5 Most Common Causes of Divorce

Divorce rates worldwide have noticed a monumental increase and India is not an exception. Compared to worldwide statistics, India has one of the lowest divorce rates, approximately 1.1%. India is the only nation where men initiate most divorces, while in other nations women initiate most divorces. In the past few years, India is noticing an increase of 50-60% in divorce rates. The number of divorces has doubled over the last two decades. Want to know why divorce rates are increasing fast? Keep scrolling.

1. Lack of commitment

Lack of Commitment

According to 75% of the people a lack of commitment often results as the end of their marriage. It can seem vague and disproved, primarily to a partner who’s blamed.

2. Extramarital affairs or infidelity

Extramarital affairs or infidelity

A study found that infidelity was often mentioned as a major turning point in a failing relationship. Insecurity problems, a fear of abandonment, and feeling neglected are some reasons for cheating.

3. Excessive arguments or conflicts

Separated couples said they generally have arguments that were not resolved effectively or calmly. Increased frequency and intensity of communication issues throughout married life result in lost feelings of mutual support and positive relationship.

4. Incompatibility


Up to 55% of people in one of the studies said that incompatibility is one of the main causes of the demise of our wedding. The concept of incompatibility could include other divorce reasons also like marrying too young, religious differences, etc.

5. Financial issues

Financial issues

About 40% of people said that financial incompatibility was a big contributing factor in their divorce. Fights over money often result in increased tension within couples.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the primary reasons couples end up getting divorced?
A1 Divorce can be attributed to a variety of reasons, but some of the most common ones include communication breakdown, infidelity, financial conflicts, and lack of intimacy.

Q2. How does communication breakdown lead to divorce?
A2 Communication is the foundation of any relationship. When couples fail to communicate effectively, misunderstandings grow, conflicts escalate, and emotional distance forms, often leading to divorce.

Q3. Can infidelity really be a dealbreaker in a marriage?
A3 Yes, infidelity is a significant cause of divorce. Trust is crucial in a marriage, and when it’s broken due to affairs or cheating, it can be difficult to rebuild the relationship.

Q4. What role do financial conflicts play in divorce cases?
A4 Financial issues can strain a marriage immensely. Disagreements over spending habits, debt, and financial goals can create resentment and tension, ultimately contributing to divorce.

Q5. How does a lack of intimacy impact a marriage’s longevity?
A5 Intimacy involves both physical and emotional closeness. A lack of intimacy can lead to feelings of loneliness, rejection, and dissatisfaction, which over time can erode the connection between partners and lead to divorce.

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