5 Problems Faced by a Short Girl While Looking for a Life Partner

Every mother wants a perfect girl for her son. Someone slim, tall, and looks pretty is what is preferred in an arranged marriage. All matrimonial sites show even the ads of those kinds of girls for a guy. But what about a short girl? Doesn’t she have the right to get married or find a good partner? She has faced a lot and goes through a lot of questioning eyes before getting married, especially in an arranged marriage. There are a lot of problems she faces when her family looks for a guy.

5 Problems Faced by a Short Girl While Looking for a Life Partner

Challenges Faced by Short Girls in Arranged Marriages

1) Comments on Her Height – A short girl is often commented on her height. She is also made fun of. People ask how she will be able to fetch things from a higher shelf. She is also asked if she would look good with the guy because of their height difference.

2) Comparison to a Child – A short girl is often compared to a little child. She is often made fun of by saying that her height looks like that as a child and not enough to get married.

3) Height Becomes More Important Than Her Qualities – She is rejected only based on her height. Even if a family like everything about her including her qualities, she might get rejected because she is short.

4) Thoughts of the Child Born Out of Her to be Short Too – Even before the finalizing of a girl, a guy’s parents start thinking as to what kind of a child she will have. Just because the girl is short they reject her based on the fact that the child she will wear will also not gain height.

5) Comments on Clothes – Everyone’s in a while a short girl is asked where she bought her clothes from. Sometimes parents think of this as a disadvantage. They feel as if it will be difficult to buy clothes for her. Thinking of this as a reason they might want to reject a girl who is short in height.

In the end, what people don’t know or understand is what matters more is not her height, but her personality and the kind of person she is. She will look after her family not because of her height but because of her nature.

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Also remember, if you think someone is the right choice, go for it. Don’t reject based only on one particular parameter.

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