Finding the perfect accomplice by using Matrimonial Services in India


Those days are fly-off when a thought of a marriage of an offspring comes in a mind and parents have to wait for the response of the relatives. This is a tech-savvy world and the profile of a bride or groom is just a click away. Without any doubt, the current generation needs the perfect and compatible partner who holds the hand tightly in every up and down situation of life.  True, marriages stills holds the priority in one’s life. And, Marriage Bureau is the perfect hit with best profiles to satisfy the hunt.


Any imprudent in choosing a life accomplice can change the way of living and the future. Disappointments, victories, joys and torments are the part of life but art is to stand firmly and faces every good and bad moment together.  Still, parents believed in arranged setups and search for Best Matrimonial Service providers in India according to their religion and culture.


Though, Youths are keen to find their love of life on their own as their eyes are full of dreams. But, the failing percentage of love marriage is more than arrange marriage, consequently, parents look for feasible alternative in the form of matrimonial services to fulfill their wish.  No need to wait for people’s suggestions and situations. Register the profile at a reliable marriage bureau to get the proposal on the same day.


Here are a few reasons that prove the Matrimonial Services are the ultimate choice to find the soul mate.


  • Easy and quick functioning: the matrimonial portal includes a good array of profiles and the premium members can access the wide variety of accounts. One just needs to fill-up the primary information and countless profiles are in front of you.


  • Simple and secure registration: creating an account on a matrimonial site is quite simple, just update the basic information such as name, gender, mobile number and e-mail address. The information is secure and safe as various sites use privacy tools to protect the details.


  • Affordable and easily approachable services: the portal includes the chat and video calls option to arrange a meeting without any awkwardness and shyness. The premium account states the affordability. We offer the cheap membership plans as per the requirement.  Even the candidate can sign-up free but you can only see the profile might not able to contact them.

What are you waiting for? Wedgate Matrimony is the best platform to find a perfect match. Here, the registrations of your children came like a bolt from blue.

Top and stubborn myths about the Marriage Bureau

The scarcity of time makes our relationship dwindle and people hardly visited their relatives. Thus, the scope of suggestion goes down and marriageable adults start preferring Matrimonial Services to look for an ideal soul mate.


On the other hand, there are some stubborn and common myths about the Marriage Bureau.


In the world of the internet, the efforts of a wedding planner bring two hearts from distant locations to beat together and form a strong bond of love. However, some consider it’s an embarrassing, while other believe it is not safe to create a profile and post the information on the web.  It is high time to understand and debunk the working mode of Marriage Bureau.


  • Myth1: Marriage Bureau is a total wastage of money and time

Some people arduously believe that Matrimonial Services are waste of money and time, but, in actual these services consume less time in matchmaking and within a short period present a detailed interaction with a prospective candidate.


  • Myth2: Can soul mate be found Online

Perhaps, there is umpteen couple who found their life partner online. The serious seekers can read the success stories and testimonials to check out if the Marriage Bureau really works hard to find the ideal matches. Here, the database includes a long list of eligible and compatible brides and grooms. Choose the one with the best personality, class and ethics and of similar caste.


  • Myth3:an awkward situation, if real friends and peers found out the profile

The first thing is that the reputed sites always have security options so an unregistered person can’t see the profile. And, no need to feel shy as we are living in the tech-savvy world where distances are covers via social platform like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.


  • Myth4: The database full-fledged with fake creep Profile

Assuming this is totally wrong and reputed sites always comprise of stringent verification processes to avoid frivolous people. The first step is to create the profile and verified it so that no one gets stuck with a fake account. The verification process is very essential to lower down the risk of cheating. The profile form ends up with couples of questionnaires like interests, hobbies, personal choices and many more to get an idea of one’s personality.

Choosing a perfect match is the biggest and toughest decision for parents as well as for children. Baseless myths are many so avoid them and choose Wedgate Matrimony to get the real prince charming or the princess of a heart.

Why an NRI need Matrimonial services to find their desirable match?

“Marriages are made in Heaven and Destiny will bring the partner close to you”- most of the people believed it. True, but every relationship needs a medium.  In olden days, the relatives get involved to find a suitable match for a bride/groom but now they too escape from liabilities. A wedding is the biggest decision of life and everyone wishes uniformity and understandability to make the relationship strong.   Therefore, one can hire Matrimonial Services to find an accurate person that matches your personality and mindset.


A Wedding is not only a day of celebration but binds two people of different values and backgrounds who lead their whole life together.  This is not easy for the NRI as their parents wish a girl/boy from same community. Think! How difficult it might be for an NRI candidate to find the right partner while sitting at the different corners of a Globe. This can be easy by approaching reliable Marriage Bureau who has an extensive database based on various parameters like residency, profession, personality, education and family background.


The challenges NRI faces to get their spouse:

Finding a partner from the Indian community is a tough job as both have a different background, upbringing, lifestyle, culture and above all, the distance. How can it be possible for two people of an opposite culture and background interact each other?  In that case, Marriage Bureau plays an important role by offering multiple options as compare to the real world.


Where ever the Indian lives, they never compromise with the tradition, culture and above all, genetic influence of briefs and faiths that makes their blooded generation pure.  Distance is a big hindrance as many parents don’t want to send their offspring to another country. The reason might be trust factor or a single child. Anyways, there is no need to get disappointed and Google out the best Matrimonial Services to find the perfect match.


The Wedgate Matrimony bring affection and love in an NRI‘s life

Whether an Indian living in India or abroad but they never compromise with culture and tradition. Therefore, NRI parents need a girl/boy with values and ethics to maintain the culture, dressing sense and legacy.


We at Wedgate connect the people at long distance and generate a list of a good number of choices for your daughter and son after complete verification.  Choose our ultimate NRI Matrimonial Services to allow ringing of the wedding bells.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Marriage Bureau?

Everyone wants a loving and caring companion. These days, you can find tons of prospective matches in matrimonial websites that can be immensely helpful in finding the perfect partner. However, there is no denying the fact that finding someone as per your ideals is the most difficult thing in the world. However, there are numerous benefits associated with hiring the services of a marriage bureau in delhi. This can be seen from the immense popularity of several matrimony websites. Some of the most common benefits associated with using the services of a good and reliable matrimonial website like Wedgate Matrimony ( include:

  • Widespread reach

Compared to traditional ways of matchmaking (relatives, family friends etc.), the marriage bureau has a wider reach. Since the data is available online, people from different geographical areas can have a profile on it which can be accessed and matched anywhere. You can search for matches belonging to any community or caste easily through them.

  • Transparency guaranteed

The profiles registered on marriage bureau websites are generally verified and users are guaranteed transparency and ease of access to all registered bride and groom profiles. You can screen through hundreds of profiles from the comfort of your home or office without spending a bomb.

  • Save time and money

Compared to other modes of matchmaking, matrimonial sites are relatively economical. You don’t need to spend a huge sum of money to create your profile. Moreover, meetings with selected prospective partners can be arranged through the marriage bureau. Additionally, you don’t have to take out time especially to get this done. Profile browsing can be done whenever you have free time on your hand.

  • Get matches as per your preference

While creating a profile you can clearly mention your preferences with respect to age, caste, location, profession as well as any other criteria important to you. The marriage bureau ensures that you get to choose from profiles that match your criteria. You have the freedom of searching and communicating with people as per your preference.

  • Safety and security guaranteed

Since you, as well as other similar members, are providing personal details on the marriage bureau website, it is their responsibility to keep the information safe and secure. This is done through appropriate security measures. Moreover, the profiles are informative, with care taken to match qualities, background and interests of people. The private profile is visible to select few only.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Hiring Marriage Bureau Services

Marriages hold a very important place in the Indian society. Earlier, people use to marry their kids at a very small age, though, these practices resulted in several problems. You might have heard of several instances where people fixed the marriage of their kids even before they were born or when they were too young to even understand what being married meant. However, as times progressed and people became educated, the marriageable age too made a gradual shift. While earlier girls and boys as young as 20-22 were married, these days, getting married in your 30s is quite normal. Unfortunately, finding a suitable match at this age takes time, unless you take professional help.


There are several marriage bureau in delhi that are working across the country who have helped many eligible boys and girls find a suitable partner for themselves. Hiring the services of these marriage bureaus comes handy as these days people are more focussed on getting an education and building their career. This is extremely time-consuming, leaving people without much time to socialize, within their relatives or family friends. Since these were the primary source of finding prospective matches, one has to resort to professionals.


How to select matrimonial service providers?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Hiring matrimonial service to find a suitable match for yourself or a family member or friend is one such initiative that needs to be taken considering the current scenario. However, with so many portals available, one is often confused as to which one is genuine or better. If you are contemplating hiring the services of a marriage bureau, then you should keep the following tips in mind:


  • Experience: Just like everywhere else, experience matters here too. The more experienced the company is, the more loopholes they have covered. Their screening procedure will be far better than any novice. You are guaranteed safety from fake profiles. Many matrimonial services in delhi like Wedgate Matrimony ( have been active for more than 12 years.


  • Associations: Affiliations with big brands is one of the better ways to find the ingenuity of any organization, including marriage bureau. The presence of the matrimonial service provider at multiple locations and their association with big brands is an assurance that they are genuine.


  • Facilities provided: Sometimes matrimonial services just connect prospective brides and grooms and let things take shape organically, while some marriage bureau also offers additional services including wedding preparations.


Keeping these factors in mind, one should opt for the best marriage bureau within their budget.

Tips to choose right profile on an online matrimonial service

Marriage bureau in delhi have always been popular among the masses. Thanks to the internet, you can find your perfect match easily online. Online matrimony enables matchmakers to offer services through their web portals to login and register, participate, create their own pages of the database. This is a huge advantage as unlike finding a prospective bride or groom through your local network, you can search for prospective partners globally. However, too many choices can confuse you. If you are in doubt regarding how to select the right profile from the plethora of options available online, here are some tips to help you make the correct choice:


1. When you create a profile on a matrimonial site like Wedgate Matrimony (, it is important to provide personal as well as professional details, photographs as well as personal preferences. Just like you, other profiles available on the marriage bureau portal will be replete with similar data. This can help you sift through the myriad options available and select those whose geographic location, educational qualification, personality and preferences match with you. Thus, without offending anyone, you can sort through the profiles to select a few you would consider meeting.


2. Although most matrimonial services provide you with genuine data, there is no denying that the number of frauds on the internet has been on the rise. To prevent any mishap or online fraud from happening, it is important that you choose a trusted and reputed matrimonial site. Most such portals have verified profiles which are genuine ones. The marriage bureau indulges in fact-checking to verify whether the profiles actually belong to the person claiming to be. Moreover, they also offer services where personal details as well as salary etc. are as what is being claimed.


3. Matrimonial websites offer you several categories to match your choice. You get daily recommendations based on your personal preference; as well as options where horoscopes matched. Portals offering matrimonial services offer you a way to refine your search through the filter option. You can use the advanced search options to narrow down your choices or even adjust your preferences. This improves your chance of finding a suitable match. Saving your search helps the search engine to remember your preference until the time you find your perfect partner.

Thus, if you are contemplating of hiring the services of a marriage bureau, it is recommended that you use these tips to refine your search.


At Wedgate Matrimony: jain matrimonial services in delhi, Wedgete Matrimony chooses the right and perfect partner for you because we know the importance of the right partner in life

Can You Trust Marriage Bureau for Searching the Perfect Match?

Every successful relationship has a strong foundation in terms of the trust, mutual respect and understanding and marriages are no different. Love and respect for each other and mutual understanding between them is what sustains any marriage. However, unless you know a person inside out, finding that kind of compatibility is slightly difficult. Generally, people either opt for a love marriage or an arranged one. So, either you know the prospective partner or your parents or relatives do. However, since people are leading busy lives, it is difficult to find time to meet relatives, let alone prospective matches. Thus, most people are resorting to taking the help of matrimonial services in delhi to find suitable matches. If you too belong to this category, read along.


Pros & cons of using matrimonial services

Without prior research and understanding of each other, any relationship can result in a long-distance relationship and it is a well-known fact that without compromise, anyone’s attempt at a long-distance relationship will fail. Yet, as we know, necessity is the mother of invention. The success of several matrimonial services is a testimony to the fact that people trust them to provide them with genuine matches. There are several advantages as well as disadvantages of using matrimonial services.


Advantages –

  • Generally, matrimonial services charge a nominal fee to create a profile on their platform where you can provide your input regarding your preference regarding prospective matches.


  • The entire world is your oasis as online presence ensures that you get matches from not only across the country but also across the globe.


  • Most matrimonial services assure that the profile posted on their sites are verified and genuine to avoid any scamming.


  • They also assist prospective partners by arranging for a conversation and setting up a meeting.


  • Many matrimonial services also have a tie-up with caterers and decorators to help you with marriage preparations.


Disadvantages –

  • Since you provide personal details on your profile, there are chances that your personal information might be misused.


  • Despite the best efforts of matrimonial services, you eventually will be chatting and meeting a virtual stranger about whose nature and temperament not much is known.


  • There is no sure way to determine the legitimacy of any NRI profile as the website cannot travel abroad to verify details. In this case, friends and well-wishers can come handy.


Wedgate Matrimony ( is one of the popular matrimonial services that has been gaining popularity these days.


At Wedgate Matrimony: Hindu matrimonial services in delhi, Wedgate  Matrimony helps you to choose the Best and Perfect  life partner for you.

Are you thinking of signing up with a marriage bureau? Here’s what to do

India is a country with contrasting social backgrounds. Indians have utilized the opportunity provided by technological innovation very well. The internet has transformed the Indian way of life; the way we work, the way we socialize and meet, and the way development are taking place. Online matrimonial services are one of the many advantages that the internet has provided to us. Thanks to them, the process of finding a suitable life partner has become more accurate, convenient and faster. With the business booming and catching the fancy of several Indians, several online marriage bureau in delhi  like Wedgate Matrimony ( have forayed into the market. They have been constantly working hard to provide suitable partners to people of marriageable age.

If you are contemplating on signing up with a matrimonial service provider, here is what you should do…


  1. Find a suitable online matrimonial service platform

The wedding industry is a booming one. Almost every second person (if not all) wishes to get married someday or the other. Thus, there is no dearth of matrimonial service providers who have their presence online too. The first and foremost thing you should do is find a site where you would like to find a match for yourself or your loved one. You can also shortlist more than one such site and create profiles on multiple platforms. However, find out more about these marriage bureaus. The more experienced they are, the more likely your chances of finding a suitable match are.


  1. Create a profile

Once you have zeroed in on the matrimonial service platform, you need to create a profile for yourself. Your profile will not only have your personal details like name, date of birth, education, job, salary etc. but also have your photograph for the perusal of the other party. This ensures that anything the other party (and similarly you) requires is available with a few clicks. Registering yourself on any online matrimony platform requires a subscription fee which is generally nominal charges.


  1. Provide your preference

Once you have created your profile and provided your details, you can specify your preferences. These can be in terms of physical description (height, skin complexion, weight), professional (educational qualification, service, etc.) or compatibility (nature, likes/dislikes, hobbies), geographic location, caste, religion, etc. These parameters come handy in shortlisting candidates from the plethora of options available.

Once you have done all those, it is a matter of chance how soon you find your soulmate!

At Wedgate Matrimony: hindu marriage bureau in delhi, It is our responsibility to choose the Perfect life partner for you and Wedgate Matrimony is fully performing this responsibility.


Should You Go for Horoscope Matching or Not?

India is a country where astrology plays a very important role. As soon as a child is born, the elders of the family consult an experienced astrologer to get the child’s horoscope made. Irrespective of how much science has advanced and how technologically progressive we have become, there is no denying that deep down we do believe in astrology. Getting your birth chart prepared is something and making it mandatory for getting horoscope matched for prospective bride and groom is another thing. One of the major concerns people of the younger generation have is whether they should opt to get their horoscopes matched or not?


Most people these days are opting for love marriage instead of an arranged one as a result of which they do not opt for horoscope matching. The elders of the family however don’t often agree to it (both love marriage and not getting horoscope matched). Some people opt for the services of professionals. Wedgate Matrimony ( is one of the preferred marriage bureau in delhi that has gained immense popularity. When horoscopes are matched, certain factors are considered. These include:


  1. Santati yog: related to having children.
  2. Saubhagya yog: related to mutual understanding and compatibility.
  3. Sampati yog: related to money matters and fortune.
  4. Swasthya yog: related to the respective health of the partners.
  5. Samaj yog: related to general understanding and relationship with the family.

If you are contemplating whether you should get horoscope matched before marriage or not, here are the pros and cons associated with it.


Advantages of getting horoscope matched

  • You can get an idea about your compatibility with your partner as well as how well your relationship would be.


  • Traditions that were being practiced from centuries are not just ancient beliefs. Though you might not be aware of the logic behind them, there was some sense in them. If not anything, getting your horoscope matched might give you a sense of satisfaction (unless something bad comes out!)


Disadvantages of getting horoscope matched

  • If things turn out good when you get the horoscopes matched, then everything is hunky-dory, However, if the horoscope matching doesn’t turn out as you wanted, there will always be mental stress in the back of your mind, whether things will work out or not.


  • Every decision you make going ahead for marriage will be affected by the horoscope matching. You might always out-think and dwindle on your decision as a result of this.


At Wedgate Matrimony: Best Punjabi matrimonial company, and wedgate Matrimony brings happiness in your life by choosing the perfect partner for you.