Facts About Rajputs Marriage

The wedding day is a special moment in a couple’s life as the love they have found is beautiful and exceptional. That’s a reason every wedding ceremony is celebrated with great zeal. Rajputs have their own different individual wedding rituals. They are the only clan who are constantly following the tradition of the royal family weddings. According to the norms, Rajput marriages are huge traditional affairs. If you are finding a partner from a Rajput community with a matrimonial site, then check these important facts about Rajput marriage first.

1. Matchmaking

Rajputs give special significance to the matchmaking process. They believe that no wedding could perform without a chattees (36) guna match. The bride and the groom must belong to a separate clan. Their horoscopes need to be approved by the family astrologer.

2. Groom’s Outfits

Groom’s Outfits
A groom wears a long coat in the golden color ‘Sherwani or Achkan’, a saffron turban, Binota or Juti, and a Chudidaar salwar. Just like a bride, he also wears a necklace around the neck, Serpech on the turban, and a Kammarband at the waist. A groom holds a sword in his hand.

3. Bride’s Attire

Bride’s Attire
The bride wears a traditional Rajputi poshak. She wears a Rakhdi on the forehead, a Timaniyaan – a choker, and a nose ring. The Rajput bride also wears Anklets and Chooda. A bride is gifted with the wedding attire and the Aad by the groom’s family.

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