How to Know if You’re Marrying the Right Person?

Are you ready to tie the knot of marriage? Wondering whether it would be your right decision or not? Remember that it is not marriage that makes your life happier. It is you that makes your wedding life blissful. Many wedding couples are less happy than average single people. While many bachelor people are much happier than the average wedding couple. Happy, successful, and long-lasting marriages are created by supportive and happy couples who have realistic expectations and clear goals for their future life as one.

Learning whether the person you’re marrying is the right partner can go a long way in making a good decision about marriage and your future life.


3 Signs You Marrying the Right Person


1. Understanding


Although knowing a would-be person within a few days or months is not possible. No one can judge someone in only some meetings. But, try to know another person as much as possible. Try to understand what and how the other person thinks and what bothers them the most while having a relationship. Make effort to know each other’s likes and dislikes, future goals, viewpoints, traits, behavior, and expectations.


2. Dependency


Well, we can’t rely on someone completely but it is possible in some ways. Relying on other people helps in trusting them. To find out how you can rely on a selected partner, don’t hesitate to ask some questions. Ask if he or she will call you when going to be late to come home. Can you depend on them to care enough for your best? Can you depend on them to express how good or bad your day was? Is he or she truly the person they represent themselves to be?


3. Trust


No relationship can survive without trust. A wall of relation can’t stand strong without the foundation of trust. Every human has some good or bad traits. A person you’re marrying should be trustworthy enough not to use your faults against you. He or she should hide your faults and family matters from others.
Alongside these factors, commitment is what you must consider before marrying a selected person. Before making the final commitment of marriage, involved in a commitment to meeting each other regularly. After understanding each other, enter the pre-engagement phase.

Remember that marrying someone is a big commitment that impacts your life. Wedgate Matrimony provides matrimonial services to find and meet the right person based on your needs and expectations.

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How to Have a Happy Marriage?

In every matrimonial situation, creating a happy marriage is not as easy as most people think it is; rather, it is a process that calls for numerous sacrifices, persistence, and devotion.

This is the case partly because marriages are partnerships in which people from different origins, viewpoints, and behavioral tendencies come together for the goal of sharing their lives together, improving their lives, and maintaining their love.

How to Overcome the Issues that Come on Our Way

How to Overcome the Marriage Issues

Despite the numerous issues that come with marriage, it is crucial that everyone understands that, regardless of their severity, the success of a marriage depends on the types of lifestyles people embrace and the coping mechanisms they use to deal with the challenges presented by each new day.

Every couple should strive to have a marriage that not only endures but also provides them the happiness they desire; therefore, they should implement practical methods into their unions. These tactics should always include the principles of respect, love, dedication, conviction, honesty, openness, and, most importantly, a communication mechanism that clearly outlines procedures for handling issues that may emerge as people work to improve their lives.

Ways to Increase Happiness in Life

Ways to Increase Happiness in Life

There are many ways to increase happiness in life, but it’s crucial for everyone to remember that the effectiveness of these methods relies on how committed each partner is, which is why setting shared objectives is necessary for every family situation.

The possibility of conflict is considerable in the majority of marital scenarios owing to differences in preferences, life expectancies, and goals that alter with time and failures. Everyone must retain their composure in order to avoid confrontations that could arise from wrongdoing or defying their spouses’ preferences in order to guarantee that peace and, no matter the circumstance, love prevail.

On the other side, politeness entails the straightforward acknowledgment of everything positive about their partners or that is provided by their partners, no matter how insignificant it may appear. When it comes to this, the majority of people believe that the only way to express thanks for their spouses’ love or anything positive they have brought into their lives is by giving them wonderful treasures.

It is critical for everyone to keep in mind that creating successful marriages requires more than a one-time effort. Rather, it requires accepting one’s place in matrimony and investing all of their energy, time, finances, and other resources to make sure their commitment endures.

For more information on marriages and matrimonial information, head on to the website blog section

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How to Support your Male Partner after Marriage?

After getting married, the responsibilities of a male increase, not only does he have to take care of himself but also of you. You need to remember before getting angry that they might be a lot of things because of which he is tense. More than anything he is sharing everything in his life with a person. That is not as easy as it sounds.

No matrimonial site talks about the problems or situations that arise after marriage. They are only concerned till the time the person gets married.

How to Support your Male Partner after Marriage

But Here are 5 Tips to Support Your Male Partner after Marriage:

1) Listen to him – a man always once a person who listens to him. We always see men listening to their partners but very often are men heard. Somewhere when you listen to a partner they are able to share all that is in their heart with you.

2) Understand the things behind his words – don’t judge him on the words he says but try and understand the meaning behind those words. Men mostly don’t express themselves a lot. You have to understand them.

3) Support him at all times – no matter whatever you are partner plans to do, support him. If he has your support even small or big things can be possible. But if you are the person standing against him over a decision it might be very difficult for him to be sure of that.

4) Stand by him even if he is wrong – even if something happens and your partner is wrong, stand by his side. Later in private space, you can reprimand him for his mistake. But in public people will respect him only if you do.

5) Give him time to correct his incorrect habits – there might be a lot of habits of your husband that you may not like. However, it is not possible for him to change them in a single day. Give him time to correct his habits and make him understand why they are wrong. He definitely will. But if you force something on him, he never will.

A man is very emotional and sensitive. Though they don’t show their feelings most of the time, it is the partner who should understand them. Check our blog section if you want to know about more topics related to marriage.

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How to Support your Female Partner after Marriage?

After you are married it is your partner who becomes the most important part of your life. You need to understand and respect the fact that she has left everything behind just to be with you and your family. There may be times when she might not understand the things happening in your house or may act differently. But at that moment instead of being angry at her, you need to be the person to support her. When you start doing that you see that over time she starts learning and adapting to things easily.

How to Support your Female Partner after Marriage

Few points that tell you how to support your female partner after marriage are:

1) Respect Her – the most important thing a girl looks for is respect from her husband. It is said that only when your partner respects you will the world do the same. If you insult her in front of others, people will consider insulting her a normal thing.

2) Love Her – what has the girl done do not deserve your love? You may be angry over things or you may not like certain things, but still at all times love her and be there by her side. That is enough for her.

3) Understand Things She Says – every person has a way of doing things, and it may be possible that her way differs from the way followed in your family. But just because she is an outsider who has come in, don’t try and put things on her. Understand what she is trying to say and make your family understand too. If you do that, she will trust you better.

4) Praise Her for Things She Does Right – you need to remember that your partner is new to the house and might not know a lot of things about your family. Please her for things she does right. It will encourage her.

5) Take Her Stand in front of Others – even if your partner is wrong, you may scold her in the confines of the bedroom. But when in front of people take her stand. This will give her trust in you. She will respect you more. And when you take her stand, no one will be able to point a finger at her.

Any marriage bureau that talks about marriage will only tell you about the girl. But nobody will tell you how to support each other after you are married. In our blog section, you will find all kinds of details related to marriage. Do check it out, and remember, the more you respect, the more you get respected.

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How To Make Your Parents Understand If They Disagree With Your Marriage?

As important as marrying the person you love, seeking approval from your parents is the same. Your parents have always wanted the best for you and will continue doing that till the end of their time. Sometimes it may so happen that the person you want to get married to is not accepted by your parents. In such a case instead of bluntly going against them, it is important to make them understand why you want to marry that person.

Certain Ways How you can Make Your Parents Understand if They Disagree are:

1) Talk to Them

Talk to Them

Talking helps clear most of the doubts. Your parent may not like somebody for a particular reason, however, when you talk to them that reason may become very small. It may also be a misunderstanding that can get cleared.

2) Make Sure Your Parents get to Know Your Partner

Make Sure Your Parents get to Know Your Partner

Sometimes your parents may judge your partner just based on a few incidences or on what they hear about them. Once they get to know the person, their mindset may differ. Only when you make sure your parents know your partner well enough to make a judgment, will you be able to be sure of the judgment they make.

3) Plan for the Future

Plan for the Future

Tell your parents how you plan to spend your life. Also, tell them the role your partner please in your growth. For a parent what matters more is your happiness and success.

4) Take Help from Your Family or Friends

Take Help from Your Family or Friends

Sometimes a family or a friend who knows your partner well, and whose judgment your parents may believe is a good help to start with. When they say something good about your partner, there is a high chance of your parents at least considering that for once.

Always remember at the end of the day the only thing a parent looks for is for their child to be happy. They would never want their child to be married to a person who can bring unhappiness to their lives. If you talk to your parents rationally they may want to listen to what you say. But even after that if you are parents don’t agree with your choice, think about your choice and you may want to reconsider. Especially if you fall in love through any matrimonial site, make sure you agree to what your parents say rather than just believing that person.

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How to Make Your Wedding Unique and Unforgettable?

Every wedding ceremony is unique in itself, as most couples decide to incorporate their dreams and visions for materializing the rituals. However, since the concepts available to them through wedding coordinators are usually the same, differentiating one marriage ceremony from another often becomes a difficult task. To make your wedding unique and unforgettable, you can go through the following ideas and see if any of them clicks with you…

Make Your Wedding Unique and Unforgettable

Here We Have Explained 5 Useful Points to Make Your Wedding Unique and Unforgettable

1. A Unique Seating Arrangement – A stunning view of all the matrimonial ceremonies can be one of the best gifts you can give to your guests. This is possible y providing them with a unique seating arrangement that provides everyone with a clear view of the aisle. A semi-circular arrangement with minimal yet elegant and tastefully decorated chairs can be perfect.

2. An Exclusive Bridal Entry – Everyone eagerly waits to see the bride and the groom at a wedding. Everything from the bride’s dress to her jewelry and entry is looked forward to eagerly by the guests. You can either choose the traditional demure entry to a subtle background score or make a dramatic one, dancing your heart out!

3. Twinning with the Team – The concept of wearing color-coordinated outfits to provide a matching bride and groom squad is the latest trend that is catching up. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can color coordinate or style the dresses of your squad to wow your guests. Moreover, it is the perfect way to get amazingly Insta-worthy photographs that will get you instant likes from your internet friends.

4. Sumptuous Food – Let’s not forget that weddings are all about gorging on delicacies you would normally abstain from. While décor and entertainment are important, at the end of the day, people remember what they ate at the wedding and the taste of the food. Therefore, it is important to sample the food before finalizing the caterer for the ceremony to ensure your guests continue to praise your wedding for years to come.

5. Excellent Backdrop and Music – The stage is where all eyes are set to witness the beautiful wedding ceremony. Ensure that there are several photo points for the guests to create unforgettable memories. Also, opt for subtle and soothing music in the background.

Among the most popular marriage bureau, Wedgate Matrimony can help you find your life partner as well as to materialize your unique dream wedding.

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How to be Prepared to Find the NRI Partner for Your Children?

Every parent will share a dream of getting their sons/daughters married to a prospective alliance who lives and works overseas. The lifestyle attracts not just the young but the old too – hence the eagerness to bless their children with a good living through the ceremony of marriage. But getting a prospective alliance from overseas is not as easy as it may sound. Several NRI matrimonial services providers are there in the country, but the real question is about whom to trust! If you are in Delhi NCR, then Wedgate Matrimony can be chosen as the marriage bureau. We work on NRI matrimony profiles and have a good history of successful marriages arranged.

wedding, ring, couple

Based on the findings and the experiences seen, here are some of the key points that parents can note when looking for an NRI partner for their children.

1. It will be good to see or understand if the parents of the NRI matrimony prospect live in India and preferably within the boundaries of your state/city. This helps you to know them through in-person meetings and get to know the background of the families.

2. Don’t just rely on telephonic conversations but rather meet up with the person (the boy or the girl) while they visit India. It is very important to see them in person before you can proceed to fix the matrimony for them.

3. Understand the long-term goals for the NRI person and his family – if they have plans to settle down there permanently or come back to India anytime soon. This will help you and your children to plan how the marital life will be if you want to pursue moving ahead with the matrimony

4. Involve families and friends when planning to fix such a matrimonial alliance, especially if they are NRIs so that they can support you in this planning and communication. Keeping secrecy could land parents in trouble especially if the NRI profiles are a hoax.

5. In the world of technology, it is advisable to look through social media to verify the identity and gather information about the person involved. It gives clarity to the job status, lifestyle, and interests of the person.

6. In cases of several meetings that progress between your family and the NRIs, it is ok to ask for documents to verify the validity of their NRI status. These documents can also help you to register the marriage once you wish to proceed with the matrimony.

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How to Start a Conversation with a Girl in Arranged Marriage Meeting?

Hey men, if you are one of those who would be shortly meeting a prospective girl that you would be marrying, you may want to read through this entire blog to know how you can get on an interesting and engaging conversation. We are not going to give you tips to woo her yet, but here are some things that you can take care of so that you don’t have a girl walk away at your first meet-up.

Start your conversation with simpler questions about her name, whereabouts, and her family. Tell about yourself too but be cautious that you don’t rant on about your family history and what a great background you have.

Make efforts to find out about her education if she continues to study or wish to do so in the future. If she is a working person, ask about her career aspirations and how she wishes to focus on them. The girl could also interact with you to know about your educational background and your career with its short-term/long-term goals.

When trying to know about her family, it would be good to also get her to stand on the obligations that she has in her family. You might be meeting with girls who have a desire to financially support their parents even after their marriage.

Put her at ease talking through her hobbies, and interests. If she is vocal about any of them, try to listen to it out so that you know the depth of her interest – you might just come across a person who has the same passion or hobby as you.

One of the foremost things to know and converse in your meeting is about the girl’s view of marriage. The interaction on this topic will help you understand the girl’s belief in the sanctity of this bond and how she wishes to live a marital life with a partner. It will be important to also share your views on the marriage with her – a healthy conversation may just get you to spend more time with the person and know more about the person

If you are from Delhi NCR and are thinking about availing the services of a matrimonial bureau to help you with your marriage plans, do contact Wedgate Matrimony. They have commendable experience and have proven successes of working with men/women to find their prospective partner with the interests of the families’ tradition and cultural values.

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How to Make A Marriage Successful when Its Second Marriage

A lovely house, huge property, and bank balance are not enough for a happily married life. Rather honesty, trust, values, characteristics are much more important. If you have any terrible past experience, then the agency associated with remarriage matrimonial services in Delhi can help you to define a successful marriage. Joining a reputable matrimonial site is a great leap, and they ensure that you get the right partner to end in a happily ever after.

If you want to commit and wish to make the remarriage work, certain components act for a desirable marriage. So, let’s get to know what those qualities are:


When you are truly in love, then it would resonate in your relationship. Love can be considered to be a founding factor in a relationship. But, matchmaking doesn’t only depend on love. It also depends on emotional attachment and understanding. And, these feelings come when you want to believe that person. Moreover, when you understand the person along with his/her all the good and bad things, you can make your marriage better.

Keeping Faith

It would be best if you kept faith that everything would work out to the best. Try not to to to judge any situation based on any previous experience. Open fidelity in sexual matters is considered to be a destructor in marriages. But, it would help if you educated yourself that marriage is beyond the union. You need to value and understand how important you both are in each other’s life.


Every relationship deserves patience. You need to be living a peaceful life so that the other person doesn’t become a reason for boredom or restriction. It is often said the opposite attract. So, one could be lazy while the other could be fast enough, one can be carefree while the other can work hard. Thus, it’s all about unique characteristics and persistence, which are the secret getaway to a happy marriage.

Communication and Together Time

You need to appreciate the other person in your life by spending time with them, interacting with them, and show your intention to grow. You must give your best effort to improve your relationship. So, you need to talk to your spouse about your dream, your worries, and your plans. And, all these would help to build a transparent communicating medium.

Wedgate Matrimony understands that a partnership requires respect and contribution from both sides. With us, you can find your ideal partner based on your qualities, likes, and dislikes. With our matrimonial website, you get to recognize how wonderful marriage is, no matter it’s your first marriage or it’s all about remarriage.

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