Does Educational Qualifications Matter in Choosing a Life Partner in Marriage?

If we talk about love marriage, then nothing matters, but love. If you love someone seeing their education, or family, or money, or anything but their heart, is it true love?

No right?

Education Does Not Become an Important Part of Love Marriage.

Does Educational Qualifications Matter in Choosing a Life Partner in Marriage

But when we talk about arranged marriage, educational qualifications do play some role. When a family looks for an eligible bride or groom, they do see everything about them, including their education.

Though not the most important or deciding factor, education does play an important role in choosing a life partner. After all, who wouldn’t want the best partner for themselves too!

1) Mentality of the Person – Even though not much, an educated person has a different mindset. The way he will care for his partner, or the things that he can support her with, an uneducated person might not be able to.

2) Earning – The more a person is educated, the higher their income. Education might not matter with a lot of things, but it does matter when money comes into the picture.

3) Ego – In certain relationships, if the female is more educated than the male, it clashes with the ego of the male. Though a male might not say at all times, still, it does affect them. So it is important to see if both the partners have similar qualifications, and the male is more qualified.

4) For Females – It is the lady of the house who is the homemaker. A lady needs to take proper care of the house, and needs to know what is to be done and how. Proper education helps a female do things right.

5) Status in Society – An educated couple always has a better status in society. Society respects education. A village simpleton may be treated with disrespect in a society, the same way, an uneducated person might not be too respected. When such a thing happens alone, it does not matter too much, but in front of your partner, it does affect you.

As I said, education is not the deciding factor, but it is important. In this modern era, every family looks for an educated person, and an educated family. You may have a big estate and a lot of money, still, you may face rejections in marriage proposals if you don’t have proper education.

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