Swinky & Pomil

Pomil came from a well established business family wherein he had acquired sharp business acumen in his ambitious genes. He had a very good looking and optimistic persona mixed with moral and cultural ethos imbibed from his parents. On the other hand we had Swinky, a charming, slim, happy go lucky and balanced girl. We organized their first meeting at our office premises alongwith family members where both the sides mutually liked each other so well that next set of meetings between both individuals, followed by family meetings happened in quick succession. Within a span of few months, both the families finalized a happy marriage decision between two souls made for each others.

Vipul & Nietika

Nietika parents enrolled us stating clear expectations for a businessman prospect who is handsome looking, tall, clear hearted and independent from a good family background. With god’s blessings, it didn’t take us long to arrange the first meeting between both the families alongwith prospects. It seemed like love at first sight where most of the things clicked between each other and it transpired into series of family interactions to further strengthen the alliance finalization efforts. A sweet and life time decision was soon taken to go ahead with the finalization of this match, followed by happy marriage ceremonies with all the nears and dears.

Shreya & Ayush

It initially seemed like a very tough matchmaking case as both the prospects came with very clear and unchangeable expectations. Ayush’s family enrolled us with expectations like a beautiful, cultured and fun loving girl from a well settled Baniya family only. Ayush was doing very well in his family’s businesses. Shreya’s family was looking for a sober, caring and intelligent boy who also comes from an affluent Baniya family. Both the sides were doing diligent efforts week after week. Finally, as destined, we arranged both side’s family meetings at our office and then at their residences and within 3-4 interactions, boy and girl gave their final consent to the families to go ahead with the happy marriage ceremonies.

Shivika & Jatin

Shivika’s family enrolled with us indicating their first preference to find a Chartered Accountant prospect as Shivika is a qualified Chartered Accountant herself. Our team happily took up this challenging task and initiated the matchmaking efforts. We never imagined that this will be one of the fastest successes in Wedgate Matrimony’s history that the third match sent to Shivika’s family moved ahead with very positive interactions with Jatin’s family. Both the sides decided within a month of their first meeting and went ahead into happy matrimonial ceremonies.

Charika & Rohit

Rohit’s and Charika’s families were looking for cultured, well educated and established Baniya families. While both the prospects had their professional interests in Delhi NCR, but they both had roots belonging to Rajasthan. It didn’t take both the sides very long to take a decision to tie knots due to common attributes like good education, compatible personas and very successful business backgrounds. We wish both the families and prospects to have a healthy and mutually fulfilling life ahead!

Deepika & Deepak

Marriages are Made in Heaven
Deepak being a service professional, was looking for a working girl. It was a relentless pre condition at the time he registered with us. However close at heels to his search, we found Deepika. She was extremely talented but was not working at that time. Admiring her accomplishments, we took a chance and introduced her to Deepak. As Destiny would have it, Deepak was inclined to marry Deepika in the very first Meeting. All his hard lines diffused in a jiffy. What extra testimony would be there to this sacred belief – Marriages are made in Heaven.

Snigdha & Hitesh

Let’s make world a smaller place
Hitesh was a well settled professional in an MNC overseas but strongly felt a vacuum of a life partner as his family was settled in Delhi. His family approached Wedgate Matrimony with a difficult expectation. 15 days later, Hitesh was scheduled to visit India for 3 days – A life making decision to be taken in just time – Can there be a more intricate target against a time axis of just a couple of days? Wedgate’s team relentlessly worked against time and lined up tens of meetings. Fortunately, after few meetings, Hitesh was introduced to Snigdha. Wedding bells started ringing for both as they announced their ecstatic acceptance for each other. A quick set of family meetings thereafter led to a ROKA ceremony before Hitesh’s return. After few months, in a lavish setting, both solemnised their wedding ceremony in Delhi. And this time, Hitesh had a life companion to travel along.

Prashant & Gunjan

Prashant like a prince charming was a bit choosy when it came to deciding on his princess-for-life. Prashant’s family, an established business class approached us to help them like an extended family to search for a beautiful and elegant Punjabi girl. On the other hand, Gunjan also being a selective mindset was sifting through our shortlisted profiles. We arranged for their matrimonial meeting from the first full-fledged family meeting, followed by girl’s & boy’s one-to-one meeting and couple of home visits by both sides. After series of these few interactions, both the prince & princess with the blessings of their respective parents vowed to begin the marital journey together. We always wish that their smiles and happiness grow manifold in each other’s company.

Kunal & Richa

Kunal rooting from a business class family was enterprising well in his interest areas like Events & Travels. His father listed preferences for an independent, tall and sensible girl. Richa’s family was also focused to look for a boy who was tall, self sufficient and educated boy, who could treat Richa like a friend-cum-life partner. Both sides met at our meetings lounge and a positive equation started building, which resulted in marriage decision within a short span of time, ofcourse, curated by Wedgate Matrimony’s experienced and result oriented team members.

Tushar & Capen

Tushar, a highly ambitions, self-motivated and go-getter businessman from Guwahati (Assam) who was constantly touching newer heights in family’s established business in transport sector registered with us through his parents. A gentleman by heart and actions, he was focused to look for a match with an equally sharp and balanced attitude. On one of his Delhi visits, we arranged Tushar’s family meeting with Capen, a charming, lively and composed girl from Delhi, accompanied by her family. The equations and warmth between both families were so great that it never felt like the first meeting. Within couple of weeks both the families & children met few more times. When Tushar was returning to his native place, he was already engaged to Capen.

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