Is it Right to go Against Parents for Marriage?

Having your parents’ consent for marriage is very important. Their blessings are what a couple seeks at all times. However, there are times when parents become rigid in their decisions. In such a situation if you are sure of your partner and you know that is what you want, then you tend to go against your parents. When your parents see you happy, in most cases they accept your partner. In reality, you should always take time, make your parents understand, and get married with their consent. It is a beautiful feeling having your family around when you are getting married.

Is it Right to go Against Parents for Marriage

Certain Reasons, Why you Should not go Against Your Parents Include:

1) Their happiness – throughout their lives, your parents have sacrificed everything for you. In the end, if they disagree with your partner they have strong reasons for that. Sometimes making your parents happy should be more important than being happy yourself. Who says if your parents find a partner for you, you cannot be happy with them?

2) They Have Seen More World Than You Have – your parents have more experience of what is right and what is not. They have seen things happen and make a decision based on their experience.

3) They Want the Best for you Always – it is only in the case of a love marriage that we plan to go against our parents. But what we don’t realize is somewhere or the other they have our best interest at heart. We don’t realize anything just because we are completely in love. But they can see through the reality and don’t want us to suffer.

4) They Have Always Dreamt of Your Wedding – since the time a child is born all appearance and think of is their wedding. They even start saving up something other from the beginning. Just for a person, you have met recently how can you take away this big happiness from them?

5) They Want you to be Happy – under no circumstance would a parent want that child to suffer. If they can see through a person or a family and realize the unhappiness of the child, they would never agree. The only greed they have in that situation is your happiness. It is at the end of your life. Why would your parents say no otherwise?

Even though it is important to get married to the person you love, it is also important to see that your parents are happy with the marriage. In the end, you are in the world because of your parents. Even if you plan to go to a marriage bureau the first question they ask you is about your parents. Respect them and love them because that is what they have done throughout their lives.

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