Outlook of Arranged Marriage in Modern Time

Arranged marriage is quite popular today around the world. It is believed that more than half of marriages globally are arranged. The rate of divorce cases is also lower worldwide. In India, about 90% of marriages are arranged and it has just a 1% divorce rate. In this post, you will get closer to the world of arranged marriage and how things have got changed.

Modern Impact on Tradition

Modern Impact on Tradition

Technology has greatly transformed the way arranged marriages take place. Nowadays, there are thousands of matrimonial websites providing matrimonial services such as Wedgate Matrimony, Shaadi,com, etc. These websites have changed things from earlier times (press in the fifties) when Indians coupled up through matrimonial advertisements in national papers.

Another significant change is seen in how families provide their children the chance to select their prospective partner. Today, arranged marriages concentrate more on free choice. If children don’t like their parent’s choice, they have the right to decline the proposal. This happens in many areas of the world.

Everything Remains the Same in Some Areas

In many areas of the world, women still don’t have any choice. In some countries, cases of child brides have been found where women are forced to have arranged marriages. Young girls who age less than 16 years are not allowed to go to school even keep they are isolated, leaving them no opportunities.

There are many positive explanations for reduced divorce cases of arranged marriages. Mutual admiration and dedication make couples work through problems together. They don’t have to make quick marriage decisions. For young ladies, a low divorce rate only signifies that they don’t have another option. Some people are following the blend of traditional and modern arranged marriage trends that facilitate people to choose the perfect match that makes everyone happy.

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