How Do I Find a Bride for My Marriage?

Every person hopes to find true love in the form of a supportive and trustworthy life partner one day. Few people believe that it will locate them when they don’t expect much from it. However, others actively find them. If you are ready to tie the knot of marriage but wondering how to find a perfect bride, then you can reach the marriage bureau near you. But, be sure it must be reliable and provide secure services.

Online Dating Sites

Online Dating Sites

Some people still prefer traditional dating. They date people and believe that they may interact with that person when they go outside in public. They use dating sites to search for their true love. But, note that this way will help you in finding true love. It will not assist you in finding a person whom you can marry. For locating the marriage material, you can visit a matrimonial site.

Meet Your Dream Girl with Matchmaking Service

Meet Your Dream Girl with Matchmaking Service

Indian matrimonial or matchmaking sites are the convenient and safest way to search for the would-be bride or groom. These sites provide results based on the practices, religion, cultural beliefs, communities, and your other customized search criteria. Not just single people, but window and divorced people can also seek a partner for their second marriage.

Determine Your Needs Before You Start Searching

Before finding your bride for your marriage, find out which wedding you prefer i.e. love or arrange marriage. The best thing is that matchmaking services work for all types of marriages. You and your parents can together find the right person considering the family background, status, career, and other factors.

Some sites such as Wedgate Matrimony provide a platform to find the prospective bride or groom along with other services. For example, pre-wedding

Frequently Ask Question

Q1. How can I start my search for a bride?
A1. Begin by understanding your preferences and values.

Q2. Is online dating a good option?
A2. Yes, reputable dating websites can be effective.

Q3. Write Top 3 Matrimonial Sites in India
A3. 1. WedgateMatrimony .com

Q4. What should I do if I face rejection during my search?
A4. Rejection is a natural part of dating. Don’t take it personally and use it as an opportunity for self-improvement. Keep a positive attitude and keep searching.

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Benefits of Taking Vacations in Marriage

In the hustle and bustle of everyday busy life, it gets difficult to take out time for yourself. Especially the “We” time for couple gets lost in between the responsibilities, kids, family and office. Therefore it is of utmost importance for couples (irrespective of the number of years they are married for) to squeeze out some time in form of a vacation just for themselves. Vacation is not just about sight seeing or visiting monuments, but it is also about being free from everyday responsibilities and spending quality and refined time with your partner.

Lets Check out Some benefits of Taking a Vacation-

1. Acts as a stress Buster

Acts as a stress Buster

Vacations definitely gives you a break from the everyday life thereby helps you calm your mind from all tension and stress. In the beautiful scenic environment – be it beaches or hills, you can let yourself free and have fun, enjoy the local activities or the breath-taking views which helps calm your mind.

2. Provides Quality “WE” time

provides Quality “WE” time.

At home, you and your partner are always busy taking care of the kids, cleaning home, cooking meals, taking care of the bills and expenses and therefore do not get to have a discussion other than the above. The couple time therefore lags which also takes a toll on the relationship.

3. Improves Sex life

Improves sex life

Sex experience is always better when you are relaxed and not stressed about what to do next. Moreover, with a change in routine (a vacation changes your day clock from waking up to dining), even your sexual needs and time change which gives you a better experience.

4. Helps in Rejuvenating yourself from Everyday Monotonous Life Style

Monotonous Life Style

Day routine after a period of time can get monotonous, and thus you must take a break from it every now or then. Be it just for a day at the spa, of a week long vacation. Taking a break helps you feel refreshed and energized to carry on.

5. Improves The Bond

Improves The Bond

It is ultimately important to maintain the bond with your partner rather than to drag on your relationship just with the excuse of responsibility. Therefore, when you are free from all the above stress, you spend a relaxed time with your partner. Either talking, dining or even a small stroll with them is what keeps the relationship alive and strengthens the bond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can vacations taken through Wedgate Matrimony enhance our marriage?
Ans: Vacations arranged through Wedgate Matrimony offer couples a chance to escape from their daily routines and responsibilities, allowing them to focus solely on each other.

Q2: Can Wedgate Matrimony help us plan vacations that cater to our specific interests?
Ans: Absolutely! Wedgate Matrimony understands the importance of personalized experiences. By working closely with couples, they curate vacations that align with their preferences, ensuring that the activities, destinations, and accommodations suit the couple’s unique tastes.

Q3 : We have busy schedules. How can Wedgate Matrimony assist us in finding time for vacations?
Ans: They specialize in crafting vacation options that cater to various time frames, whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended trip.

Q4 : Are there benefits to taking vacations through Wedgate Matrimony even if we’ve been married for a while?
Ans: Absolutely! In fact, vacations with Wedgate Matrimony can be especially beneficial for couples who have been married for some time.

Q 5 : How can Wedgate Matrimony help us handle budget constraints when planning vacations?
Ans: Wedgate Matrimony is skilled at working within budget constraints. They offer a range of vacation options that accommodate various budgets, from cost-effective local getaways to more elaborate trips.

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Top 5 Wedding Trends that will Rule in 2023: From Dresses to Decor

There are certain traditions and rituals that are worth including in your wedding ceremonies, there are some new trends that can add a WOW factor to your big day. We have consulted a pair of leading industry experts of reliable matrimonial services providers for the unexpected wedding trends we will see in 2023. Let’s discover a few of them here.

1. High impact Florals

High impact Florals

Reintroduced the impact of florals by adding soft pops of vibrancy from lovely flowers like wildflowers, poppies, and roses. This will make your tables look more modern and attractive.

2. Animated invitations

Animated invitations

Creative, sustainable, and fancy digital animated invitations with your wedding theme, your favorite couple’s song, or an appealing color story will add a more personalized touch to it. This will rule out in 2023 and more coming years.

3. Destination Weddings will Continue to be the Choice

Destination weddings will continue to be the choice

Just like previous years, 2023 will be a year of destination weddings. Couples are increasingly searching for places with historical magnificence and natural charm that provide the alluring backdrop to their D-day. For example, the royal palace, forts, beach venue, etc.

4. Trendsetting Patchwork Lehengas

Trendsetting Patchwork Lehengas

Thanks to Bollywood celebrity Alia Bhatt that brings the textile style of patchwork lehengas into the trend. These lehengas have an awesome combination of regional textile art. This vibrant yet light outfit is perfect for various wedding rituals like Haldi, Mehendi, or Sangeet.

5. Weekend-long Parties

Weekend-long parties

Multi-day celebrations are gaining rising popularity. ‘Abhi to party shuru hui hai’ is the famous wedding trend in 2023. Planning weekend-long celebrations provide guests with more opportunities to meet each other and spend time together.

If you’re ready to start the new adventure of a wedding, find your best life partner with Wedgate Matrimony featuring a huge database of brides and grooms profiles.

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Outlook of Arranged Marriage in Modern Time

Arranged marriage is quite popular today around the world. It is believed that more than half of marriages globally are arranged. The rate of divorce cases is also lower worldwide. In India, about 90% of marriages are arranged and it has just a 1% divorce rate. In this post, you will get closer to the world of arranged marriage and how things have got changed.

Modern Impact on Tradition

Modern Impact on Tradition

Technology has greatly transformed the way arranged marriages take place. Nowadays, there are thousands of matrimonial websites providing matrimonial services such as Wedgate Matrimony, Shaadi,com, etc. These websites have changed things from earlier times (press in the fifties) when Indians coupled up through matrimonial advertisements in national papers.

Another significant change is seen in how families provide their children the chance to select their prospective partner. Today, arranged marriages concentrate more on free choice. If children don’t like their parent’s choice, they have the right to decline the proposal. This happens in many areas of the world.

Everything Remains the Same in Some Areas

In many areas of the world, women still don’t have any choice. In some countries, cases of child brides have been found where women are forced to have arranged marriages. Young girls who age less than 16 years are not allowed to go to school even keep they are isolated, leaving them no opportunities.

There are many positive explanations for reduced divorce cases of arranged marriages. Mutual admiration and dedication make couples work through problems together. They don’t have to make quick marriage decisions. For young ladies, a low divorce rate only signifies that they don’t have another option. Some people are following the blend of traditional and modern arranged marriage trends that facilitate people to choose the perfect match that makes everyone happy.

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Decoding Jain Marriage: Their Rituals & More

Don’t know what the rituals of Jain marriage are? Here, we take you through everything you must know about the Jain wedding.

1. Khol Barana and Tikka

Khol Barana and Tikka


These are the pre-wedding ceremonies. In the Khol Barana ceremony, the groom’s family gifts the bride a silver plate with the fortunate coconut and Shagun. In the Tilak ceremony, the bride’s family visits the groom’s home with gifts.

2. Lagana Lekhan or Lagana Patrika Vachan

Lagna Patrika Vachan

Lagana lekhan is a small puja that takes place at the bride’s home. After that, the groom performs the Vinayakyantra puja known as the Lagana patrika vachan. This ceremony can be organized on any auspicious date, while exchanging the rings, or pre-decided by the priest.

3. Sagai or Engagement


In the Jain community, this ceremony is known as tilak. The bride’s family visits the groom’s residence and exchanges gifts and sweets.

4. Mehendi

This ceremony is like in most other communities in which mehendi designs are applied on the bride’s hands and legs, and the groom’s hands.

5. Bana Betai

Bana Betai

In the Jain community, instead of turmeric paste, a chickpea paste or besan is applied on the bride and groom’s body followed by a ritualistic bath.

6. Mada Mandap

Mada Mandap
This is a wedding ceremony that involves sanctifying the Mandap.

7. Baraati and Aarti

Baraati and Aarti

In this wedding ceremony, the baraat is welcomed with an aarti. The groom and bride’s brother apply teeka on each other’s foreheads.

8. Kanyavaran and Pheras


The bride’s parents present her to the groom. The groom holds the bride’s hand and the priest chants mantras. The couple takes seven rounds around the holy fire and takes wedding vows.

Wedgate Matrimony provides trusted matrimonial services like finding the right life partner and making several wedding arrangements like wedding photography, pre-wedding dietician, etc.

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What We Can Learn from the Best Marriages?

Every phase and occasion of our lives teaches us something. People all around the world get married for numerous reasons. But, as per the statistics, the cases of broken marriages or divorce are increasing over the past few years. However, it doesn’t mean that your marriage cannot last forever. You can learn different lessons from successful and happy marriages. It will help you in understanding various positive and negative aspects of a relationship and what makes the marriage healthier and long-lasting.

Things You Can Learn from Successful Marriages

Things You Can Learn from Successful Marriages


1.  Do a few love hacks such as practicing gratitude, getting perspective on a conflict, improving a sense of security, celebrating joy, and giving your loved one the benefit of doubt.

2.  Invest more quality time together by involving in healthier communication. This will help you in understanding your better half, their strengths and weaknesses, requirements, and wishes. Being responsive will help you genuinely care for your spouse’s well-being and make them more connected to you. Engage in fun and playful activities such as going to a movie, watching a play, dancing, etc.

3. Lessen your expectations because higher expectations can sometimes lead to disappointment and resentment. Having fewer expectations can make you more satisfied. To lower expectations, you can become more independent in your self-knowledge and concentrate on your personal growth.

4.  Evaluate your goals and determine if some of them can be supported by another person. Your spouse might not necessarily be your sounding board for office chat, hiking partner, and career mentor alongside being a gourmet cook, caring lover, and affectionate parent.

If you understand these strategies, then find a perfect partner with a Wedgate matrimonial site. Here, you will find a lot of profiles from numerous castes, cultures, and religions.

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What Should you do When Your Conversation Becomes Boring in Marriage?

Do those days have gone when you and your spouse used to spend quality time together having exciting and romantic conversations? Does every conversation now you have seems boring and unpleasant? In this post, we will walk through various causes, signs, and solutions for fixing unexciting conversations between married couples.

Causes of Unpleasant Conversation

Having the same routine can make your relationship boring. Set your clock to the couple time that mean just for you. Sometimes, it also happens when you feel that you have nothing to discuss. Habitual conversations that mostly happen every day is another reason why relationship become boring. Another biggest excuse is ‘nothing to do’. Avoid falling into this trap.

Signs of Boring Conversation

Signs of Boring Conversation

Your communication and relationship may get boring due to the natural ebbs and flows in your committed partnership. Some signs that show that you are no longer having effective and pleasant communication include sitting alone in silence, discussing the same everyday routine daily, conflicting emotions, no discussion about the future, no fun or adventure, and no sense of romance.

What to Do to Have Good Communication in Marriage?

What to Do to Have Good Communication in Marriage

To bring back that affection, connection, and fun into your communication, sit together and ask why you both feel bored. Step out of the ordinary life and think out of the box. Take responsibility to change yourself for bringing that excitement. Begin a new habit together and consider what things you both used to do when you first got married. What else you can do to prevent having a boring conversation in your marriage is to find the most suitable would-be partner with Wedgate matrimonial site if you are not married right now. Clearing your doubts before marriage helps in leading a marriage up a bright path of understanding.

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How Do I Find a Groom for My Marriage?

It is always said that finding a life partner is not easy. But, at the same time, it is one of the most important life decisions on which your whole life depends. You need to find the person who will stay with you forever.

Things to Consider When Finding Your Groom

Things to Consider When Finding Your Groom

Those days are no longer when girls have to manage with any type of groom they get. Nowadays, things get changed. Women have the freedom to choose and marry a man of their choice. They can enjoy their life in the way they dream of. Hence, if you are finding a groom for your marriage via matrimonial services or another way, consider the following things.

1. Marriage is not just about two people even the families of the bride and groom are also included. These families get united on the day of marriage. Hence, consider the family members and their backgrounds before accepting the marriage proposal.

2. Also, check for the groom’s educational qualification and professional life & schedule. Considering his income is also essential as it will help you in preventing future arguments which may happen when his income and your expenses don’t match. If he doesn’t have a proper schedule, you will have difficulty having quality time together.

3. Behavior, manners, and habits also matter a lot. Find out how he interacts with you, his likes and dislikes, his interests, and everything. Check if he has any friend circle. If he doesn’t have one, he might not like interacting with others.

Besides these things, also consider his custom and traditions, lifestyle, and career plans. Wedgate Matrimony will help you in finding the right groom based on these things.

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Marriage and Family: Life Experience

Despite being a material need, marriage is born out of love. However, sexual desire, which is the foundation for achieving love, has been enhanced in American relationships. While couples seemed to decide on marriage, numerous other influences, such as social conventions, are frequently at play.

The praise and justification of marriages are essentially the primary works of love. Marriages result in the establishment of the noblest and most beneficial institution known as the family. Families act as the main support system for schooling. This suggests that mating, which is subject to varying degrees of personal indulgence, is the only way for a marriage to self-perpetuate.

Similar to any other marriage, the desire to have children brought everyone together. Additionally, this made it possible so that we could maintain our unity and work together to create a family and, in turn, a home. But in our family, we always value our own interests. We adjusted to work together to make sure that our home is built despite marriage obstacles.

Marriage Should not Always be a Compromise

Marriage should not always be a compromise

We adjusted to work together to make sure that our home is built despite marriage obstacles.

Nevertheless, humans believed that marriage was the fundamental cornerstone for building a happy home. It took the form of conflicted cooperation and expression that is frequently indicated by enduring community ties and lasting connections. No further disputes have been avoided by us. We have never gone as far as to need to divide our three children or file for divorce in court.

Marriage traditions develop in tandem with new socioeconomic ideas. In reality, different families’ lifestyles are quite expensive, and the children who once served as families’ resources are now seen as financial burdens.

The New Definition of Marriage

The new definition of marriage

As of now, the safety of the citizens still depends on a single generation’s growing passion for actively devoting resources to future and subsequent human generations. Families that result from marriages with children continue to be quite replicable. Such a family offers the genetic extension of the human species.

In happily married households, a developing child picks up the blood-brotherhood values that naturally follow from the societal and everyday ground, and environment. Families serve as the fundamental fraternity in which children and their parents may learn compassion, tolerance, and selflessness.

The perception of brotherhood among family members depends on all of these. Therefore, personalities are likely to be stable when family life is imposed through solid marital relations.

For more information on marriage, head on to the website’s blog section  ( )for additional details about weddings and marital information.

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