6 Reasons Why Arranged Marriages are Good

For ages, arranged marriages have been followed by people of marriageable age all over the world. But, in today’s world of online dating, love affairs, and matrimonial sites, arranged marriage is considered a bit old-school approach for many people.

Some people believe that love marriages are better than arranged marriages. But, it lays the strong foundation for a happy and healthy relationship. Here we bring some reasons why arranged marriages are good.

1. Socially Acceptable

Socially acceptable

Arranged marriage set-ups are accepted not only by parents and families but society as well because the compatible partner has been selected after detailed research about their financial and career prospects, and family background. So, the would-be spouse comes with everyone’s approved stamp.

2. Fewer Expectations

Fewer Expectations

The expectations of your partner and your in-laws are lower in arranged marriages. On the other hand, love marriages are full of prolonged expectations that when not fulfilled can often result in disappointments and conflicts. Since couples in arranged marriages may not better understand each other, they have low expectations of the response. This results in less possibility of divorce.

3. More Excitement

More excitement

People in arranged marriages are excited to meet and understand each other. The time from the engagement to the wedding day is a blessing and the most beautiful period for couples. They would be eager to live with their partner for the rest of their life.

4. Choices


There is no dearth of options when opting for an arranged marriage. You can look for the perfect spouse online through the marriage bureau with your parents. You don’t necessarily require the interference of neighbors or relatives to get choices for the right person to marry. You can find and meet a person sharing similar moral values and beliefs with you.

5. Mutual Respect and Commitment

In an arranged marriage setup, parents select the right bride or groom so they ensure they choose the best one for their child. So, couples have better mutual respect and admiration without judging each other. Since the couples are making a fresh start in their life, the level of commitment is more.

6. No need to Convince Parents

No need to convince parents

Since arranged marriages are fixed with the support of parents, there is no need to convince your parents to get married to a specific person.

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