Does Family Background Matter in the Marriage of a Daughter?

No doubt, the first thing a girl’s family sees after meeting the guy is his family. A lot of people may say that the background of a man’s family does not matter, but in reality it does. Not just to some but to everyone. In the end, they are giving their daughter into that family. So they would want to know what kind of a family man has. Even the matrimonial sites make sure to talk about the man’s family background. In our blog section, you will find everything related to marriage.

Family Background Matter in The Marriage of a Daughter

Certain points that state the importance of knowing the family background of a man when looking for a groom for their daughter include :

1) Your Daughter will Stay with That Family – once married you are daughter has to stay with the family of the groom. To make sure your daughter does not go through any kind of problems it is important you know the nature of the family and the type of family you get your daughter married into beforehand.

2) Marriage is a Union of two Families – post-marriage both families need to keep good relations with one another. For any reason, if they disapprove of the other it becomes a problem. It is mostly the daughter or the son who has to listen because of these.

3) The Man’s Nature Somewhat Depends on how his upbringing is – in the initial days a person is always on their best behavior. But to get to know the reality of a person it is always advisable to know the reality of his family. There may be certain things that you may understand after looking at his family.

4) The Life your Dughter has – after marriage a girl does not just stay or look after her husband but has to manage the family too. Knowing the nature and the kind of family the man has, helps the girl’s parents decide whether will they be able to give her a good life or not.

5) After Effects – a lot of families may put pressure on the girl for dowry later. Though it is hard to judge by knowing the family as it can be deceptive, you get an idea. It helps you make the right decision.

The girl’s family always looks at the guy’s family before agreeing to the marriage. Be it the case of love marriage or arranged marriage, they never agree just based on the guy. Trust the instincts of your parents as they have seen more world than you have.

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How Does Marriage Change A Woman’s Life?

A girl from childhood is said that she has to grow up, get married and take care of someone else’s house, and make that house her home. Even though marriage gives a female a partner to be with, there are things that she loses and compromises on. If something has a positive side, it will have a downside too.

In matrimonial sites, you will always see the positive sides of marriage. But here, we will tell you both. If you want to know more about marriage, don’t forget to check our Blog section.

How Does Marriage Change A Woman's Life?

Things that change in a Female’s life after marriage include :

1) Adjusting to a new home – A woman leaves her house and goes to a new one. There she has to stay as per the rules and regulations of that house.

2) A partner to love her and care for her – after marriage, a woman gets a partner in her life who is thereby her throughout. Who loves her unconditionally and is supporting her in every decision she makes.

3) Increase in the number of roles she plays – before marriage, a girl is a daughter and a sister. After marriage in addition to those, she becomes a wife, a daughter-in-law, and later a mother. She has to manage all her roles well.

4) Responsible and patient – all the aggression goes back seat and a woman starts getting more patient. She also takes care of all her responsibilities well and knows when to do what and how.

5) Personal Time and Family – family becomes more important than herself after marriage. Personal time keeps on reducing and family time and responsibilities keep on increasing for women.

6) Career – In most cases, the career of a woman goes for a toss. In order to adjust and make everyone happy and manage things, she has to let go of her career.

7) Dependence – After marriage, a woman’s name is defined by her husband. for anything and everything, she has to depend on him. If not to do it, then to approve what she does.

But, she also has a secure future, a loving partner, caring in-laws, and a lot more once she is married. It is said that women make a lot of sacrifices after marriage, however, it is not true always. If a woman considers the other house her home, she becomes part of it automatically. You just need to know the right balance between things.

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What are the Pros and Cons of an Indian Girl Marrying an NRI?

The trend of Indian parents wanting to get their daughter married to a foreign settled guy is growing as time goes by. For parents, it is for the betterment of the daughter. They feel an NRI guy will earn more and will give the daughter a better life. However, that is not always the case. We also find in most cases that girls have to suffer and have no life left at all in such a situation. All matrimonial sites talk about an Indian girl marrying a foreign guy, and they show a very good picture. But let us get to read what is actually true. There are certain prose and certain cons of an Indian girl marrying a foreign settled guy. Here they are:

What are the Pros and Cons of an Indian Girl Marrying an NRI?

1) False Information – In India we have relatives and friends everywhere, and it is easy to get to know about a guy or his family. However, when it comes to a foreign settled guy at times the information they give about themselves can be false, and there is no checking it too.

2) Husband leaves his wife in India – After a lot of promises and after the marriage happens, the husband does not take his wife abroad. He leaves her in India to take care of his parents. At this point, there is nothing a girl’s family can do.

3) A Better lifestyle – The lifestyle abroad is a lot better than one here. A girl who is married to a foreign settled guy, after marriage when she goes there, her lifestyle and standard of living improves by a lot.

4) Better Future – Since they pay abroad is more than that in India the chance of having a better future is more. Men become more settled after a certain time and even the women get to do small jobs.

5) No Domestic Help – Every household in India has domestic help for something or the other. Out there, are no domestic helps available for anything. Everything needs to be done by the couple themselves, which can get difficult to get used to after some time.

At the end of the day, it is the destiny and choice of the couple to who they want to get married. It also happens that after a marriage the guy is placed outside. So situations might arise even then. What is more important is making sure that the person you are getting your daughter married to is correct. Getting all things checked off the family and of the guy before arranged marriage especially with an NRI is very crucial.

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5 Problems Faced by a Short Girl While Looking for a Life Partner

Every mother wants a perfect girl for her son. Someone who is slim, tall, and looks pretty is what is preferred in an arranged marriage. All matrimonial sites show even the ads of those kinds of girls for a guy. But what about a short girl? Doesn’t she have the right to get married or find a good partner? She has faced a lot and goes through a lot of questioning eyes before getting married, especially in an arranged marriage. There are a lot of problems she faces when her family looks for a guy. Some of them are:

5 Problems Faced by a Short Girl While Looking for a Life Partner


1) Comments on her height – A short girl is often commented on her height. She is also made fun of. People ask how she will be able to fetch things from a higher shelf. She is also asked if she would look good with the guy because of their height difference.

2) Comparison to a child – A short girl is often compared to a little child. She is often made fun of by saying that her height looks like that as a child and not enough to get married.

3) Height becomes more important than her qualities – She is rejected only on the basis of her height. Even if a family like everything about her including her qualities, she might get rejected because she is short.

4) Thoughts of the child born out of her to be short too – Even before the finalizing a girl, a guy’s parents start thinking as to what kind of a child she will have. Just because the girl is short they reject her on the basis of the fact that the child she will wear will also not gain height.

5) Comments on Clothes – Everyone’s in a while a short girl is asked where she bought her clothes from. Sometimes parents think of this as a disadvantage. They feel as if it will be difficult to buy clothes for her. Thinking of this as a reason they might want to reject a girl who has short in height.

In the end, what people don’t know or understand is what matters more is not her height, but her personality and the kind of person she is. She will look after her family not with her height but with her nature.

On our Blog section, you will find a lot of posts related to the problems a person faces in marriage and a lot of solutions to those problems.

Also remember, if you think someone is the right choice, go for it. Don’t reject based only on one particular parameter.

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Why Does a Female Prefer a Serviceman to a Businessman to Get Married?

When you plan to get married to someone, you need to see what kind of a person he is if he will be able to keep you happy, and also if he is financially stable to take care of you and your needs. A businessman may earn more, but in the end, he does not have a fixed income. The money that he has today, may not be there tomorrow. A girl prefers marrying a serviceman over a businessman. The main reasons for this are:

Why Does a Female Prefer a Serviceman to a Businessman to Get Married?

1) Fixed Income – When you start a new month, you know how much you have in your hand, what your fixed expenses are, and what gets left. So you know what money is to be spent where. All your expenses are aligned accordingly, and you know what you have to save, or what you can spend on luxury.

2) Fixed Work Timings – A man who does a salaried job has fixed working hours. You know when he will leave for office, and what time he will come back home. As a partner, you are free to do whatever you want throughout the time you have. And you also know when it that your husband will spend time with you is.

3) Holiday feels like a holiday – In a service, you have a week off at least 1 day. It is that day, that there is no disturbance in their time.

4) No work tension at home – For a salaried employee, work is only till the time they are at the office. Once home, there is no more tension of work.

When it comes to a salaried employee, he may have a lower income compared to a businessman, but at the end of the day, he is happy. A wife would always want her husband who can spend time with her and not talk about work only. Even if a matrimonial service says that the person is a salaried employee in a particular company, always remember to get it verified at least once. Who knows, he may not hold the post they claim. In a salaried job, the only problem is an increment. Depending on work and company, it can be slow sometimes.

On our blog page, you will get to know more about marriages. Do check it out if you have any kind of doubt in your mind.

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What Happens When Someone Plans to Remarry after A divorce in India?

Going into a divorce can be painful and traumatizing. But having a divorce does not mean the end of life. It can also mean the start of a new one. At times, a person might get divorced just because they fell out of love with someone. Or there might be other numerous reasons. However, when making that decision, what a person has to go to, only they can feel. Even on matrimonial sites if you see it, you will never find anything about remarriage. What a person goes through when they plan to remarry after a divorce is something you will read here:

What Happens When Someone Plans to Remarry after A divorce in India?

1) Mental Torture – The people all around keep blaming them for their divorce. They somehow put the person on a guilt trip, even if they know it was the partner at fault.

2) Taunts – Any person who wants to remarry after a divorce has to hear a lot of things from the public. Starting from the fact that they did not do anything to make their marriage last, to even hearing things like they got a divorce just to get remarried to another person again.

3) No support from family – In most cases, we see that the family does not support the remarried partner. Be it the mother of the father of the girl, somehow they don’t accept her fully as their daughter-in-law just because she was married elsewhere.

4) Doubts – The biggest problem with people here is that they don’t want to believe what is true. They just want to cook up their stories and believe what they feel like.

5) A New Life – Beyond everything, the couple gets a new life. They again get someone who loves them, who cares for them, and is by their side in the journey of life. They get love, even after they have lost all hopes of being loved again.

Divorce is a difficult phase for any person but what is more difficult, are they not getting a second chance at life.

What a person goes through after a divorce only they can understand. Here we always feel that no matter what you never have to feel anything like that. However, even if you do you have a right to be happy and live happily. If you’re searching for a bride or groom for remarriage, contact Wedgate Matrimony. We’ve verified profiles who want to start their second marriage life.

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5 Major Changes for a Female after Marriage

There are a lot of things that change for a girl once she is married. One of the biggest changes that she faces is becoming a woman from a girl. But apart from the small ones, there are some major changes that she has to go through.

5 Major Changes for a Female after Marriage

Some of Them Include:

1) Surname – all her life a girl is known by her father’s surname. Once she is married she removes that Surname from her name and adds that of her husband. She is not given a choice whether she wants to keep her paternal name. It is a thing understood that she has to go through this change.

2) Routine – A girl has a set routine in her house. There are things she does in a certain way. There are things she might not want to do at a certain time. Once married, a girl has to completely change her routine and adjust to that of her in-laws.

3) Freedom – In her father’s house, a girl can do things her way. There is no one questioning her for anything she does. Once married, for everything she does or wants to do, she has to take permission from her husband or her in-laws.

4) Adjustments – Her husband might want to do things in a certain way. She might not like that. There may be things that she wants to do. But she might not be able to anymore. There are a lot of it just means she has to make once she is married. Just because she would do things a certain way earlier, she cannot continue doing the same.

5) Family – A girl has left her family all through her life. Once she is married, she suddenly has a new family. There are a lot of people she does not know, and a lot of people she is not comfortable with yet. There are a lot of talks she does not understand. But still, she has to try and adjust and blend into the new family as well.

All that said, even though our female’s life changes a lot when she is married, it does become very beautiful too. From miss, she becomes a Mrs. There is someone who loves her more than the entire world. There is someone for her all the time. Not all changes are bad, some are good too.

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How Singles are beating Covid times to find their life partner?

In March 2020, just when the pandemic hit us all, a wave of fear was felt widely all across the nation. Not only were we isolated from the world, all other aspects of our life were equally in jeopardy. The pandemic posed a danger to our emotional, financial as well as our love lives. So many singles who were planning to get married near the corner were in misery as the water was spilled over all their plans. Their emo lives were also messed as there was no count of the tenure that was going to keep them away from their future life partner. They were left with no hopes and completely high and dry. But as they say,

“What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise”

After a month or so, our honourable Prime Minister announced that weddings can finally be commenced but with utmost restrictions and extremely limited gatherings. Just like a coin has its two sides, it became very tough to accommodate all the nears and dears in accordance to the count which was allowed to attend the wedding. But on the other hand, it came out to be a boon in the times of hardships. With very limited budget and no extra expenses, people could celebrate this auspicious day in their lives in a most simple manner. For those in search of their future partners, expectations and preferences were toned down, and it became far easier to find their partner and the process of match-making became efficient and comparatively steady.
After having tried so many online matrimony websites, most people were unsuccessful as there was no personalisation and sadly, they were unable to connect. Not having to deny the fact that profiles were given, complete data displayed, yet there was a complete lack of personal touch, that is when WEDGATE MATRIMONY came into the picture. Here, one-to-one meetings are ensured on concalls, video chats and even in their luxury and comfortable meeting lounges which are thoroughly sanitised and safe. Every client registered @ is taken care of individually. Their preferences are treated as topmost priority and for them to find their future partner is the main goal.

It’s true that “Marriages are made in heaven but soulmates are met at Wedgate”@

Why matrimonial websites are most preferable way of searching life partners?

Today, people across the world prefer to use the internet to reduce distances. You can feel the presence of being in a ceremony even when you are not present there physically with the video conferencing services. Similarly, if you’re looking for a prospective match for yourself or any of your family members, matrimonial matchmaking websites should be given the foremost priority.


Let’s find out why matrimonial agency in delhi have become the most preferable method of searching for a dream partner.


Privacy controls

Sometimes it becomes difficult for us to interact with a new family without having someone serving as a mediocre. Answering unknown persons about their personal life is a bit awkward. Matrimonial sites have come up to bridge the gap and so was the middleman. They can arrange a personal meeting for both the parties and your personal appointed manager will be there to help you.


Easy to use applications

With the introduction of mobile internet and smart phones, now using mobile applications has become easier than ever. Checking out prospective matches and communicating with them is no longer hassle. Most of the marriage bureau websites have inbuilt auto responsive methods. There is no need to log in every time you want to check out your updates. With auto-login facility on smart phones, now you can get notifications about the activities being conducted every moment. Hence, you get convenience and freedom while looking for your perfect match.


Secured platform

When you look for a match through a matrimonial website, you can stay assured about background checks. Reliable matrimonial websites always ensure about the authenticity of their members. Hence, you can rest assure that you are meeting with a genuine family. Moreover, you can reduce the search options by hiring a personal manager who will first ensure that your criteria meet with the other party before setting an appointment date. Thus, you will not have to take leave every time to meet a new prospect. Moreover, you can arrange the meeting in their office, and avoid the hassle of calling them at your home over a tea snack.


At Wedgate Matrimony – nri matrimonial services in delhi we can help you to get the dream partner you have been waiting for so long. Just give us a call, and we will guide you through all the steps – starting from profile creation to your honeymoon planning. We are the one stop solution for your marriage!