Why Arranged Marriages are More Successful than Love Marriages in India?

In Indian society, marriage is seen to be more than just a union of two people – it is perceived to be a union of families, the union of cultures, and the union of beliefs. The sanctity of marriage is tied to the fact that the couples are perfectly matched according to the religion and community beliefs that exist. Hence at least 80% of Indian marriages are arranged by families and it has been established that they are more successful than love marriages.

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Some Reasons Why Arranged Marriages are More Successful than Love Marriages in India:

1. Entrusting parents with the responsibility of finding the right partner for you has gone deep with our Indian beliefs. The younger generation cannot deny the fact that parents can decide for your wellbeing and they can rightfully find the person whom you will like and who will be the right partner to you. To top it, the arranged marriage structure has been well established in our society to back up the current generation.

2. Matchmaking according to religious and community beliefs plays a vital role and in the case of arranged marriages, these are well-taken care of. It automatically brings a sense of security to be following the customary practice of matchmaking for prospective people. Love marriages, on the other hand, mostly override these sentiments and hence are not a big welcome among families who believe in such practices.

3. Arranged marriages open the affiliation between two families of similar nature – financial, educational, and cultural. The saying that marriages are about the coming together of two families is not an understatement. In arranged marriages, families get acquainted and can bond well for the union of their prospective bride/groom. The relationship continues quite in a harmony throughout the couple’s lifetime.

4. Arranged marriages begin a relationship with lesser expectations among individuals. Partners entering the commitment of marriage through arranged means are open to understanding each other over a period, give room for sharing opinions, partake in cultural activities of similar nature, and eventually grow to love & respect one another. This results in very little discord among them – it is one of the reasons why arranged marriages end up in the happily ever after scenario and divorces are quite less compared to love marriages.

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