5 Creative Wedding Party Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Definitely Love

Add a custom touch to your wedding celebration by presenting wedding favor to your guests. Read on for the best ideas that delight your guests.

1. Let Love Grow with Pretty Planters

 Let love grow with pretty planters

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people recognized the importance of gardening in their homes. Send your guests home with tiny potted blooms, individual seed packets, or succulents with cute packaging to let them grow flowers or plants of their own. Select from numerous watercolor design options matching your wedding decoration style or theme.

2. Handmade Soap

Handmade soap

An adorable idea for a creative wedding favor is allowing your guests to pick the handmade fragrant soap. Don’t forget to customize the packaging with sweet little notes, date or wedding hashtags, and a wedding monogram to make it an extremely thoughtful favor for guests.

3. New-age Sweets

New age sweets

Sending your guests home with delicious sweets is a traditional favorite of Indian weddings. You can try subtler flavors by introducing new inventions like cinnamon, custard apple laddoos, and rose petals or walnut barfi for the “Is Pal Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye” moment.

4. Personalized Coffee Bags

 Personalized coffee bags

Gift personalized coffee bags to provide your special day as a favor on the wedding night or include a hotel wedding welcome bag at the arrival of your guests. You can also serve this favor at the next-day wedding morning to let your guests relish the morning cuppa.

5. Luggage tags

Luggage tags

Choose personalized letters and leather luggage tags as wedding favors if you’re planning a destination wedding. This destination wedding and travel-themed favor are what guests can use immediately. When choosing favors for guests, you need to consider your wedding size and budget.

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What does Jainism say About Marriage?

In the Jain community, marriage is an event of two people and two families. It is the parent’s responsibility to introduce their children to a potential spouse. It can’t be regarded as an arranged marriage because the couple is provided a long period to understand each other and take marriage decisions. When the couple is agreed, an engagement is organized. In this ceremony, symbolic gifts and items are exchanged between both families. It generally takes place in the community hall or the groom’s residence.

The marriage date is discussed in the engagement ceremony. Invitations are sent out to require people. The wedding ceremonies start in the bride and groom’s home about 7-10 days before the wedding day.

The best thing about Jain marriage is that there is no dowry system. Society suggests gifts from the bride’s family to the groom’s family unless they are a token gesture.

Footwear is not allowed at the wedding place in the Jain community. Also, food is prohibited throughout the process to keep the sanctity of the rituals. All the offerings are made to Devi-Devtas and Tirthankara’s according to Jain cosmology.

Pre-wedding, Wedding, and Post-Wedding Rituals

Pre-wedding, Wedding, and Post-Wedding Rituals

Jain wedding rituals are numerous. But, all the traditions are characterized by purity and simplicity. Lagana lekhan/Lagana patrika vachan, sagai or engagement, haldi, mehendi, Baraat and aarti, mangal pheras, granthi bandhan, ashirvada, jina grahe dhan arpana, and sva raha aagamana are some ceremonies that take place throughout the wedding and after the wedding day.
Just like all other communities, the reception party is also hosted in the Jain tradition by the groom’s family. Relatives, family members, and friends are invited to bless the newlywed couple.

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What We Can Learn from the Best Marriages?

Every phase and occasion of our lives teaches us something. People all around the world get married for numerous reasons. But, as per the statistics, the cases of broken marriages or divorce are increasing over the past few years. However, it doesn’t mean that your marriage cannot last forever. You can learn different lessons from successful and happy marriages. It will help you in understanding various positive and negative aspects of a relationship and what makes the marriage healthier and long-lasting.

Things You Can Learn from Successful Marriages

Things You Can Learn from Successful Marriages


1.  Do a few love hacks such as practicing gratitude, getting perspective on a conflict, improving a sense of security, celebrating joy, and giving your loved one the benefit of doubt.

2.  Invest more quality time together by involving in healthier communication. This will help you in understanding your better half, their strengths and weaknesses, requirements, and wishes. Being responsive will help you genuinely care for your spouse’s well-being and make them more connected to you. Engage in fun and playful activities such as going to a movie, watching a play, dancing, etc.

3. Lessen your expectations because higher expectations can sometimes lead to disappointment and resentment. Having fewer expectations can make you more satisfied. To lower expectations, you can become more independent in your self-knowledge and concentrate on your personal growth.

4.  Evaluate your goals and determine if some of them can be supported by another person. Your spouse might not necessarily be your sounding board for office chat, hiking partner, and career mentor alongside being a gourmet cook, caring lover, and affectionate parent.

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Mission of Marriage – 3 Crucial Aspects for Husband

Since marriages nowadays need a mission, men also require a mission. A man today doesn’t get a certain mission from God. The original pattern of God of creating a man, providing him a mission, and granting him a wife as spouse and helper describe the lasting design of God for marriage. Some men remain unmarried and get that assistance from their fellow laborers and friends instead of a wife. Most men follow God’s creation rule with the help that comes from their wives.

Dream, draw, and do are three-part frameworks that husbands should work upon to live with their wives as treasured women and dear helpers.

1.  Dream


The leadership of a husband usually starts with a dream. He looks upon his home, kids, family, and many other things. A wife will perform her fair share of dreaming. A husband will value her dreams. He must understand his special responsibility of further taking the family, instead of waiting for his wife.

2.  Draw


With humility, patience, wisdom, and tenderness, a man must draw his wife in and out. He must welcome her into his dreaming by getting her impressions, asking for feedback, and listening to her counsel. In drawing her out, a husband imagines how their mission as one can make the best use of her abilities.

3.  Do


When a husband dreamed for his family and draws his wife in and out, he must act. He must take the initiative towards the uncultivated edge of the garden. For example, get the kids for family devotions, organize a block party for neighbors, etc.

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Benefits of Maintaining a Strong and Healthy Relationship with Each other’s Families

Marriage is not a union of two people but two different families as well. Hence, whether you are finding a life partner through a matrimonial site or traditional ways, it is significant to consider the family background of your would-be spouse as well.

Having a supportive family unit is an important aspect of human fulfillment. A positive relationship can be shared between any people who are always available to support, motivate, and love each other. The couples don’t just marry each other, but they marry the whole family.

No one can separate their spouse from the family they came from. Here, well highlight some benefits of maintaining a healthy relationship with each other’s families. It will help you in understanding why you should not ignore family relationships.

1. Being in a healthy and happy family has a positive effect on one’s physical health. It could be that family members help in reducing a higher negative influence of stress. Having families together to talk to, depend on, and share the load can have an impact on how we perceive the issue.

2. Healthy and strong family relationships can strengthen a feeling of love and security between couples and all family members.

3. Since no one can predict the future, family members’ advice is important in different aspects of life.

4. Every individual seeks to keep healthy and long-lasting family relationships to improve their emotional development.

5. A strong family structure and positive relationships teach the significance of responsibility and fulfilling obligations, which benefits couples and both families.

6. Having a good family relationship provides a great support system that improves self- confidence, provides growth opportunities, and encouragement to try new things.

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3×3 Rules in Marriage, Is it Works or Not?

Married life gets changed after having kids. The time couples used to spend together is now sacrificed for daycare trips, potty training, feeding babies, and other things. Showing carelessness can overwhelm you and bring your happy wedding relationship into an endless downhill fall. This is where you can work on the 3×3 rule of marriage. Don’t know what it is and how it can help? Let’s learn about it here.

What is a 3×3 Rule?

This is a way couples can use to purposely plan their time together as alone and as a couple. According to this rule, you and your spouse take out three hours from your life to spend quality time alone with one another and rest 3 hours to enjoy entirely by yourself. You can use this time all in a single day or divide it and distribute it throughout the week as per your preference.
The biggest advantage of using this complete arrangement is that this time is completely non-negotiable. This means, no matter how much you are busy taking care of your kids or other things, you will get some way to enjoy this time together.

Benefits of 3×3 Rule

Benefits of 3x3 Rule
This rule has a strict structure that creates predictability, efficiency, and peace of mind. It provides the essential balance to life. Moreover, it eases relational tension by avoiding arguments and common discontent. It will make your time together highly meaningful and provide quality time with children. This will eventually help you in becoming a better partner and a parent.
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Things To Avoid Before The Wedding

Every would-be couple, especially brides love to look fit in their wedding outfits with flawless appearance and personality. In order to make that dream come true, certain things must be avoided some weeks or months before the wedding day. So, let’s take a tour of the list of don’ts for the would-be bride.

1. Food Items to Avoid

Food Items to Avoid
Before your wedding day, there are some food items you should avoid. Avoid excess intake of salt as it can cause water retention in your body. This eventually leads to swelling or bloating that makes you appear heavier. Dairy products such as cheese or yogurt can bloat up your belly and cause indigestion. Also, avoid sweets and fried food, carbonated drinks, caffeine intake, and spicy food.

2. Haircuts and Hair Color

Haircuts and Hair ColorKeep the hairstyle the same without trying any drastic haircut or new hair color. It will change the style and texture of your hair. Note that your hairstyle needs to go in coordination with your D-day dresses, makeup, and jewelry. To refresh your shade without affecting your look, ask a hair expert to apply a clear gloss on strands for extra shine and sheen.

3. New Workouts

New WorkoutsKeep going with your traditional workout without trying something new before you tie the knot. This is not the right time for new moves as pulled muscles can take about weeks to get recovered. If you need to burn out some fat, you can begin a new fitness program with a specialized expert.

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Can Marriage Happen In The Same Gotra?

In Hinduism, there is a scientifically based system – the Gotra system that associates an individual with ancestors of steady male lineage. Nearly all people in Hindus practice this system. People of the same gotra don’t essentially have the same origin. The genes experience changes in course of time as the partners have different parents.

Why Are Hindu Marriages In Same Gotra Forbidden?


Marriages in Hindu communities under the same Gotra are prohibited due to the DNA’s close connection among partners if they belong to the same gotra. People having similar gotra are kith and kin. Same-gotra weddings are avoided because inherited irregularities may happen due to familiarity with DNAs.

Let’s discover some of the common reasons why marriage cannot possible in the same gotra.

1. Man is considered the successor of great mentors.

2. Marriage in the same gotra can put the kids at risk of physical defects, mental and character defects.

3. In mythological terms, each sage in the clan has his reputation. Hence, couples marrying in the same clan are considered member of the same family.

4. Marriage in the same clan makes a girl and man brothers and sisters.

5. In religious beliefs, marriage in the same gotra will put the relationship between the couples in danger.

6. According to the scriptures, marriage in the same gotra is a sin in Hinduism. Sages considered this wedding system a violation of the gotra tradition.

7. Marriage within the same gotra often results in genetic defects. That’s why the same clan marriages are prohibited.

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Christian Wedding Customs & Rituals to Know Before Attending a Christian Wedding

Compared to Hindu wedding rituals Christian marriages are short. When it comes to a Christian wedding, we mostly think about frothy white dresses and a bunch of flowers. But, there are so many things that revolve around Christian marriage. Interested in learning what are these? Keep on reading this post.

7 Customs & Rituals of Christian Wedding:


1. Matchmaking

Just like Indian arranged marriage, a Christian wedding also consists of matchmaking rituals. As per this ritual, the Christian family search for a compatible match for their son or daughter. Matrimonial services ease this process by providing thousands of profiles as per the user’s requirements.

2. Engagement

This is a pre-wedding ritual in which the parents of the bride and groom host a party to announce the marriage. It is also declared in the respective churches in front of family and friends.

3. Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower
This pre-wedding ritual is organized for a bride. It is attended by all the female guests. The guests shower gifts and motivation to a bride to help and bless her for her happy married life. A bride cuts the pink cake featuring a hidden thimble. It is traditionally believed that a girl who gets the slice of cake with that thimble is believed to be the next to marry.

4. Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party
This is similar to the bridal shower but it is arranged for the would-be groom by his male cousins and friends. This is a western concept celebrated for the groom to enjoy his last day as a bachelor.

5. The Roce Ceremony

The Roce Ceremony
This ceremony takes place in Indian Christian communities. The bride and the groom take a ritualistic bath in their homes. Turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom in North Indian Christians community. Coconut paste is applied among South Indian Christians.

6. Bridal Entrance

Bridal Entrance
On the wedding day, a bride enters the venue in a car sent by the groom. She is received at the church by the groom family’s best man and is escorted into the church by the best man of the groom’s family.

7. Exchange of Vows

Exchange of Vows
The priest utters the Opening remarks. The bride and groom then utter the vows of marriage. If you’re looking for the best bride and groom in the Christian community, then Wedgate Matrimony will ease this process. You can find interesting matches based on social status, physical features, location, and more parameters.

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