What Should you do When Your Conversation Becomes Boring in Marriage?

Do those days have gone when you and your spouse used to spend quality time together having exciting and romantic conversations? Does every conversation now you have seems boring and unpleasant? In this post, we will walk through various causes, signs, and solutions for fixing unexciting conversations between married couples.

Causes of Unpleasant Conversation

Having the same routine can make your relationship boring. Set your clock to the couple time that mean just for you. Sometimes, it also happens when you feel that you have nothing to discuss. Habitual conversations that mostly happen every day is another reason why relationship become boring. Another biggest excuse is ‘nothing to do’. Avoid falling into this trap.

Signs of Boring Conversation

Signs of Boring Conversation

Your communication and relationship may get boring due to the natural ebbs and flows in your committed partnership. Some signs that show that you are no longer having effective and pleasant communication include sitting alone in silence, discussing the same everyday routine daily, conflicting emotions, no discussion about the future, no fun or adventure, and no sense of romance.

What to Do to Have Good Communication in Marriage?

What to Do to Have Good Communication in Marriage

To bring back that affection, connection, and fun into your communication, sit together and ask why you both feel bored. Step out of the ordinary life and think out of the box. Take responsibility to change yourself for bringing that excitement. Begin a new habit together and consider what things you both used to do when you first got married. What else you can do to prevent having a boring conversation in your marriage is to find the most suitable would-be partner with Wedgate matrimonial site if you are not married right now. Clearing your doubts before marriage helps in leading a marriage up a bright path of understanding.

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How Do I Find a Groom for My Marriage?

It is always said that finding a life partner is not easy. But, at the same time, it is one of the most important life decisions on which your whole life depends. You need to find the person who will stay with you forever.

Things to Consider When Finding Your Groom

Things to Consider When Finding Your Groom

Those days are no longer when girls have to manage with any type of groom they get. Nowadays, things get changed. Women have the freedom to choose and marry a man of their choice. They can enjoy their life in the way they dream of. Hence, if you are finding a groom for your marriage via matrimonial services or another way, consider the following things.

1. Marriage is not just about two people even the families of the bride and groom are also included. These families get united on the day of marriage. Hence, consider the family members and their backgrounds before accepting the marriage proposal.

2. Also, check for the groom’s educational qualification and professional life & schedule. Considering his income is also essential as it will help you in preventing future arguments which may happen when his income and your expenses don’t match. If he doesn’t have a proper schedule, you will have difficulty having quality time together.

3. Behavior, manners, and habits also matter a lot. Find out how he interacts with you, his likes and dislikes, his interests, and everything. Check if he has any friend circle. If he doesn’t have one, he might not like interacting with others.

Besides these things, also consider his custom and traditions, lifestyle, and career plans. Wedgate Matrimony will help you in finding the right groom based on these things.

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7 Types of Marriage, Which is Yours?

There is no strict rule to make a marriage successful. The only secret is deciding whom you are marrying and what you wish your marriage to be about. To lead a happier and a successful wedding life, you need to be on the same page as your would-be partner. This is a reason most people are nowadays availing matrimonial services for choosing the correct potential spouse.

According to psychological research, marriages are of 7 types. These are listed below.

1. Starter marriage

In this sort of marriage, two people get married, divorce, and then marry someone other. A starter marriage is ended to move on to another for good access and status.

2. Companionship marriage

Companionship marriage

This is a marriage in which the friends forever tag reaches a completely new level. Couples have a strong friendship before getting married.

3. Parenting marriage

Parenting marriage

In parenting marriage, partners keep their committed relationship just as it relates to their kids. However, from the outer shell, they resemble families where parents have love.

4. Financial marriage

Financial marriage

In financial marriage, couples give preference to a career before relationship. It’s just the financial rewards or money that keep them together.

5. Living alone together marriage

Living alone together marriage

In this marriage type, partners may prefer living apart in different apartment units, states, or nations for various reasons.

6. Open marriage

This marriage type has been stigmatized for challenging commitment but it provides an alternative.

7. Traditional marriage

Traditional Marriage

This is possibly the marriage most people are familiar with. It involves two people who are rooted in romance and their relationship is believed to last until both partners die.

Based on the type of marriage you would like to have, you can find the most suitable would-be spouse with Wedgate Matrimony. You can locate the correct person from any caste, community, or a religion.

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3×3 Rules in Marriage, Is it Works or Not?

Married life gets changed after having kids. The time couples used to spend together is now sacrificed for daycare trips, potty training, feeding babies, and other things. Showing carelessness can overwhelm you and bring your happy wedding relationship into an endless downhill fall. This is where you can work on the 3×3 rule of marriage. Don’t know what it is and how it can help? Let’s learn about it here.

What is a 3×3 Rule?

This is a way couples can use to purposely plan their time together as alone and as a couple. According to this rule, you and your spouse take out three hours from your life to spend quality time alone with one another and rest 3 hours to enjoy entirely by yourself. You can use this time all in a single day or divide it and distribute it throughout the week as per your preference.
The biggest advantage of using this complete arrangement is that this time is completely non-negotiable. This means, no matter how much you are busy taking care of your kids or other things, you will get some way to enjoy this time together.

Benefits of 3×3 Rule

Benefits of 3x3 Rule
This rule has a strict structure that creates predictability, efficiency, and peace of mind. It provides the essential balance to life. Moreover, it eases relational tension by avoiding arguments and common discontent. It will make your time together highly meaningful and provide quality time with children. This will eventually help you in becoming a better partner and a parent.
Unmarried people can prevent the need to work on this rule by finding a compatible would-be partner through a matrimonial site. Wedgate Matrimony provides the ultimate platform to look for the right partner and get many more services.

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5 Red Flags in a Marriage, Signs you Shouldn’t Neglect

Red flags in a relationship are the warning signs that show manipulative and unhealthy behavior. These signs can be very easy to miss or ignore. Initially, they are not always identifiable. That’s a reason why they become highly dangerous. When not recognized at the right time, they turn into an extremely problematic situation over time. By identifying the red flags in a marriage, you can prevent getting engaged in a deadly relationship.

1. Regular Put-Downs

Regular Put-Downs
When your spouse will keep putting you down or criticize you in every situation, it can reduce your self-confidence. This is a type of emotional abuse that can cause insecurity and anxiety in a relationship. When he or she refused to change that behavior, re-evaluate your relationship.

2. Lie Most Often

Lie Most Often
Everyone tells a lie at some point in their life. But, when this becomes a regular pattern, it is a red flag in a marriage. Whether it’s a small lie or the bigger one, hiding the truth can create cracks in the solid foundation of your relationship.

3. Walk Away from Difficult Discussions

Walk Away from Difficult Discussions
A person who tends to walk away from discussions or arguments without paying attention to you lacks behavioral or emotional skills. So, check if your partner is interested in interacting with you.

4. No Friends

Not having any friends is also a marriage red flag. It means they have a difficult personality, lacks social skills, and have negative viewpoints towards other people.

5. Jealousy and Controlling Behavior

Jealousy and Controlling Behavior
If your partner controls your life and is highly jealous of having a social life outside the relationship, it may be a sign of a major problem.

Avoid these red flags by finding the correct person with the Wedgate marriage bureau. Better interact with the selected candidate to look for these signs.

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How does a Marriage Change after being a parent?

Things in the couple’s life would not remain the same after getting promoted to a parent. Bringing a little one into your life is an exciting, happier, and life-changing event. Many couples have stated that their relationship starts dealing with several problems and arguments after having a baby. While taking care of the baby, two main things – sex and time get faded from the couple’s life.
Here is a roundup of certain marriage changes after having kids.

1. Responsibilities Get Double

Responsibilities Get Double
When there is a baby, domestic duties double and those tasks have to be performed more quickly. You can’t postpone doing household chores when you have an infant. The nagging background buzz and burden of completing the tasks cause resentment. Couples start feeling that their better half is not performing their share of the work.

2. Intimacy Wouldn’t Be On The Top

After welcoming a baby, sex becomes a distant memory. Post-delivery your doctor may not recommend it and after that, you may not actually be ready for that. Since your body undergoes several changes during pregnancy, it’ll take time to get back to normal.

3. Infant Becomes Priority

Infant Becomes Priority
Once you had a baby, he or she will become your priority rather than your better half. You will love him/her more than your spouse. That couple time now turns into family time. You get no quality time on your own.

To avoid and resolve the major issues after being a parent, you need to make up your mind about the specific changes. You can discuss all related questions before marriage while finding a partner with the marriage bureau. Wedgate Matrimony provides a huge list of potential brides and grooms. Before making a final marriage decision, you can chat with a preferred candidate to examine your compatibility.

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Things Every Newly Married Indian Couple Should Do

The initial days of the wedding life are incredibly special and thrilling. The newly-wed couples are all set to begin a new home and life together. But, there are some things you can do together in your first year to have special moments and make memories. The first year of marriage is the time when couples determine how to live as partners without any problems or without changing themselves completely. It’s a perfect time to create good patterns and the best ways of being together that should continue for the rest of your wedding life journey.

Here are the top things every newly married Indian couple must practice to successfully go on a journey of happy married life.

1. fights, and frustration

fights, and frustration

Include healthy intimacy with increased frequency. Denial of each other results in unwanted arguments, fights, and frustration.

2. DNK (double income no kids)

DNK (double income no kids)
Start a casual conversation with kids to understand the reasons for wanting to have a child. This tip is helpful even when you want to enjoy DNK (double income no kids) status.

3. Romantic dance performance

Romantic dance performance

Let’s have a romantic dance performance with your better half in your bedroom or living room to have an awesome first-time experience. The moment you will get into each other’s arms will be the most exciting and romantic.

Don’t allow a lack of conversation creates an obstacle in your happy married life. Take out enough time for interactive and effective communication no matter how busy your life is. Flirt with each other and understand each other’s likes, dislikes, and expectations. Always have an open and friendly conversation.
Not every person who looks beautiful is perfect. So, visit Wedgate matrimonial site to search for a person who shares compatibility with you. There are lots of profiles of prospective brides and grooms based on your search criteria.

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Things To Avoid Before The Wedding

Every would-be couple, especially brides love to look fit in their wedding outfits with flawless appearance and personality. In order to make that dream come true, certain things must be avoided some weeks or months before the wedding day. So, let’s take a tour of the list of don’ts for the would-be bride.

1. Food Items to Avoid

Food Items to Avoid
Before your wedding day, there are some food items you should avoid. Avoid excess intake of salt as it can cause water retention in your body. This eventually leads to swelling or bloating that makes you appear heavier. Dairy products such as cheese or yogurt can bloat up your belly and cause indigestion. Also, avoid sweets and fried food, carbonated drinks, caffeine intake, and spicy food.

2. Haircuts and Hair Color

Haircuts and Hair ColorKeep the hairstyle the same without trying any drastic haircut or new hair color. It will change the style and texture of your hair. Note that your hairstyle needs to go in coordination with your D-day dresses, makeup, and jewelry. To refresh your shade without affecting your look, ask a hair expert to apply a clear gloss on strands for extra shine and sheen.

3. New Workouts

New WorkoutsKeep going with your traditional workout without trying something new before you tie the knot. This is not the right time for new moves as pulled muscles can take about weeks to get recovered. If you need to burn out some fat, you can begin a new fitness program with a specialized expert.

If you are looking for a dietician, then you can approach Wedgate Matrimony, a leading marriage bureau that offers pre-wedding dietician services and other matrimonial services. Dieticians and nutritional experts will help you to stay in proper mental and physical shape on your special day.

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Can A Marriage Survive Without Love?

Can A Marriage Survive Without Love

Love is the foundation of any relationship be it brother and sister, husband and wife, parents and children, etc. But, when it comes to a successful marriage, love is not enough. There are lots more things required. Some couples stay together not just for love but for their kids and financial needs. Their relationship changes from romantic to parenting. Such couples can have numerous choices. For example, attend therapy sessions, stay together in an unhappy wedding life, or get divorced.

Does Loveless Marriage is Successful?

Does Loveless Marriage is SuccessfulYes, love is important to a happier and healthier married life but many couples are enjoying loveless marriages. They let their married life proceed without talking to each other and expressing their feeling toward each other. The reason is that they don’t want to hurt each other. But, lacking effective and essential communication can sometimes prove harmful. Some couples stay in loveless marriages due to social norms and societal reputation. From
the traditional days till now society rates the success of a marriage based on how long it lasts. Couples having loveless and unromantic wedding life is considered successful if it lasts more than 40-45 years. On the other hand, a love-filled marriage that lasts just 10 years is not considered successful.

How to Go with Loveless Marriage?

How to Go with Loveless MarriageHow to proceed in loveless marriage depends on the couple. Determine how your wedding life is going and then decide whether to stay or walk away. If you want to stay, start effective communication and fall in love again with each other. Are  you want to end it to find a compatible partner, visit a reliable matrimonial site such as Wedgate Matrimony. Spend quality time interacting with a suitable candidate to develop a better understanding. Ensure which option you’re choosing to make you live happily.

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