Reasons Why Arranged Marriage is Still Successful

Even when you fall in love, your parents always want to know your partner and their family well enough before they get you married. When we talk about any matrimonial site it is always a good match that we look for. In arranged marriages, there is no pressure of getting your child married to a particular person. You can take your time, know the person and their family, and then make a decision. You have a very good option to reject it if you don’t like it. But this is not happening in the case of a love marriage. Your child is stuck on marrying that particular person irrespective of anything and everything.

Why Arranged Marriage is Still Successful

Advantages of Arranged Marriage, and Why They are Still Successful Include:

1) The Expectation – in an arranged marriage both parents are aware of what the other one brings with them. The rules and responsibilities to be catered to are also clear from the beginning. If there are certain expectations that the other family has, and you don’t agree with them, you have the option of saying no.

2) The Choices – when it comes to arranged marriage you can look for multiple choices, and then finalize the one you like the most. Even if one has certain shortcomings, it is not necessary to marry that person.

3) Social Compatibility – in the case of a love marriage you have to accept whatever you get on the table. But in the case of an arranged marriage, you can check everything before you say yes to a match. If there is something you don’t like, you can reject that choice completely.

4) The Meeting and Courtship – It is a very special feeling, as it is only during this time that you get to know the person you are marrying. The phase is beautiful, and this is what makes the life ahead loving. In the case of a love marriage, you already know everything about your partner and have stayed with them before, so there is nothing special.

5) Your Parents Know What is Best – in the end, your parents have seen more world than you have. They are a better judge of people. When they take the time and make a decision it is mostly right.

Arranged marriages are more common as compared to love marriages. And that is mainly because in arranged marriages you have the time to make things work according to you and to look for something suitable to your needs.

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