulmate.

1. Thousands of Verified Profiles

The trusted matrimonial site is 100% legitimate and registered by the Government. They consist of more than thousands of profiles of brides and grooms. What you just require is simply register yourself to the matrimonial site and get plenty of matrimonial profiles in front of you.

2. Numerous Decisions

Another major benefit of matrimonial sites is that just by accessing a high internet connection, you can browse thousands of profiles. You can find a suitable life partner from various castes, religions, educational backgrounds, lifestyles, and statuses. You can sort and compare multiple profiles before making the final decision.

3. A Range of Services

The reliable matrimonial sites designed a comprehensive range of services. Not only the single/bachelor ones can use these sites but divorced or widow people can also search for their life partner. They can take the best advantage of re-marriage or second marriage services to give a new start to their life. Other services include pre-wedding dietician services, elite matrimonial services, late marriage matrimony, NRI matrimonial services, and lots more.

4. Customized Packages

The biggest advantage of registering with matrimonial services is that you will get various packages customized to suit your personal and financial needs. For example, diamond, gold, exclusive, elite, etc.

5. No Need for Introduction

If there is anything related to marriage that is considered highly awkward is meeting in front of two families. While interacting with another person through messages or video chat, one can maintain a strategic distance from the condition of introducing oneself.

Wedgate Matrimony is the leading marriage bureau providing a wide range of services to let every person find someone compatible with them. They have successfully created and nurtured matrimonial relationships for more than decades. Many people are enjoying a happier married life after searching for the right partner through this platform.

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Is It Significant To Match Kundali Before Marriage

After finding the right life partner for marriage, the very next thing you will require is matching the Kundali of couples. The ritual of matching Kundalis is an ancient practice that dates back to 1000s years. It became a crucial part of Hindu marriage rituals where the horoscope/Kundali of the prospective couple is matched to check their compatibility with each other. This ritual is generally practiced in the case of arranged marriages.

What is Kundali Matching in Marriage?

What is Kundali Matching in MarriageIt is a practice of matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom, who are going to share nuptial vows, to ascertain how successful and happy their wedding life would be. Ashta-Koota is the main task in this practice. 36 crucial points are considered in both Kundalis. If 18 or more points are matched, it signifies the wedding will be successful. The position of the planets in both horoscopes is compared to find the compatibility of would-be couples.

Does Kundali Matter in Marriage Decisions?

Does Kundali Matter in Marriage DecisionsAccording to some experienced astrologers, Kundali matchmaking is a crucial step in wedding planning. Also known as the natal chart, birth chart, Kundalini, and horoscope, Kundali is the governor of all important aspects of human life and Indian marriage. Many astrologers say that checking the horoscope is important in understanding when you will marry, whom you will marry, how to check compatibility with a selected person, and how will be your wedding life.

Some experienced people stated that Kundali matchmaking doesn’t help in married life in any way. Their marriage was broken or didn’t go as smoothly as it should be. So, in conclusion, all you need to do is approach a good astrologer to match your Kundali and get aware of marriage predictions. But, never depend completely only on Kundali. Make some efforts to find the right life partner.

How to Find the Right Match for Marriage?

How to Find the Right Match for MarriageIn a hurry to find marriage material, don’t choose a person only based on appealing charm and education. Alongside physical appearance and qualifications, you must consider the behavior, communication way, hobbies, moral values, and likes and dislikes of another person. This is where you can count upon trustworthy marriage bureaus such as Wedgate Matrimony. Here, you’ll find a long list of suitable candidates based on your needs and expectations. You can interact with a selected person before making a final decision about marriage.

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