Top 5 High-Class Marriage Bureaus for Elite Matchmaking in India

The marriage decision should not be taken lightly as it makes an overall effect on various aspects of life, affecting an individual’s life, family, and friend circle. Your life partner would be an individual with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life. From ups and downs to joys and sorrows, you’ve to share everything with that person. Therefore, it is important to look for the right person. To ease the process of marriage decision-making, a number of marriage bureaus are making their presence in India.

What is a Marriage Bureau?

Marriage Bureau is an agency that helps people to search for a suitable life partner by working as a bicholia (marriage broker). The desired candidates have to register their profiles by filling up a detailed form. The reliable matchmaking bureau considers a client’s search criteria to help them find the best options accordingly.

Top 5 High-Class Online Matchmaking Agencies

Since a number of Elite Matchmaking in India have come up as a good option to help in your search for your soul-mate, it becomes difficult to decide which one you should trust. Here, we have enlisted India’s top 5 elite marriage bureaus in India that are providing great matchmaker services online/offline for many years with the complete satisfaction of their clients.

1. Wedgate Matrimony

Wedgate Matrimony

With a team of in-house relationship managers and marriage counselors, Wedgate Matrimony has transformed many lives by helping people find their dream companions. They have famous specialists with them who have pioneered in deeply understanding human behavior, psychology, and remedial measures. The specialized team helps them in achieving fast and more desirable results.

Whether you’re looking for second marriage, NRI Groom, elite matrimony, or late marriage, Wedgate Matrimony services have everything to serve you. They have designed various customized packages to suit every client’s preference. Even their management team has been associated with well-known service companies. Some of them include COX & Kings, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

Address: I-7, FIRST FLOOR, Metro Pillar No. 333, Najafgarh Road Near Moti Nagar Metro Station, above Pind Balluchi Restaurant, Kailash Park, New Delhi, Delhi 110015

Contact Number: 011 4709 4491


2. Aarshi’s Matrimonial Solutions

Aarshi Matrimonial

Aarshi’s Matrimonial Solutions was founded by Aarshi Jain who has more than 2 decades of experience in this industry. This company enjoys a unique reputation and follows the traditional way of matchmaking where culture art and lineage are given more importance.

The experts’ team helps their clients with marriage counseling and guidance to ease the decision-making process. They dig deep into the science behind human psychology to find the reasons for long-lasting relationships in previous times. Aarshi’s Matrimonial Solutions use performance-driven infrastructure, modern software, defined processes, and MIS reports to check reports and performances.

Address: M-78, 1st Floor M Block Market, Greater Kailash II, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048

Contact Number: 9711880219


3. Elite Matrimony 

elite matrimony

Powered by, Elite Matrimony is the leader in online Matchmaking serving over 10,000 elite customers in the country. They have dedicated relationship managers from clients’ regions who better understand their cultural nuances to provide personalized services. With more than 14 years of expertise in pioneering elite matrimonial services, they have created a huge database of a large number of truly elite profiles.  While finding your soul mate, you don’t need to worry about privacy as they offer discreet and confidential services.

Contact Number: 709 206 6066


4. Priya Shah The Match Maker

priyas hah the match maker

Serving the candidates since 1991, Priya Shah The Match Maker is a leading matchmaking service in India and abroad. This is a perfect international marriage bureau for professionals, ultra-rich families, famous business class groups, Hindus, and other Indian families. For offering outstanding services in the field of matrimony, this reputed company has been honored with Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Award and Mother Teresa Excellence Award in 2013.

Address: Mumbai, opp. amitabh bachchan, Juhu, new banglow400049

Contact Number: 80802 10410


5. Ultra Rich Match

Ultra Rich Match

A Division of Ultra Rich Weddings Pvt. Ltd., Ultra Rich Match is a premium brand in the Millionaire match-making industry. They serve the match-making needs of the Ultra-Rich People. A well-streamlined process is used to maintain the highest confidentiality and exclusivity. The client’s details are verified after taking their appointment and personally visiting their residence and workplace for detailed verification.

Address: Siddhi Vinayak Business Towers, Tower C, 222, Behind DCP Office, Off S.G. Highway, Makarba, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380051

Contact Number: 79 2970 1014


Why Wedgate Matrimony is the Best among All?

Decades of experience, an extensive database from all castes and communities, and a team of experienced professionals under one roof have made Wedgate Matrimony stand out from the crowd. To get the most out of every step and improve services, they regularly organize service training sessions for their staff and team members and design precise procedures.

A range of customized packages such as Wedgate Gold, Diamond, NRI, Elite, Second Marriage/Remarriage, and Exclusive are designed to suit every client’s preference and budget needs. Confidentiality, responsibility, trust, and honest feedback form the foundation of their work ethos.

The extensive team network, human efforts, and the use of advanced technology have made Wedgate Matrimony put together various result-oriented processes. Every day the team has been serving more than 600 walk-in customers. And the best of all services is the arrangement of wedding events. The team helps clients in successfully organizing and managing various arrangements for pre and post-wedding ceremonies.

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Things to Consider Before Meeting Someone on a Matrimonial Site

Modern India is slowly witnessing a significant rise in the use of online matchmaker services. Marriage is considered the most enjoyable, essential, and memorable moment for couples and their families. Hence, it is necessary to keep some patience and find a partner who is fully compatible with you and your family. The world of online matchmaking services has opened plenty of choices that were not present while doing arranged marriage traditionally.

In the earlier days, marriage decisions were taken by the parents and the family. But today this scenario has been changed. People from India and abroad are moving toward matrimonial websites to find life partners. If you’re using also these websites and created a list of some profiles, then work upon the tips given below.

It Helps in Avoiding Mistakes While Meeting with Someone on These Sites:

1. Choose Reliable Website

Choose Reliable Web site

With the passage of time, the popularity of online matrimonial platforms for finding a suitable match has increased at a much faster pace. These websites offer a user-friendly interface to search, interact with, and select a perfect life partner. But before trusting any site be cautious. Choose reliable sites and be aware of fake profiles.

2. Examine What Kind of Partner You Want

Examine What Kind of Partner You Want

If you’re serious about your wedding and finding a suitable match, then first analyze your requirements i.e., what you’re looking for in your life partner. Examine the key qualities you want to see in your spouse and then filter your matches based on that criterion.

3. Create a New Email ID

Create a New Email ID

Registering a new email ID on Hindu matrimonial websites helps in creating a new source of communication. This way you can avoid sharing your personal details including home address, contact number, photos, etc.

4. Ask Important Questions

Ask Important Questions

To keep everything clear and avoid future conflicts, it is necessary to ask all the relevant questions. It helps in better understanding that person and finding any incompatibilities.

5. Never Share Personal Information or Emotions

Never Share Personal Information or Emotions

While chatting on any matrimonial site, do not share your sensitive personal details such as financial information, photos, number, etc. No matter how he/she pressurizes you, never share your family matters.

Wedgate Matrimony provides safe portals to let users search and contact prospective brides and grooms after satisfying their suitability. The privacy of every user is considered a first priority. Hence, you don’t need to worry about security.

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Why Matrimonial Sites Become Preferred Choice to Find Marriage Material?

Matrimonial sites are those sites that help people to search for their most compatible life partner online. Somewhat they’re similar to the dating sites except for the fact that they provide services to facilitate arranged marriages instead of facilitating dating. Not just the youngsters, but parents are also loving online matchmaker services to find the right marriage material for their child.

Why Matrimonial Sites Become Preferred Choice to Find Marriage Material

Although the traditional approach of arranged marriage is still followed in society, matrimonial sites are gaining increasing popularity. Here, you’ll find how matchmaking services are helpful in finding the soulmate.

1.   Thousands of Verified Profiles

The trusted matrimonial site is 100% legitimate and registered by the Government. They consist of more than thousands of profiles of brides and grooms. What you just require is simply register yourself to the matrimonial site and get plenty of matrimonial profiles in front of you.

2.   Numerous Decisions

Another major benefit of matrimonial sites is that just by accessing a high internet connection, you can browse thousands of profiles. You can find a suitable life partner from various caste, religions, different educational backgrounds, lifestyles, and statuses. You can sort and compare multiple profiles before making the final decision.

3.   A Range of Services

The reliable matrimonial sites designed a comprehensive range of services. Not only the single/bachelor ones can use these sites but divorced or widow people can also search for their life partner. They can take the best advantage of re-marriage or second marriage services to give a new start to their life. Other services include pre-wedding dietician services, elite matrimonial services, late marriage matrimony, NRI matrimonial services, and lots more.

4.   Customized Packages

The biggest advantage of registering with matrimonial services is that you will get various packages customized to suit your personal and financial needs. For example, diamond, gold, exclusive, elite, etc.

5.   No Need for Introduction

If there is anything related to marriage that is considered highly awkward is meeting in front of two families. While interacting with another person through messages or video chat, one can maintain a strategic distance from the condition of introducing yourself.

Wedgate Matrimony is the leading matrimonial site providing a wide range of services to let every person find someone who is compatible with them. They are successfully creating and nurturing matrimonial relationships for more than decades. Many people are enjoying happier married life after searching for the right partner through this platform.

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How an NRI Can Find a Perfect Life Partner in India?

The people who live outside India and have obtained a status of NRI (Non-Residents of Indians) are recognized as NRIs. Today, so many people are living in foreign countries in search of quality education and a better career. Even though they have become a citizen of other nations for some reason, they have love and respect for Indian culture, values, and traditions. If you’re an NRI and searching for a life partner from India, then visit a trusted matrimonial site to find the true Indian soulmate.

Why Finding an Indian Partner is Difficult for an NRI?

Why Finding an Indian Partner is Difficult for an NRI

Marrying someone from the Indian community seems complicated for NRIs. There are multiple reasons for it. For example, cultural differences, different lifestyles, different upbringing, longer distances, etc.

Indians are closer to their tradition and mostly prefer doing their son or daughter’s wedding with a person close to their circle and living within the nation. They don’t want their child to marry an individual who is out of their instant reach. Most NRIs stay independently in foreign countries. Hence, it becomes difficult for a person to live alone.

Another reason is that Indian families treat marriage as the union of two families, individuals, and a community. Hence, they can be strict about blood relations, qualifications, and lifestyle to strengthen the bond. All these are the main reasons why Hindu marriage is usually performed within the nation.

How NRI Can Find a Compatible Spouse in India?

How NRI Can Find a Compatible Spouse in India

The most useful way to search for a perfect life companion is through matrimonial sites. There are many perks of using these sites. They contain plenty of verified profiles from various castes, religions, and backgrounds. Every detail of a person is verified thoroughly before adding their details to the profiles.

The biggest advantage of using such sites is that one can save time by avoiding the need to meet every individual personally until they find the best one. On these sites, you can sort and compare various profiles. To get more confident about your decision, you can interact with them through messages or video chat.

Which Indian NRI Matrimonial Site is Good?

Wedgate Matrimony, the pioneer in online matrimony, provides an extensive database of NRI profiles (NRI groom and bride) with eligible matches from India and abroad. The profiles are categorized on the basis of several different parameters. Some of them include profession, educational background, country, etc.

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List of Pre-Wedding Rituals of Gupta Community

Indian weddings are known for their colorful, vibrant, and enjoyable atmosphere. In all Indian states and castes, wedding ceremonies are celebrated with great spirit, zeal, and warmth. Parents start looking for the most compatible partner for their son or daughter through Hindu matrimonial sites.

Pre-Wedding Rituals of Gupta Community

The beautiful Mehendi designs, attention-grabbing attires, elaborative decoration, and attractive jewelry reflect a true Indian wedding. The Gupta community’s wedding ceremonies are somewhat similar to the Baniya community. The wedding rituals start before the marriage day and last after this day.

Here are some of the main pre-wedding rituals of the Gupta community.

1. Tilak


This is the first ritual in Gupta marriages. It is attended by the male members of both families. The bride’s father along with other male members visits the groom’s house and applies Tilak on his forehead. A groom receives some shagun (money), clothes, gifts, fruits, and sweets. In return, the groom’s family gives some gifts to the would-be bride.

2. Sagan


Following the Sagan ceremony, this ritual can be celebrated at any venue. The groom’s family give gifts, makeup, jewelry, sweets, doll, and clothes to the bride in beautifully decorated baskets and trays.

3. Engagement


In this ceremony also known as ring ceremony or Sagai, couples exchange rings with each other. This is the formal wedding announcement to the families, friends, and relatives. Families of bride and bridegroom exchange sweets, jewelry, and various auspicious things.

4. Sangeet


This ritual took place just a day before the wedding day. Relatives, family members, and friends attend this ceremony in both families. Traditionally, ladies gathered and started sessions of singing and dancing. But, nowadays, people dance to various Bollywood songs even some families also arrange DJ.

5. Mehendi


This ritual is performed in both families. The bride, groom, and the ladies of both families get Mehendi designs applied on their hands.

6. Haldi


An Ubtan of Haldi is applied to the body of both bride and groom to enhance their glow and complexion. A thick bundle of grass is dipped in curd, oil, and Haldi or turmeric. These auspicious elements are touched at the feet, knee, shoulder, and forehead of the would-be couple.

Wedgate Matrimony caters to the Gupta families hailing from all financial statuses and backgrounds with the best matrimonial services. Hence, you can find the most suitable life partner by exploring various profiles from an extensive database of Gupta brides and grooms.

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Ways to Provide Financial Support to Parents after Marriage

In India, children have been habituated to taking care of their parents in their old age. But, today the time has changed. In old age, the medical expenses, the increasing number of nuclear families, and the huge cost of living make parents bank upon their retirement plan. Sometimes the retirement fund does not prove enough to meet the financial needs. So, children are the only support system for them.

Ways to Provide Financial Support to Parents after Marriage

After marriage, it becomes a little difficult to support parents financially as an individual gets the responsibility of his/her spouse and kids. Here, you’ll learn the ways you can support your parents after marriage.

1. Discuss it with your Spouse Before Marriage

Discuss it with your Spouse Before Marriage

Today, the concept of Hindu marriage got changed a little bit. Would-be couples are now allowed to meet each other before the wedding. So, it’s good to chat with your partner about your plans to support the parents. Discuss the salary proportion you want to give and how often you’re going to contribute it. i.e. regularly, on special occasions, or just in emergencies.

2. Give your Partner Some Privacy

Give your Partner Some Privacy

While putting your family’s finances in order, give your beloved one some financial privacy. Let them have their account for personal spending and/or saving. Give him/her some freedom to use the amount from his/her account the way they or want without being held accountable for it.

3. Look for Other Financial Plans

Look for Other Financial Plans

In old age, the chances of regular health illness increase. So, set your parent’s finances in order by getting the most useful health and critical illness insurance plans. Guide their investments with debt and equity so that they don’t need anyone else to meet their financial requirements after retirement.

4. Consider your Family a Priority

Consider your Family a Priority

After getting married and having kids, your own family should be your first goal. Ensure that you have an emergency corpus, a strong budget, and adequate insurance plans to meet the regular and basic needs of your family. Support your parents whenever they need, but not by compromising the requirements of your own family. If you’ve siblings, create and assign a tangible plan acceptable for everyone.

If you’re unmarried and wondering how to find the right spouse who can be your strong pillar in supporting your parents financially, then Wedgate Matrimony is your solution. This is the leading matrimonial site where you can compare various profiles and choose the right one who understands your responsibility to support your parents.

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Why Second Marriage in India is a Good Choice?

A wedding is one of the most special moments of a bride and bridegroom’s life. It is a day when couples and their families come so much closer to one another. Unfortunately, some marriages do not last long. The main reason is an incompatibility between couples. But, it does not mean the end of life. Everyone wants a companion with whom they can spend their whole life happily. Thanks to matrimonial services that make people aware of second weddings.

Why Second Marriage In India Is A Good Choice

Is Second Marriage Good?

According to India’s 2011 census, 0.11% of the couples are divorced, 4.5% of the population is widowed, and 0.29% of the couples are separated. The rate of divorce cases is increasing rapidly worldwide. It has been found that a higher percentage of people in a poll favor getting married again.

Here are some things that make second marriages a good choice for divorced and widowed people.

1.  Experience


There is an age-long saying that practice makes an individual perfect. With a second marriage, you would have learned some lessons and are ready to challenge the difficulties of a real relationship. You would be better prepared psychologically to face what makes a wedding successful and eternal.

2. High Sense of Gratitude

High Sense of Gratitude

The ugly memories of a divorce court case, meetings with lawyers, and arguments with your ex-partner keep reminding you of what you went through. This will help in developing a sense of value and gratitude in the second marriage. Both parties put in all their efforts to make things work out perfectly and make their bond stronger.

3. Stronger Sacrifice Bond

Stronger Sacrifice Bond

Those who have lots of complexities in their first marriage have a high sense of tolerance and sacrifice. They have been put in a lot of sacrifices to resolve the issues and make their wedding life successful. This strong bond of tolerance helps them to make the union work.

4. You are Mature Enough

You are Mature Enough

First marriages usually take place in the 20s. So, couples don’t have much idea of how to put in their best efforts for successful wedding life. With a second marriage, you’ve already been through what is required for a long-lasting bond in marriage.

Looking for a Life Partner for Second Marriage? Start with Wedgate Matrimony

A wide and compelling platform of people searching for the most compatible spouse make Wedgate Matrimony very popular. They are highly committed to helping their clients with the most customized, trustworthy, and confidential services for second marriages.

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Top Sikh Pre and Post-Wedding Rituals

Punjabi weddings are considered to be the best celebration because Punjabis reflect their Sikh culture and beautiful traditions within every wedding ceremony. That’s a reason most people are looking for a Punjabi girl or boy through matrimonial services.

Top Sikh Pre and Post-Wedding Rituals

Sikh marriages consist of various rituals that start before the wedding and continue even after the marriage day. In this blog, we have covered some of them.

1. Roka


In this event, both the families meet at the bride’s home and exchange gifts, sweets, and clothes as a token of love.

2. Engagement or Kurmai


It is an official engagement ceremony in which couples exchange rings and the bride’s family gives kara to the groom.

3. Sangeet


This event is hosted in both houses and celebrated with music, dance, and so much fun. Dinner is followed by music.

4. Mehendi


A Mehendi is designed on the hands and feet of both bride and groom. Other ladies get the Mehendi design made on their hands. Dholak is played and dance is also performed.

5. Chooda


The bride’s uncle gifts her chooda which is bathed in yogurt milk and rosewater.

6. Maiyan

Oil and turmeric paste is applied to the hair and body of the bride and groom respectively.

7. Gana


A red thread is tied to the left wrist of the bride and the right wrist of the groom for protection from evil and prosperity.

8. Anand Karaj

Anand Karaj

This is the main wedding ceremony in which the priest of Gurudwara reads Guru Granth Sahib and explains the importance of marriage to the couple. He describes the couple’s duties towards each other.

9. Vidai


This is the time when the bride officially leaves with her new family and bids an emotional farewell to her own family. The bride’s mother-in-law welcomes a newlywed couple into their home.

10. Reception


The groom’s parents organize a reception after the wedding as a formal introduction of the newlywed couple to their family, friends, and relatives.

11. Phere Pauna

On this day, a bride makes her first visit to her own home after the wedding.

For marriages and relationships to succeed, the couple has some similarities in their upbringing, spiritual beliefs, and family backgrounds. So, while looking for the Sikh boys for marriage, consider exploring a host of profiles at the leading marriage bureau – Wedgate Matrimony. Here, you’ll find a long list of Sikh boys from India and overseas.

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Role of Family Background in Marriage

Marriage is not an easy thing, especially in today’s life because everyone lives a busier life. Even many people nowadays think if a happy wedding is possible or not. Thanks to a renowned matrimonial site such as Wedgate Matrimony that makes it is easier to find the most compatible partner. One can explore multiple profiles and choose the right one.

Does Family Background Important for Marriage?

Does Family Background Important for Marriage

Marriage is not merely a bond of two individuals but two families. The would-be couples don’t have to live alone their whole life, but with a family. So, it’s important to consider the family and their background. Consider the compatibility and similarities of both families (bride’s and bridegroom’s as well). Make sure that your future spouse will have a good family background with good ethics, moral value, and no criminal history.

Here are a few factors that one should consider while ensuring the family background.

1. Social Status

Social Status

Both families should have a similar social background, graces, and expectations. If this similarity does not exist, it may challenge your relationship. It will be good to ensure that both know some of the same people in the society.

2. Spiritual Beliefs

spiritual marriage

Spiritual compatibility and faith in the family are vital in marriage. Whether you realize it or not, the significance of spiritual belief is huge. If both families have similar and strong faith, it will result in making the wedding and relationship stronger.

3. Parent’s Marital Status

parent’s Marital Status

The parent’s marital status and relationship is another considerable point. If your would-be spouse’s parents adore each other and live happily, there are chances that you’ll have an easier time loving your soulmate. On the contrary, if he or she grew up in a family where parents are divorced or used to fighting with each other, you may have to deal with problems in your marriage.

4. Cultural Similarities

Cultural Similarities

The cultural background of the two families is another important criterion when fixing a marriage match. Some families do not like people who are open-minded and permissive and vice-versa. The educational and financial background of families is also seen to impact the marriage.

However, there is no problem in inter-caste marriage, but considering the economic aspects and lifestyle is vital. The reason is that in some cases, these differences result in various issues and the end of the marriage. So, if you’re finding a life partner for you via the marriage bureau, consider the family background of your would-be spouse.

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