Worried About Online Matrimony Fraud? Protect Yourself Using These Techniques…

Once you have decided to spend your life with someone special, you wouldn’t want to wait for long. However, unless you know the other individual personally, you can be taken in for a ride. Most people are busy in their professional lives and therefore do not have time to meet and find a life partner for themselves. They are likely to use the services of matchmaker services to find their soulmate. Several online Matrimonial Services in Delhi can help you; however, there is no dearth of tricksters too. In this online age, different frauds are being conducted and online matrimony fraud is surprisingly common. If you wish to avoid being tricked, you should use these pointers:

1. Check out whether the site is reliable or not. Scamsters these days create a genuine website with fake profiles to trap people and trick them of their hard-earned money. Since most people use matrimonial services these days, you can ask for references from your relatives, friends, or co-workers. One of the best ways to ensure that you do not end up being tricked is to always use a verified portal like Wedgate Matrimony.


2. Check the background of the chosen profile. There are several fake profiles created on dating and matrimony websites, while many people often lie about the details provided on such platforms. If you have narrowed down on any profile, double-check the details by looking for the individual on different social media platforms. You should be able to verify the education, workplace, experience, and other facts this way. In case any discrepancy arises, you can always question them.


3. Avoid meeting in private. Though you have verified the background of the individual, still you should take precautions and avoid meeting them in private. Always ensure that you have chatted, a video called, and had a conversation with them before agreeing to meet in person. Meeting in a public place can provide you with witnesses if anything goes wrong.


4. Avoid sharing personal details in the first meeting. It is not bad to be cautious, especially if can save you from harm later. Though you have “connected” with the other person, you do not know them. In other circumstances, you will question if a relative stranger starts questioning you about your house, family members, daily routine, etc. Thus, if you feel uncomfortable about the questions, turn them down politely.

Though many online platforms have provided reliable services, it is better to double-check the details!

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Why are inter-caste marriages not popular in India?

India as a country is known for its unity in diversity. When you travel across the country, you will be amazed to know that there is tremendous diversity not only in the scenic beauty, but also language, culture, dresses, food habits, and habitat. Yet despite this diversity, people of different religions coexist happily. However, when it comes to marriage the people of the country always prefer to find a match within their caste. This can be easily observed if you pick up a magazine or newspaper and skim through the ads posted by the Matrimonial Bureau in Delhi. The brides and grooms are listed primarily according to their caste, followed by profession, and then NRI status. Despite the progress made, there are very few people who are looking for a match where caste is no bar.

Some of the reasons why inter-caste marriages are not that common or preferred include –

1.  One of the primary reasons why inter-caste marriages find few takers is that adjusting in a household where everything from customs, traditions, food habits, and rituals are different takes huge effort; both for the married couple and the in-laws. Considering the diversity that is seen in the country, it will be extremely difficult for a person of another caste to adapt to the customs prevalent in the new family.

2.  Lifestyle differences are also one of the other reasons why people do not prefer inter-caste marriages. While it is easy to assume that love conquers all, it is not true. Though it may seem harsh or jaded, you cannot survive on love alone and money eventually matters. While initially, things might seem rosy, with time, people end up realizing that it would have been better to marry someone within your caste and family background.

3.  If you are living alone, usually, inter-caste love marriages have a fairly higher chance of succeeding. After all, everyone makes sacrifices for love. However, in India, you not only marry the guy, but you also end up marrying the entire family. Adjusting in a family where everyone considers you an outsider, frowns on every action you take, and questions every choice you make can end up breaking your most important relationship. Constant emotional conflicts can be one of the reasons why many people avoid taking the huge step of marrying outside their caste.

Commitment to the relationship is the key to a successful marriage, whether inter-caste or within the caste. You can search for a suitable life partner on Wedgate Matrimony, one of the leading matchmaker services.

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What is Better? Arranged or Love Marriage?

Marriage is something that has often been a bone of contention. Anyone who has reached the “marriageable age” is subjected to constant questioning regarding different matrimony related issues. Whether you want to get married or not? When should you get married? Should you opt for love or arranged marriage? We have often heard or participated in the debate over this topic without reaching any fruitful conclusion. Frankly, there are pros and cons to both aspects of marriage. Wedgate Matrimony, one of the leading providers of Matrimonial Services in Delhi lists some of the important aspects of both these ways of finding your soulmate.

Advantages of love marriage

  • Since both individuals know each other for a relatively long time, they are expected to know about each other’s behavior, nature, personal preferences, etc. If they accept each other’s flaws, are aware of each other’s likes and dislikes, they can decide to spend their life together, as they are probably better equipped to do so. Moreover, since the decision to marry each other is solely theirs, they cannot blame anyone else if things do not work out between them in the future.


  • Since love marriage is a decision between two individuals with mutual consent, the chances of social evils like dowry, caste discrimination, monetary and social status will not come into play. Moreover, one can easily curtail the lavish spending that is associated with the big fat Indian weddings. The couple can, with mutual understanding have a simple wedding and save money which can come handy in the future.

Advantages of arranged marriage

  • Marriages in India are not just about two individuals, but their families too. Usually, adults in the family while looking for a spouse for their child try to find someone who would be able to adjust not just with their child, but also seamlessly integrate with their family. Thus, they look for someone familiar with their customs, food, way of living, apart from individual compatibility.


  • Since elders of the family are involved in fixing the match if any misunderstanding or conflict occurs between the couple, they will make all efforts to help mitigate the problem. Moreover, the elders of the family are always available to help guide you in the future if any problems arise.

Marriage is an institution that deserves respect and complete commitment, irrespective of whether it is love or arranged. Enjoy finding your special one with the help of the best matrimonial services.

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Virtual Wedding is the New Trend! Here is why it is Catching up…

The world has come to a standstill due to this ongoing pandemic. Unfortunately, it has wrecked many plans people had made. Many were looking forward to seeing their child graduate, while others were looking forward to taking their dream vacations. Similarly, many people had met the partner of their dreams and could not wait to have their happily ever after. Alas! All those plans have been put aside as we come to terms with leading our life with this altered situation.

With small gatherings, social distancing, masks, and sanitizers being the new norm, it is time to change the way weddings are held. Most weddings these days are either being held with minimal people or are going the virtual way. The latter is in fact, a better way to ensure that everyone remains safe while being part of the ceremony. If you are still confused about why you should opt for a virtual wedding, Wedgate Matrimony, leading Matrimonial Agencies in Delhi provider offers you some valid points:

  • You end up saving money. Let’s be honest. Everyone knows how expensive weddings are. The trousseau, the numerous functions, the extravagantly lavish spread of meals, the decorations, etc. All of this is done from your hard-earned money. Instead of investing so much money on these events, you could have a virtual gathering of your favorite people and use the money for your future!


  • Conventional weddings are stressful. Anyone who has ever planned a wedding or had one in the family knows how stressful things are. From accommodating people to seeing that they have been properly attended to, managing things with the decorator, choreographer, and not to forget the incessant shopping trips. Wedding planning is not for the faint-hearted. However, you are not required to take all this stress for a virtual wedding. All you need is excellent bandwidth and you can stream your D-day to as many people as you want…


  • Nothing could be as convenient as this. Technology has made things extremely easy for us now. Since everything is taking place virtually, you are not required to travel anywhere. Thus, relatives are not required to make any elaborate plans for the functions. A short notice of date and time and everyone will ensure their online presence.

Considering that there are several advantages to having a virtual wedding, you should not hesitate. Find a suitable match using matchmaker services from Wedgate Matrimony and have an online union with family and friends.

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Getting Hitched at the Right Time can be Good for Family and Career!

Marriage is considered one of the major milestones, especially in Indian families. Almost everywhere across the country, people have a consensus that children should marry at the “right age.” However, there is often a debate considering what is this right age? Many people consider that youngsters must get married in their mid-20s while most youths wish to live their life fully before being tied down by the responsibilities of family and household chores. Despite all reasons given by the younger generation, there are certain advantages associated with marrying early.

Let’s check what they are…

  • Education is important. Most people who have not taken a break in their studies would be able to complete their post-graduation by the time they have reached the age of 22-23. They are likely to gain employment after that and are financially independent and comfortably settled professionally by the age of 25-27. This holds for both boys and girls. Thus, it seems a good enough time to complete another personal goal – getting married!


  • Marrying in your mid-20s provides you with enough time to get to know your partner better and adjust to your new family and home. Moreover, you can focus on your relationship as well as professional commitments. As both parties are committed to building a mark in their respective professional domains, they can continue focusing on it before thinking of starting a family.


  • When you marry late, in your mid- or late-30s, you often must think of starting a family sooner rather than later. This is probably because, your biological clock is ticking, and you have another 15-20 years of service left. These are practical issues that need to be addressed. When you have children later in life, there can be several complications ranging from genetic disorders to increased chances of miscarriages. No wonder our parents preferred marrying at a younger age.


  • When you marry early and have kids by the age of 30, you could resume your career by the time your kids start their schooling. Thus, you can end up enjoying both a successful career and satisfying parenthood. Moreover, with so many alternatives available for work-from-home parents, you could have the best of both worlds.

Considering the several advantages of marrying at an early age, it is important you consult Matrimonial Services in Delhi for finding the perfect match. Wedgate Matrimony is one of the highly recommended matchmaker services providers.

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Why Marrying Late is a Sensible Decision for Women?

Gone are the days when girls were married off as soon as they entered their 20s. An unmarried girl of 25 years was considered an old hag. Though it sounds preposterous, it was a fact until the last century. However, with changing times, there has been seen a paradigm shift in the thinking and functioning of society. Being married and having kids is no longer considered the sole motive of humans. Several people are marrying late when they wish to settle down in life or find someone who would be an excellent companion for their life. Similarly, there is no dearth of people who are happily self-partnering or living alone and enjoying their life with parents, siblings, and friends.

Many Matrimonial Agencies in Delhi such as Wedgate Matrimony have several profiles for people in their mid- and late-30s. This paradigm shift in marriageable age can be because marrying late might be good for you, not only personally, but also professionally.

Here are some of the reasons why marrying late has become a prevalent choice:

1. The millennial generation is often unsure about what they want. People in their 20s are unsure whether they wish to take up go for higher studies in India or abroad; get a job or turn entrepreneur; marry early and start a family late; etc. However, people who are in their mid- or late-30s are sure what they want in life. They have undergone the stage of confusion and emerged surer of what they want. Thus, when they enter matrimony, they are in for life.

2. One of the facts that everyone will agree to is that people change. Your thought process, friends, likes, and dislikes are different. You are a different person in your 30s and would sometimes wonder about the choices you made when you were in your teens or even in your 20s. With time and experience, we tend to become more understanding, patient, and sure of our life. Thus, marrying when we are confident of ourselves would ensure that we have a happy life ahead.

3. When you marry late, you get to spend more time with your family, enjoy various pursuits you love, including going on solo vacations, partying with friends, pursuing various interests, etc. while putting your career ahead of your personal life. These memories can help you develop into a more mature person who can take on the challenge of living with another family and handle matrimonial responsibilities with ease.

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How to Make the Best use of Online Matchmaker Services?

The Internet has made things extremely simple for us. Not only can we conduct business across the globe without moving out of our homes, but we can also keep ourselves entertained on the move. Thanks to the internet, you could also search for long lost friends or find a soulmate for yourself. There are several online dating and matrimonial websites that make things easy for you. However, while using the digital world for matchmaker services, you should keep in mind that things are slightly different from the actual world. Instead of losing heart because you did not strike gold, use these steps to navigate the online world with ease:

1.  Do not assume things – Unless the matchmaker services provide you with verified accounts with accurate details, take everything with a pinch of salt. Most people exaggerate facts or sometimes lie blatantly in the online domain. Hence, it is better to take small but sure steps especially when you are looking for a life partner.

2. Research is the key to success – Profile pictures can be misleading; those details can be fake. You should always crosscheck the profile creating an online dating or matrimony site with that on different social media platforms. In this age where social media is omnipresent, there should be evidence of the person on any of the multiple platforms. These days, most Matrimonial Agencies in Delhi like Wedgate Matrimony require their clients to link their social media IDs with the profile or create the profile ID through any of their existing handles (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn).

3. Be cautious but do not hesitate to act on your instincts – It is important to be sure about the profile and comfortable enough with a stranger before divulging details about your personal life. Most matrimonial websites these days also provide verified matches. If you find someone matching your criteria, you can choose to connect directly if you have verified details instead of waiting for the other person to express their interest in your profile.


4. Patience is important for an important decision – Your marriage is one of the most important decisions of your life. having some patience can go a long way to lead a successful married life. While seeking matches online, you must chat with people sensibly, talk with them over phone and video call, before agreeing to meet in person.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day and similarly, marriages, especially ones with a happy ending, also require time.

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Advantages of Using Online Matrimonial Services to Find your Soul Mate

Marriage is a crucial event in the life of any individual. It is rightly said that a good life partner can turn your life into heaven, while the wrong one can make it into a mess. Compatibility is considered one of the major criteria while finding happiness in married life. If you thought finding a perfect partner is difficult you have not tried Matrimonial Services in Delhi. Did you know there are several advantages to using matrimonial sites?

Here is what makes matchmaker services a hit between the current generation:

  • Matrimonial services have a huge database of bride and groom profiles that makes it easy for you to find a prospective partner. If you are a registered owner, you will have access to a large number of profiles which increases your chances of finding your companion.


  • The registration process is extraordinarily simple. All you need to do is provide your name, gender, phone number, email address, as well as your preference concerning your partner.


  • The entire process is secure. Any information that you provide is not shared with people without your permission. The privacy tools prevent any misuse of data.


  • Unlike dating websites, matrimonial websites are for people who are seriously considering marriage. Thus, you are unlikely to encounter people who are whiling their time away. Most people having a profile on matrimonial sites are genuinely looking for companions, and thus, you are likely to succeed in your search.


  • You can easily approach prospective matches through either messages, chats, or video calls. You can continue to interact through these modes of communication until you are comfortable about meeting them in person.


  • Since you provide your preference concerning education qualification, job, city, etc. you are likely to find matches as per your requirements. You do not have to compromise, but just must wait for some time and be committed to the search.


  • Even the paid subscription for online matrimonial services are highly affordable. You can take a basic plan and depend on your requirements, you can buy add-on memberships that can help refine your search.


  • Some of these matrimonial services also provide you with expert advice. You might have access to a marriage consultant that can help improve your profile to attract more matches or assist you with meeting with prospective matches.

If you are looking for an excellent matrimonial website, Wedgate Matrimony comes highly recommended.

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Are you a Matrimonial Services Provider? A Checklist for Planning NRI Weddings

Most NRI candidates are looking forward to hiring the services of a Matrimonial Bureau in Delhi that also doubles up as event planners. This is because they hardly have time to plan the event. If you are interested in providing not just matchmaking services, but also the entire package of finding a spouse and arranging for the nuptials, read along….

Most NRIs love to have the famous big Indian Wedding. Indian marriages are considered an extraordinary affair that is remembered for time to come. In fact, many of them would love to invite their foreign friends over to get a glimpse of Indian culture and traditions. Thus, if you are a marriage bureau that has NRI clients, you need to keep in mind these things while suggesting them a package deal:

1. A classic venue – A glitzy wedding is incomplete without a mesmerizing venue. You need to remember that NRI weddings are all about glamour and class. All wedding functions including different ceremonies require a unique backdrop and stylish look. Moreover, you would be required to have a place where all guests can be accommodated. Thus, you should ensure that the décor can be easily changed and blended to provide a distinct look for every function.

2. The number of functions – The Indian wedding comprises of several small functions. Depending on the region from which the bride and groom come from, and the preferences of their families, you can narrow down the list of functions that need to be held. It is important to have this discussion with the concerned parties so that you can design the look and theme of the wedding.

3.  Involve the guests in the functions – Most NRIs invite their friends over for the wedding. Instead of merely observing the functions and feeling left out, you could involve the guests, relatives in the functions. Sangeet is ideally the best option. everyone loves song and dance and Bollywood music has created a space even on international platforms. We bet, the desi’s and the foreigners would love to match steps with each other to outdo the other party.

The involvement of everyone in the functions along with perfect stay and food arrangements and excellent event management can go a long way to make the ceremony memorable. If you are looking forward to hosting such excellent and impeccably managed events for NRI clients, you should take inspiration from one of the best NRI Marriage Bureau in Delhi providers, Wedgate Matrimony.