What are the 7 Hindu Wedding Vows?

While the West is enamored with our fabulous culture, many youngsters are often unaware of the meaning of several of the rituals associated with the ceremonies. Did you know that the 7 pheras taken in the marriage involve taking vows by the bride and groom, similar to those seen in a Christian wedding? Read along to know the significance of the 7 promises in Hindu marriage:

7 Hindu Wedding Vows

Read  along to Know About the 7 Hindu Wedding Vows:

1. The First Vow – In the first phera, the bride and groom promise to look after each other and their family. The groom promises to provide the bride with happiness, food, and nourishment. In contrast, the bride assures that she will share his responsibility by looking after the family’s home, food, and finances.

2. The Second Vow – Here, the couple prays for mental and physical strength to take care of their family. The groom seeks the blessings of God to provide him with the strength to protect the family and house. The bride seeks the courage to be by his side and provide him strength, courage, and encouragement for his ventures.

3. The Third Vow – In this phera, the couple seeks wealth and blessings from the deities. The groom promises to work hard to be a worthy provider for the family. The bride promises her undying loyalty to her husband.

4. The Fourth Vow – With this vow, the couple promises to shower each other with immense love, respect, and happiness. The groom prays to be blessed with obedient children and thanks to the bride for making his life blessed and beautiful.

5. The Fifth Vow – Here, the groom expresses his gratitude to his bride and declares her to be his well-wisher and best friend. The bride, too, promises undying love for the groom till her last breath. They take a vow to lead a blissful and happy life and ask for the welfare of all entities.

6. The Sixth Vow – The groom asks the wife for her undying support throughout his life, just as she has promised and taken the earlier steps with him. The bride promises to stand by her life partner forever and vows to keep him happy always.

7. The Seventh Vow – The last and the most important vow is about declaring their bond to be forever. The groom promises eternal love, and the bride assures that they will love, cherish, and honor each other forever.

Coupled with the colorful and mesmerizing settings, understanding these vows makes the ceremony rich and meaningful. If you are looking for a suitable partner, Wedgate Matrimony is one of the leading matrimonial bureau to help you with your search.

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