Benefits of Marriage with a Businessman vs a Service Job Man

It is not just loved that matters when you plan to marry someone. Apart from love, there are other factors too. What kind of a job the guy has played a very crucial role in deciding whether you want to settle down with him or not. He cannot feed you with just Love, he needs money too. Even as a parent, it is very important for them to see what is the work of the guy they are looking at.

Marriage with a Businessman vs a Service Job Man

A girl looks for a businessman more than a guy with a service job. The main reasons for that are:

1) Works at their free will – The husband is free to spend time with his wife whenever he wants to. There is no specification of a 9-5 job. If they plan to go out, they need not wait for the leave of the guy.

2) No fixed income – There is no fixed income that a man gets in his own business. Today he may earn a little less, but tomorrow, he may earn the double of that too. Expenses can be managed in accordance with the income. The wife is free to even make some luxury expenses if she wants to. She knows, her husband will manage.

3) No end of the month – In a business, there is no fixed month-end, after which the cash flow stops. The constraints of money at the end of the month are not something the wife will have to feel.

4) He is his own boss – A businessman is never irritated because his boss said something. He is free to make his own decisions, and plan work according to his mood. There is no fixed work he needs to complete on a particular day, just because his boss said so.

Saying all that, there are lots of problems too. A businessman has no fixed time of work. He may continue working even till 11 at the night, and may even go to work on a Sunday. The decision lies in your hand. You need to also see the kind of man he is. Only that will help you decide if you wish to be with him lifelong or not.

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What are the Pros and Cons of an Indian Girl Marrying an NRI?

The trend of Indian parents wanting to get their daughter married to a foreign settled guy is growing as time goes by. For parents, it is for the betterment of the daughter. They feel an NRI guy will earn more and will give the daughter a better life. However, that is not always the case. We also find in most cases that girls have to suffer and have no life left at all in such a situation. All matrimonial sites talk about an Indian girl marrying a foreign guy, and they show a very good picture. But let us get to read what is actually true. There are certain prose and certain cons of an Indian girl marrying a foreign settled guy. Here they are:

What are the Pros and Cons of an Indian Girl Marrying an NRI?

1) False Information – In India we have relatives and friends everywhere, and it is easy to get to know about a guy or his family. However, when it comes to a foreign settled guy at times the information they give about themselves can be false, and there is no checking it too.

2) Husband leaves his wife in India – After a lot of promises and after the marriage happens, the husband does not take his wife abroad. He leaves her in India to take care of his parents. At this point, there is nothing a girl’s family can do.

3) A Better lifestyle – The lifestyle abroad is a lot better than one here. A girl who is married to a foreign settled guy, after marriage when she goes there, her lifestyle and standard of living improves by a lot.

4) Better Future – Since they pay abroad is more than that in India the chance of having a better future is more. Men become more settled after a certain time and even the women get to do small jobs.

5) No Domestic Help – Every household in India has domestic help for something or the other. Out there, are no domestic helps available for anything. Everything needs to be done by the couple themselves, which can get difficult to get used to after some time.

At the end of the day, it is the destiny and choice of the couple to who they want to get married. It also happens that after a marriage the guy is placed outside. So situations might arise even then. What is more important is making sure that the person you are getting your daughter married to is correct. Getting all things checked off the family and of the guy before arranged marriage especially with an NRI is very crucial.

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5 Problems Faced by a Short Girl While Looking for a Life Partner

Every mother wants a perfect girl for her son. Someone who is slim, tall, and looks pretty is what is preferred in an arranged marriage. All matrimonial sites show even the ads of those kinds of girls for a guy. But what about a short girl? Doesn’t she have the right to get married or find a good partner? She has faced a lot and goes through a lot of questioning eyes before getting married, especially in an arranged marriage. There are a lot of problems she faces when her family looks for a guy. Some of them are:

5 Problems Faced by a Short Girl While Looking for a Life Partner


1) Comments on her height – A short girl is often commented on her height. She is also made fun of. People ask how she will be able to fetch things from a higher shelf. She is also asked if she would look good with the guy because of their height difference.

2) Comparison to a child – A short girl is often compared to a little child. She is often made fun of by saying that her height looks like that as a child and not enough to get married.

3) Height becomes more important than her qualities – She is rejected only on the basis of her height. Even if a family like everything about her including her qualities, she might get rejected because she is short.

4) Thoughts of the child born out of her to be short too – Even before the finalizing a girl, a guy’s parents start thinking as to what kind of a child she will have. Just because the girl is short they reject her on the basis of the fact that the child she will wear will also not gain height.

5) Comments on Clothes – Everyone’s in a while a short girl is asked where she bought her clothes from. Sometimes parents think of this as a disadvantage. They feel as if it will be difficult to buy clothes for her. Thinking of this as a reason they might want to reject a girl who has short in height.

In the end, what people don’t know or understand is what matters more is not her height, but her personality and the kind of person she is. She will look after her family not with her height but with her nature.

On our Blog section, you will find a lot of posts related to the problems a person faces in marriage and a lot of solutions to those problems.

Also remember, if you think someone is the right choice, go for it. Don’t reject based only on one particular parameter.

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Why Does a Female Prefer a Serviceman to a Businessman to Get Married?

When you plan to get married to someone, you need to see what kind of a person he is if he will be able to keep you happy, and also if he is financially stable to take care of you and your needs. A businessman may earn more, but in the end, he does not have a fixed income. The money that he has today, may not be there tomorrow. A girl prefers marrying a serviceman over a businessman. The main reasons for this are:

Why Does a Female Prefer a Serviceman to a Businessman to Get Married?

1) Fixed Income – When you start a new month, you know how much you have in your hand, what your fixed expenses are, and what gets left. So you know what money is to be spent where. All your expenses are aligned accordingly, and you know what you have to save, or what you can spend on luxury.

2) Fixed Work Timings – A man who does a salaried job has fixed working hours. You know when he will leave for office, and what time he will come back home. As a partner, you are free to do whatever you want throughout the time you have. And you also know when it that your husband will spend time with you is.

3) Holiday feels like a holiday – In a service, you have a week off at least 1 day. It is that day, that there is no disturbance in their time.

4) No work tension at home – For a salaried employee, work is only till the time they are at the office. Once home, there is no more tension of work.

When it comes to a salaried employee, he may have a lower income compared to a businessman, but at the end of the day, he is happy. A wife would always want her husband who can spend time with her and not talk about work only. Even if a matrimonial service says that the person is a salaried employee in a particular company, always remember to get it verified at least once. Who knows, he may not hold the post they claim. In a salaried job, the only problem is an increment. Depending on work and company, it can be slow sometimes.

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What Happens When Someone Plans to Remarry after A divorce in India?

Going into a divorce can be painful and traumatizing. But having a divorce does not mean the end of life. It can also mean the start of a new one. At times, a person might get divorced just because they fell out of love with someone. Or there might be other numerous reasons. However, when making that decision, what a person has to go to, only they can feel. Even on matrimonial sites if you see it, you will never find anything about remarriage. What a person goes through when they plan to remarry after a divorce is something you will read here:

What Happens When Someone Plans to Remarry after A divorce in India?

1) Mental Torture – The people all around keep blaming them for their divorce. They somehow put the person on a guilt trip, even if they know it was the partner at fault.

2) Taunts – Any person who wants to remarry after a divorce has to hear a lot of things from the public. Starting from the fact that they did not do anything to make their marriage last, to even hearing things like they got a divorce just to get remarried to another person again.

3) No support from family – In most cases, we see that the family does not support the remarried partner. Be it the mother of the father of the girl, somehow they don’t accept her fully as their daughter-in-law just because she was married elsewhere.

4) Doubts – The biggest problem with people here is that they don’t want to believe what is true. They just want to cook up their stories and believe what they feel like.

5) A New Life – Beyond everything, the couple gets a new life. They again get someone who loves them, who cares for them, and is by their side in the journey of life. They get love, even after they have lost all hopes of being loved again.

Divorce is a difficult phase for any person but what is more difficult, are they not getting a second chance at life.

What a person goes through after a divorce only they can understand. Here we always feel that no matter what you never have to feel anything like that. However, even if you do you have a right to be happy and live happily. If you’re searching for a bride or groom for remarriage, contact Wedgate Matrimony. We’ve verified profiles who want to start their second marriage life.

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Does Educational Qualifications Matter in Choosing a Life Partner in Marriage?

If we talk about love marriage, then nothing matters, but love. If you love someone seeing their education, or family, or money, or anything but their heart, is it true love?

No right?

Education Does Not Become an Important Part of Love Marriage.

Does Educational Qualifications Matter in Choosing a Life Partner in Marriage

But when we talk about arranged marriage, educational qualifications do play some role. When a family looks for an eligible bride or groom, they do see everything about them, including their education.

Though not the most important or deciding factor, education does play an important role in choosing a life partner. After all, who wouldn’t want the best partner for themselves too!

1) Mentality of the Person – Even though not much, an educated person has a different mindset. The way he will care for his partner, or the things that he can support her with, an uneducated person might not be able to.

2) Earning – The more a person is educated, the higher their income. Education might not matter with a lot of things, but it does matter when money comes into the picture.

3) Ego – In certain relationships, if the female is more educated than the male, it clashes with the ego of the male. Though a male might not say at all times, still, it does affect them. So it is important to see if both the partners have similar qualifications, and the male is more qualified.

4) For Females – It is the lady of the house who is the homemaker. A lady needs to take proper care of the house, and needs to know what is to be done and how. Proper education helps a female do things right.

5) Status in Society – An educated couple always has a better status in society. Society respects education. A village simpleton may be treated with disrespect in a society, the same way, an uneducated person might not be too respected. When such a thing happens alone, it does not matter too much, but in front of your partner, it does affect you.

As I said, education is not the deciding factor, but it is important. In this modern era, every family looks for an educated person, and an educated family. You may have a big estate and a lot of money, still, you may face rejections in marriage proposals if you don’t have proper education.

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7 Things to Look for in a Life Partner

Being married is a great feeling, especially when you find the right person. But, if you have not been lucky so far in your search, or you have just ventured into the dating world, here is a list of 7 things you should look for in a life partner…

Things to Look for in a Life Partner

  1. Their qualification – When you are searching for a prospective partner through a matrimonial site, the person’s educational qualification is an important factor. This is important as with education, your mindset broadens, and you are more open to discussions regarding anything.
  2. Their job – It is important to find out whether the prospective partner has a job that suits your job. For e.g., a person in the armed forces will be transferred to different locations every 2-3 years. Having a partner in the corporate sector will make it difficult to stay together.
  3. Their looks – Let’s be honest, appearances do matter. You are impressed by how a person looks before you hear them speak. Though it is not the most important criteria, somewhere down the line, it matters unless you have known the person for a long time and get along with them like a house on fire. In that case, this factor becomes redundant.
  4. Their financial status – Finances matter, and so does position, especially in an arranged marriage setting. It may seem superficial to include this point. However, every individual is accustomed to living as per certain standards. Adjusting to something drastic than what you are used to will lead to discord.
  5. Their nature – Some qualities such as understanding, compassion, honesty, and supportive nature are important for thriving relationships. However, these things can be determined only after you meet and speak to the person several times. As a result, though extremely important, this factor comes a bit down the line.
  6. Their family – In India, you do not marry the person; you marry the entire family. Therefore, getting along with the family is equally important, especially if you share living quarters with them.
  7. Their vision – Many people have different ideas of what the future holds for them. Knowing their future ideas is important, especially considering how many celebrity couples have split 10-15 years after being happily married.

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Qualities of a Good Life Partner – Check Before Marriage

In India, a person is not considered happily settled unless they are married. So, irrespective of our personal accomplishments and qualifications, you must also be personally settled, read married, to get society’s approval. However, just marrying someone because you are getting past the “ideal marriageable age” is not something you should indulge in.

This is because taking such an important decision requires proper time to contemplate. To ease things up for you, we list some qualities that should be present in a good life partner in this blog.

Qualities of a Good Life Partner

  • A good life partner understands you – Many people are shy and fear revealing their true nature because of being misjudged. It is important to understand that every person is unique, and so is their thought process. However, irrespective of your differences, your life partner must try to understand your perspective on any situation.
  • They should be supportive of you – Unconditional support is one thing that can give you wings to soar high in the sky. Be it your decision to start a family, switch a job, or leave one to start your own business venture, having the support of your life partner can give you an additional strength that can make it easy for you to succeed.
  • Acceptance is the key to a successful partnership – One of the biggest mistakes that happen in a marriage, both arranged and love, is the partners trying to change the other person. When you choose a person, you accept them with their distinctive nature and personality. Trying to change them into something they are not will lead to unnecessary discord. Accepting the person wholeheartedly is the key to a successful partnership.
  • Honesty is extremely important – Your life partner is the person who will see you through your highs and lows. It is, therefore, extremely important to be honest with them. Most people share their happiness but keep their struggles to themselves. Being truthful about your finances and your problems can be an important step to cement your relationship.

We hope this checklist helps you narrow down your options to find your perfect life partner. If you have recently agreed to get married, then India’s leading matrimonial site Wedgate Matrimony can help you find your dream partner with ease. Your search ends with us as we provide you with several verified options for brides and grooms.