Classic Bengali Wedding Rituals to Know Before Attending a Bengali Wedding

In India, wedding rituals and customs differ from one state to another. Bengal, the land of several cultural diversities, celebrates wedding rituals and occasions with great zeal and enjoyment. A Bengali wedding is truly an ultimate treat to the eyes.

Traditional Bengali marriage rituals are culturally rich and full of fun. If you’re finding a Bengali girl or boy with a matrimonial site or going to attend a Bengali wedding, then you must know Bengali marriage customs.

List of 6 Traditional Bengali Wedding Rituals & Customs

Here we have mentioned 6 incredible & amazing Bengali marriage rituals & customs, that you should know about them and remember before appearing a Bengali wedding.

1. Adan Pradan

Adan Pradan Bengali Wedding Rituals
In this ritual, family members of both parties approve of the wedding in the presence of a priest. During this ritual, the wedding date is also fixed and announced.

2. Aashirbaad (Engagement & Gifting)

Aashirbaad Engagement & Gifting Bengali Wedding Rituals
In this ceremony, both families accept the couple and declare their wedding formally. The bride and groom are blessed with trefoil leaves and husked rice. They are showered with several gifts such as money, clothes, and ornaments by their in-laws. This ritual is performed at the bride’s home.

3. Aiburo Bhaat (Bachelor Party or Bridal Party)

Aiburo Bhaat Bengali Wedding Rituals
Also known as the bridal shower, would-be couples are offered a traditional and delicious Bengali meal as their last official meal before marriage. This is a celebration meal with families and friends joining to enjoy the end of the couple’s singlehood.

4. Gaye Hollud or Haldi

Gaye Hollud Bengali Wedding Rituals
The haldi ceremony is celebrated on the morning of the wedding by applying turmeric paste on the face and body of the groom. The same turmeric paste with gifts or Tatva is sent to the bride’s home. That turmeric paste is then applied to the bride’s face and body by the married women of her family. Then, she bathes in the water brought by her mother and other ladies of the family.

5. Sankha Porano

Sankha Porano Bengali Wedding Rituals
This is the Bangle ceremony in which the would-be bride has to wear conch shell bangles (Sankha and Pola) after the Haldi ceremony. These bangles are dipped in turmeric water during this Bangle ceremony.

6. Saptapadi (Phere)

Saptapadi Bengali Wedding Rituals
In this sacred ritual, the priest invokes blessings by chanting Vedic mantras before the holy fire, symbolizing purity and divinity. The couple, hand in hand, circle the fire seven times, each circumambulation signifying a vow of commitment and love, binding their souls in the eternal bond of marriage.

These are some rituals you can enjoy at a Bengali wedding. Wedgate Matrimony has helped many people to find the right match for a wedding. Even they also assist with Bengali wedding events and photography. You can search for a perfect Bengali bride or groom based on your requirements.

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