Can a Wife Stay with her Parents After Marriage?

What is the difference between being married to a person and being in a relationship with that same person? It is mostly the fact that you get to stay with that person 24*7. But just imagine what happens when you are married but you still want to stay at your mother’s place. Is it right? Is it something you should be doing? Or is it something you should oppose? If you look at any matrimonial site or bureau, the first thing they tell you about a girl is how well she will be able to manage her house. No one talks about the fact that a wife, instead of staying at her husband’s house, will stay at her parents’ house.

Can a Wife Stay with her Parents After Marriage 1

Why a Wife Should Not Stay with Her Parents After Marriage?

1) Why Marry? – did you marry to get your title changed from Mrs? Or for the world to know that you are married, and no one can now tell you anything? If not, then why would you want to deprive your husband of a proper marriage?

2) Expectations of In-Laws – when a son is born, one of the important things a mother starts thinking about is his marriage and the kind of daughter-in-law she will get. But what happens to those parents when they get the sun married but their wife does not want to stay with them?

3) Your Responsibility – when you are married it is your responsibility to look after your husband at least. Though we live in a modern culture now, it is still important to fulfill that. Staying with your parents gives your husband the same bachelor’s life he had. Then why would he get married to you?

4) Society – the first thing a society talks about when they see the wife not staying with her in-laws is negative. They talk about the problems the husband-wife might have, or that the wife might not gel well with her in-laws. No family wants their private matters to go public, and people question them.

5) It Is Not Right – even if you are the only daughter in your house, either you shouldn’t get married or you should be able to look after your parents from afar. Just think about the parents of your husband. Who will look after them then? Our culture is made in a way that a wife goes to the man’s house after marriage, and that should be maintained.

Saying all this, if there is an emergency at home or a situation wherein you need to go, there is no one stopping you. But that should be for a limited time and not always. Naturally, a daughter wants to keep visiting her parents. But the frequency and time spent matter a lot, and one should do well to remember that.

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