Does Same Blood Group Affect Marriage?

When it comes to finding a compatible life partner to get married to, it’s recommended to select one sharing the same interest, values, and cultural compatibility. However, some people also suggest marrying a person after testing their blood group. According to medical health experts, the compatibility of the couple’s blood group is a serious issue for pregnancy when both parents are biological. It helps in determining the health of your future children. Rh-negative blood group can affect your pregnancy.

Does Same Blood Group Affect Marriage

What If Couples Have the Same Blood Group?

Well, there is no problem in marrying a spouse having the same blood group. In this universe, every person is born with a specific blood group – Rh positive or Rh negative. Rh negative is quite rare compared to Rh positive. When you’re considering the blood group of a person whom you marry, you must be concerned about the Rh factor rather than a letter. For example, A+, A-, etc. A female partner is at risk if she has a negative Rh factor and her would-be spouse has Rh positive factor.

This combination can result in the birth of a kid having an Rh-positive blood group. Sometimes, the blood from the baby enters the system of a mother. This eventually makes a mother form antibodies against the Rh factor. Due to this, an Rh-positive baby is treated like an intruder inside the mother’s body. If that would be the case a mother is considered sensitized and will create antibodies to attach to Rh positive blood of a child.


Check Personality Compatibility with Blood Type

In Japan, blood groups are considered a vital indicator of an individual’s personality. A blood type people are well-organized, however, type B people are considered selfish. Similarly, type O blood people are optimistic and AB blood type are eccentric. Based on these qualities, you can determine whether your marriage will be happier and more successful.


Final Thoughts

If you and your would-be life partner both have the same or different blood type but a similar Rh factor, you both will have the same Rh factor. Hence, there is no problem in marrying a person featuring the same blood group. So, it’s time to start your search for your dream partner with a reliable marriage bureau. Wedgate Matrimony emerges as the recommended bureau for those seeking a platform for customized matrimonial services and packages.

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Does Blood Group Matter In Marriage?

Blood plays a crucial role not just in the human body but in married life as well. Many people wonder whether a blood group type affects marriage compatibility. Well, it doesn’t have any effect on the ability to have and successfully keep a happier and healthier wedding relationship. However, considering the blood group is essential when you are planning to have biological kids.


Different Blood Types

Different Blood Types

Mainly, there are four blood categories – A, B, AB, and O. These blood groups are further divided into positive and negative groups. So, in total, there are eight common blood types and these are as follows –

1. A+
2. A-
3. B+
4. B-
5. AB+
6. AB-
7. O+
8. O-

The blood type is predetermined at the birth time. It can’t be changed later in the whole life. The blood groups differ based on the absence or presence of antigens that stimulate the immune response. A protein, known as the Rh factor, makes the blood group either present (+) or absent (-).


Does Determining Blood Type is Mandatory?

Pre-determining the blood type of your would-be partner also helps in the event of an emergency. If you know the blood group of you and your partner, you can easily and quickly donate blood in an emergency. Also, blood compatibility matters if planning a pregnancy. Compatibility is important in planning pregnancy as it has an RH factor. Being RH negative or positive doesn’t affect your relationship and health, but it creates an impact on pregnancy.


Impact of Blood Type on Pregnancy

Impact of Blood Type on Pregnancy

RH factor creates an impact on pregnancy. If a mother is RH- and a baby is RH+, blood cells from the baby are crossing RH- mother’s bloodstream, which eventually triggers an immune response. The body of the mother might form antibodies to fight against the RH+ red blood cells of a baby. In case, there is a potential for RH incompatibility, the pregnancy will be checked and monitored regularly and attentively to prevent any associated complications.



If you’re in a search of the most compatible life partner, then register a profile at a reputed matrimonial site Wedgate Matrimony. Don’t forget to consider the blood group of the person you’re selecting. The reason is that blood type shows the personality of an individual. People with A-blood type are well-organized, type B is selfish, type C is optimistic, while type AB people are eccentric.

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Does A Big Age Difference Matter In Marriage?

Age-gap relationships, also known as May-December relationships, normally encounter unique difficulties. Couples with an age gap of more than 20 years face many problems. This is not the best age difference for couples at a wedding. There will be major changes in their ambitions, viewpoints, and goals. The major problem encountered in having children. Let’s find out what will be the right age difference for married couples.

Age Difference Really Matter

2-4 Years Age Difference

Most people find a 2-year age gap perfect. While for other people, a 2-4 years gap works well for a successful marriage. Many people would love to marry a partner who is 2-4 years older than them. It helps in balancing compatibility with preferences. Couples with a 5-7 years age gap face fewer clashes and have fewer misunderstandings. But, some people consider it the right as it helps them in achieving stability and get a better understanding of each other from a close perspective.

Does the Age Difference Really Matter?

Yes, the age gap matters a lot. There will be great differences in preferences and viewpoints as the world today is changing at every moment. The more the age difference is, the more will be the problem that couples face. However, a small age gap is effective but not more than 7 years. Age is not like other traits. People fall in love with a person who shares the most compatibility with them. For example, hobbies, political orientations, qualifications, career background, ethnicity, and more.

Does Age Gap Make Couples Uncomfortable?

Self-consciousness about a specific relationship is highly affected by the age gap between partners. They have concerns that their relationship may not run successfully. On top of that, the unpleasant societal response to age differences in a relationship might be observed in people’s objections to inequitable relationships. Some people respond negatively to the big age difference as they believe that a partner who ages big takes the advantage of a younger partner.

Think about it Before Committing

If you’re finding a life partner for you, then Wedgate Matrimony is the right choice for you. Here, you’ll find customized matrimonial services to select someone who you really click with. Before making the final commitment, ask all the important questions and answer their questions as well to ensure you both are on the same page. Confirm if you’re willing to compromise and do your values match up.

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Does Height Difference Affect Marriage Life?

There is a popular quote that marriages are made in heaven. But, does that really holds any truth? It is true because, in a marriage, two strange people from different or the same cultural background and interests hold each other’s hand to walk together on the journey of life. They share their future together no matter what and how good or bad the circumstances are. Height, weight, and physical appearance, nothing matters in a marriage when couples have a better understanding, trust, and respect.


Does Height Matter in a Marriage?

Does Height Matter in a Marriage

Several studies have proved that couples actually have a happier marriage when there are height differences. Couples are much happier when a girl is short and a boy is taller. We all know that most women prefer their partner to be taller than them. Men are more satisfied with their partner slightly shorter than them – approximately 3-inches. Girls are highly satisfied and happy when they are much shorter (approx. 8-inches) than their male partners. The major reason is that girls wear high heels and become fully compatible with their partners.


Is it Okay if a Girl is Taller than a Male Partner?

Is it Okay if a Girl is Taller than a Male Partner

Today, height preferences in society are changing. Some people look for a woman who is taller than a male partner. This trend has been followed in the movie world where female celebrities are dating and marrying a male partner who is not taller than them. The couples are saying that they have no problems regarding their height differences.

Renowned celebrity couples such as Tom Holland and Zendaya, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, etc. came into the limelight because they have significant height differences. The female is much taller than her male better half.
But, in some cases, men are somehow self-conscious when they marry a girl who is significantly taller. They state that they have no idea that height differences would be a cause of an issue in their wedding life. Couples may not think much about it but other people do. A man shorter than his wife seems to be a topic of discussion in society.




Overall height is not an attractive factor for some people, it becomes a deal-breaker for many people. On Wedgate Matrimony – a leading marriage bureau, you’ll find profiles of prospective brides and grooms of every height to find the perfect match for you. So, get excited to meet your dream partner.

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Avoid Marrying a Person with These Negative Signs

At the start of a newly married life, everything seems lovely, and it’s all roses around. Couples just get immersed in an environment where love and romance are in the air. But, at a certain time, they come to realize that the relationship is not just limited to them. Petty conflicts and arguments are common in married couples. But, it becomes a cause for concern when it becomes a regular thing. Eventually, it results in divorce or separation.

To avoid such negative consequences, it’s good to avoid marrying the wrong person. But, the question is how to identify if the person you’re marrying is right or wrong. If you’re sorting and comparing multiple profiles on a matrimonial site but can’t be sure whether a selected profile of a bride or a groom is perfect or not, then look for the following signs.

17 Signs that Say you Marrying the Wrong Person

17 Signs that Say you Marrying the Wrong Person

1. Your would-be partner doesn’t encourage you toward the achievement of your goal.

2. Does he or she have an extreme viewpoint on religious, world, family, and political affairs?

3. Do they stop you from spending time with your near and dear ones?

4. Are they not interested in spending time with your family members?

5. Are they just limited to yourself?

6. Compare you with other boys or girls?

7. Disclose your faults with other people.

8. Does your partner criticize your personal look and make fun of it?

9. Want you to stay away from the rest of the surrounding world?

10. Show character faults such as stealing, lying, condescending, arrogance, or others.

11. Do his/her life and the world revolves just around him/her?

12. Is your partner selfish and doesn’t take interest in what you feel, what you do, and what you like?

13. Does your partner want you to change yourself according to him/her?

14. Does your partner emotionally, physically, or verbally abuse you?

15. Complain a lot about your family members?

16. Is your partner prone to irresponsibility and wants you to enjoy work only on your own?

17. Does your would-be spouse lack the skills to interact with others and build a relationship?

If you’re seeing these signs while interacting with a person you’ve selected, it’s time to say no. Wedgate Matrimony provides the opportunity to explore multiple profiles of prospective brides and grooms. Before finalizing the marriage commitment, interact with selected candidates and check if they share compatibility with you.

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Does Marriage Make You Happy?

Society all around us has a belief that marriage is an essential aspect of a successful and healthier life. But, does getting married really make you happy? Today, this topic is trending as a debate. The cautious answer is yes. Married people tend to be much happier than bachelor people. However, it is believed that women get much happier than men after marriage.


Are Wedding People More Contented?

Are Wedding People More Contented?

In many studies, it has been proved that marriage makes couples happier and healthier. Also, it is believed that they continue to be more satisfied for many more years to come. Marriages are generally taken place in middle age.

Younger people, who believed that single people are happier than married ones, will come to understand the significance of a wedding after the age of 50 or 60. This is the age when happiness starts to disappear and a person starts feeling weak and alone when having no life partner.

Study reports prove that wedding provides many health benefits to men compared to women. But, couples together appear to be healthier than divorced, single, widowed, or separated ones. They have fewer health conditions, much better mental health, and a great ability to quickly recover from illness. The reason is that wedding couples take care of each other and provide great support in every step of the life journey.

Overall, we can say that marriage makes couples happier, but it does not guarantee it. There are many cases in which a wedding gets broken down and the life of the couple gets worse. The major significance of marriage is observed in the life of people who marry a person of their choice by finding them at a matrimonial site or those who consider their spouse as their best buddy.


Final Thoughts

The most crucial factor in the success of a wedding life is how supportive, trustworthy, caring, adaptable, and understandable your life partner is. If you marry a person who can’t stand along with you in your happiness, sorrow, good or bad moments, you will be helpless and alone even while having someone in the journey of life.

Wedgate Matrimony allows you to find a life partner who walks step by step with you. So, register today to meet a person who shares compatibility with you and brings the bright colors of happiness. You are free to find a perfect match from any caste or community.

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Is It Significant To Match Kundali Before Marriage

After finding the right life partner for marriage, the very next thing you will require is matching the Kundali of couples. The ritual of matching Kundalis is an ancient practice that dates back to 1000s years. It became a crucial part of Hindu marriage rituals where the horoscope/Kundali of the prospective couple is matched to check their compatibility with each other. This ritual is generally practiced in the case of arranged marriages.

What is Kundali Matching in Marriage?

What is Kundali Matching in MarriageIt is a practice of matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom, who’re going to share nuptial vows, to ascertain how successful and happy their wedding life would be. Ashta-Koota is the main task in this practice. 36 crucial points are considered in both Kundalis. If 18 or more points are matched, it signifies the wedding will be successful. The position of the planets in both horoscopes is compared to find the compatibility of would-be couples.

Does Kundali Matter in Marriage Decisions?

Does Kundali Matter in Marriage DecisionsAccording to some experienced astrologers, Kundali matchmaking is a crucial step in wedding planning. Also known as the natal chart, birth chart, Kundalini, and horoscope, Kundali is the governor of all important aspects of human life and Indian marriage. Many astrologers said that checking the horoscope is important in understanding when you will marry, whom you will marry, how to check compatibility with a selected person, and how will be your wedding life.

Some experienced people stated that Kundali matchmaking doesn’t help in married life in any way. Their marriage broken or didn’t go as smoothly as it should be. So, in conclusion, all you need to do is approach a good astrologer to match your Kundali and get aware of marriage predictions. But, never depend completely only on Kundali. Make some efforts in finding the right life partner.

How to Find the Right Match for Marriage?

How to Find the Right Match for MarriageIn a hurry of finding marriage material, don’t choose a person only on the basis of appealing charm and education. Alongside physical appearance and qualifications, you must consider the behavior, communication way, hobbies, moral values, and likes and dislikes of another person. This is where you can count upon trustworthy marriage bureaus such as Wedgate Matrimony. Here, you’ll find a long list of suitable candidates based on your needs and expectations. You can interact with a selected person before making a final decision about marriage.

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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: An Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

Do you want to make your wedding planning a breeze? If yes, then here you’ll find the most useful guide to make this possible. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming because there are so many tasks and responsibilities to perform. But, you can make this easier and more exciting with some tips discussed below.

1. Budget Analysis

Budget Analysis

After finalizing the wedding date, check your budget. Divide the things you want to invest in and choose the highly important expenses. Determine the potential size of your marriage and the guest list count.

2. Create Guest List

Create Guest List
Take paper and pen and note down who should be invited. Create a list of the approximate number of guests you want to be present at your wedding.

3. Select Venue

Select Venue
During the wedding season, most of the venues stay blocked. So, choose and book a venue many months in advance. Before booking the venue, consider venue size, environment, location, and the total number of guests.

4. Photographer and Videographer

Photographer and Videographer
Book a photographer and videographer as soon as possible before the wedding day. But, first determine which photography you’re interested in such as old-school style, theme photography, etc.

5. Caterer

Contact the best caterer for your D-Day ensuring delectable food for the guests. Examine what you want to include in the menu. You can go for the traditional choice or try something new.

6. Decoration

Apart from food, what draws everyone’s attention is decoration. Hire a professional decorator and choose a style or theme to get more creative. There are numerous wedding styles that make your big day a reflection of beautiful flowers and colors.

7. Mehndi and Makeup Artists

Mehndi and Makeup Artists
Book a good Mehndi artist and select the most impressive Henna design. Also, hire a make-up artist and the best makeup package. It is vital for both the bride and groom. Book pre-bridal or groom package and professionally-trained artist for your main wedding ceremonies.

So, here is what you must include in your wedding checklist to make your wedding planning hassle-free and easier. But, the very first thing you need is to find the most compatible life partner. No matter how perfect your wedding planning and arrangement are, all become in vain when you marry the wrong person. Wedgate Matrimony provides the best platform to look for
a great life partner who will be there with you in all circumstances.

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Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind for Destination Wedding

India is widely recognized for destination weddings. Many national and international couples are throwing a gala for everyone. But, organizing a destination wedding is not that easy. Here are some important details to consider for a destination wedding.

1. Location is Foremost Thing

Location is Foremost Thing
To ensure your wedding rituals and ceremonies perform without any hassle, choose the location that has all the main resources. For example, the booked hotels or resorts should be near the destination. Select the location based on what type of wedding you would like such as a royal wedding, beach wedding, etc., and your budget also.

2. Weather Forecast

Before booking the destination, check the weather or climatic conditions of the selected destination during your staying and wedding day.

3. Invite Guest in Advance

Invite Guest in Advance

Create a short guest list by limiting the number of guests to avoid more confusion. Invite only the important people and send them invitations in advance.It will enable visitors to organise their travel and lodging plans and get ready for the wedding’s many events.

4. Pack your Bag Properly

Pack your Bag Properly
It is always recommended to pack all your essential stuff in your suitcase. Buy your wedding dress according to the destination weather. Make sure what you’re purchasing will provide you the comfort or not. Pack all your dresses, ornaments, footwear, and everything as forgetting anything may create an obstacle in your wedding ceremonies.

5. Take Wedding Planner’s Help

Take Wedding Planner’s Help
To remain stress-free and look fresh on your big day, it is good to hire a professional and experienced wedding planner. The recognized marriage bureau provides wedding planning assistance as well along with finding the right spouse.A wedding planner will lighten your workload and make sure everything is completed on schedule and in a well-organized manner.

6. Visit the Location in Advance

Visit the Location in Advance
Visit and explore the location at least twice or thrice before your wedding day to get assured about everything. Find out if they allow outside vendors if you don’t want to get their help. Also, check for the ambiance, hospitality of the venue, logistic support, and staff behaviour.

If you dream to have an enjoyable and memorable destination wedding, then it’s time to turn that dream into a beautiful reality. Find your better half with Wedgate Matrimony, a leading, matrimonial site in India. Explore their customized services and packages to find the most compatible partner and change your relationship status forever

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