Can A Marriage Survive Without Love?

Can A Marriage Survive Without Love

Love is the foundation of any relationship be it brother and sister, husband and wife, parents and children, etc. But, when it comes to a successful marriage, love is not enough. There are lots more things required. Some couples stay together not just for love but for their kids and financial needs. Their relationship changes from romantic to parenting. Such couples can have numerous choices. For example, attend therapy sessions, stay together in an unhappy wedding life, or get divorced.

Does Loveless Marriage is Successful?

Does Loveless Marriage is SuccessfulYes, love is important to a happier and healthier married life but many couples are enjoying loveless marriages. They let their married life proceed without talking to each other and expressing their feeling toward each other. The reason is that they don’t want to hurt each other. But, lacking effective and essential communication can sometimes prove harmful. Some couples stay in loveless marriages due to social norms and societal reputation. From
the traditional days till now society rates the success of a marriage based on how long it lasts. Couples having loveless and unromantic wedding life is considered successful if it lasts more than 40-45 years. On the other hand, a love-filled marriage that lasts just 10 years is not considered successful.

How to Go with Loveless Marriage?

How to Go with Loveless MarriageHow to proceed in loveless marriage depends on the couple. Determine how your wedding life is going and then decide whether to stay or walk away. If you want to stay, start effective communication and fall in love again with each other. Are  you want to end it to find a compatible partner, visit a reliable matrimonial site such as Wedgate Matrimony. Spend quality time interacting with a suitable candidate to develop a better understanding. Ensure which option you’re choosing to make you live happily.

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Can Marriage Happen In The Same Gotra?

In Hinduism, there is a scientifically based system – the Gotra system that associates an individual with ancestors of steady male lineage. Nearly all people in Hindus practice this system. People of the same gotra don't essentially have the same origin. The genes experience changes in course of time as the partners have different parents.

Why Are Hindu Marriages In Same Gotra Forbidden?

Can Marriage Happen In The Same Gotra

Marriages in Hindu communities under the same Gotra are prohibited due to the DNA’s close connection among partners if they belong to the same gotra. People having similar gotra are kith and kin. Same-gotra weddings are avoided because inherited irregularities may happen due to familiarity with DNAs.

Let’s discover some of the common reasons why marriage cannot possible in the same gotra.

1. Man is considered the successor of great mentors.

2. Marriage in the same gotra can put the kids at risk of physical defects, mental and character defects.

3. In mythological terms, each sage in the clan has his reputation. Hence, couples marrying in the same clan are considered member of the same family.

4. Marriage in the same clan makes a girl and man brothers and sisters.

5. In religious beliefs, marriage in the same gotra will put the relationship between the couples in danger.

6. According to the scriptures, marriage in the same gotra is a sin in Hinduism. Sages considered this wedding system a violation of the gotra tradition.

7. Marriage within the same gotra often results in genetic defects. That’s why the same clan marriages are prohibited.

So, now that you understand marriage can’t happen in the same gotra, find the most compatible partner from another gotra with matrimonial services. Wedgate Matrimony allows clients to search for the right life partner from any caste, religion, and community.

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Avoid Marrying a Person with These Negative Signs

At the start of a newly married life, everything seems lovely, and it’s all roses around. Couples just get immersed in an environment where love and romance are in the air. But, at a certain time, they come to realize that the relationship is not just limited to them. Petty conflicts and arguments are common in married couples. But, it becomes a cause for concern when it becomes a regular thing. Eventually, it results in divorce or separation.

To avoid such negative consequences, it’s good to avoid marrying the wrong person. But, the question is how to identify if the person you’re marrying is right or wrong. If you’re sorting and comparing multiple profiles on a matrimonial site but can’t be sure whether a selected profile of a bride or a groom is perfect or not, then look for the following signs.

17 Signs that Say you Marrying the Wrong Person

17 Signs that Say you Marrying the Wrong Person

1. Your would-be partner doesn’t encourage you toward the achievement of your goal.

2. Does he or she have an extreme viewpoint on religious, world, family, and political affairs?

3. Do they stop you from spending time with your near and dear ones?

4. Are they not interested in spending time with your family members?

5. Are they just limited to yourself?

6. Compare you with other boys or girls?

7. Disclose your faults with other people.

8. Does your partner criticize your personal look and make fun of it?

9. Want you to stay away from the rest of the surrounding world?

10. Show character faults such as stealing, lying, condescending, arrogance, or others.

11. Do his/her life and the world revolves just around him/her?

12. Is your partner selfish and doesn’t take interest in what you feel, what you do, and what you like?

13. Does your partner want you to change yourself according to him/her?

14. Does your partner emotionally, physically, or verbally abuse you?

15. Complain a lot about your family members?

16. Is your partner prone to irresponsibility and wants you to enjoy work only on your own?

17. Does your would-be spouse lack the skills to interact with others and build a relationship?

If you’re seeing these signs while interacting with a person you’ve selected, it’s time to say no. Wedgate Matrimony provides the opportunity to explore multiple profiles of prospective brides and grooms. Before finalizing the marriage commitment, interact with selected candidates and check if they share compatibility with you.

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Does Kundali Change After Marriage?

Kundali Milan or horoscope matching is an important ritual practiced since ancient times. Indian marriages are widely based on this ritual, which is performed before making the final commitment to the would-be bride and groom. The horoscope or Kundali of would-be couples is matched to determine their compatibility with each other.

Most Indian families don’t get their son or daughter to get married without matching their planets or gunas with a potential partner. Let’s jump into reasons why this custom is being followed widely.

1. After finding the perfect match at a matrimonial site, the couple’s marriage
compatibility is checked by matching their horoscopes. It shows the positions of several planets and their effects on the life of a would-be couple.

2. To test the amity between a prospective couple, eight Gunas or Ashtakoot are considered. Each guna consists of various numeric points. In total, there are 36 Gunas. The higher the score of these points, the better will be the compatibility and the more successful will be the wedding life.

3. Another reason to perform Kundali Milan is to predict the final conditions, family adjustments, and physical & mental compatibility of prospective bride and groom. The chances of proper adjustment of a girl or a boy in each other’s life and their families are analyzed after matching their Kundali.

All these are the key reasons why parents and elder family members prefer horoscope matching before finalizing a marriage. But, today many people argue that the success of a marriage is not based on what their horoscope defines. They state that in ancient times marriages were performed even without Kundali Milan and all marriages were successful.

Is it Possible that Kundali Change After Marriage?

Is it Possible that Kundali Change After MarriageEvery person has a different perspective regarding horoscope matching and astrology. Some people believe in it while others consider it just a myth. Many people believe that Kundali changed after getting married. But, this is just a misconception. The horoscope remains the same as it was predicted based on your date of birth, timing, and place. Some people’s lives get changed after getting married. It’s not that their horoscope gets changed but it is due to the unique planetary placements they are born with. If you’re ready for marriage and wondering how to find the right person based on your horoscope, then get matrimonial services online. Wedgate Matrimony helps you with the perfect solution of it by providing a list of compatible brides and grooms.

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Is It Significant To Match Kundali Before Marriage

After finding the right life partner for marriage, the very next thing you will require is matching the Kundali of couples. The ritual of matching Kundalis is an ancient practice that dates back to 1000s years. It became a crucial part of Hindu marriage rituals where the horoscope/Kundali of the prospective couple is matched to check their compatibility with each other. This ritual is generally practiced in the case of arranged marriages.

What is Kundali Matching in Marriage?

What is Kundali Matching in MarriageIt is a practice of matching the horoscopes of the bride and groom, who’re going to share nuptial vows, to ascertain how successful and happy their wedding life would be. Ashta-Koota is the main task in this practice. 36 crucial points are considered in both Kundalis. If 18 or more points are matched, it signifies the wedding will be successful. The position of the planets in both horoscopes is compared to find the compatibility of would-be couples.

Does Kundali Matter in Marriage Decisions?

Does Kundali Matter in Marriage DecisionsAccording to some experienced astrologers, Kundali matchmaking is a crucial step in wedding planning. Also known as the natal chart, birth chart, Kundalini, and horoscope, Kundali is the governor of all important aspects of human life and Indian marriage. Many astrologers said that checking the horoscope is important in understanding when you will marry, whom you will marry, how to check compatibility with a selected person, and how will be your wedding life.

Some experienced people stated that Kundali matchmaking doesn’t help in married life in any way. Their marriage broken or didn’t go as smoothly as it should be. So, in conclusion, all you need to do is approach a good astrologer to match your Kundali and get aware of marriage predictions. But, never depend completely only on Kundali. Make some efforts in finding the right life partner.

How to Find the Right Match for Marriage?

How to Find the Right Match for MarriageIn a hurry of finding marriage material, don’t choose a person only on the basis of appealing charm and education. Alongside physical appearance and qualifications, you must consider the behavior, communication way, hobbies, moral values, and likes and dislikes of another person. This is where you can count upon trustworthy marriage bureaus such as Wedgate Matrimony. Here, you’ll find a long list of suitable candidates based on your needs and expectations. You can interact with a selected person before making a final decision about marriage.

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7 Important Pre Wedding Rituals in Hindu Marriage

Have you found the perfect partner to marry with a matrimonial site or your own? Have you fixed your wedding and now wondering how to take care of the main rituals performed? In Indian weddings, especially Hindu marriages rituals, and ceremonies are celebrated just like a festival with great fun, excitement, and enthusiasm.

In this post, you’ll learn about some of the main pre-wedding rituals performed in the Hindu community.

1. Roka

This is the first pre-wedding ceremony in which the bride and groom are asked for their approvals for the marriage. The elders of both families bless the couple for a new beginning in their life. It is a golden chance for the bride and groom and their families to spend quality time with each other.

2. Sagai

This is the ring ceremony that marks the start of the wedding preparations. It is performed in the presence of priest and family members. The couple exchanges ring and get their family’s blessings for a successful married life. Gifts, clothes, and ornaments are also exchanged between both families.

3. Tilak

This is a groom acceptance ceremony performed at the groom’s residence where the bride’s brother or father accepts him as a groom. Tilak or kumkum is applied on the groom’s forehead.

4. Haldi

This is the most colorful Hindu wedding ritual in which guests dance and take memorable photos. The family members of both parties apply Haldi on the face, hands, and legs of the bride and groom.

5. Mehndi

This is another fun Hindu marriage ritual attended by all family members. The beautiful Henna or Mehndi designs are created on the hands and feet of the bride. The groom & hands are also decorated with Mehndi. All the guests dance and sing to enjoy the moment.

6. Sangeet


This music and singing ceremony is about music and celebration. Everyone dances to party music on this beautiful night.

7. Wedding Day

Wedding Day
The bride’s father does Kanyadaan by taking his daughter’s right hand and putting it on the right hand of the groom. The couple exchanges floral garlands during Jai Mala or Varmala ceremony and takes seven rounds around Holy fire. Groom ties mangal sutra onto bride’s neck and apply sindoor. During Vidaai, the bride bids farewell to her family.

When it comes to Hindu weddings, Wedgate Matrimony provides the utmost solution. They help in finding the right life partner from different castes, religions, and backgrounds.

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Christian Wedding Customs & Rituals to Know Before Attending a Christian Wedding

Compared to Hindu wedding rituals Christian marriages are short. When it comes to a Christian wedding, we mostly think about frothy white dresses and a bunch of flowers. But, there are so many things that revolve around Christian marriage. Interested in learning what are these? Keep on reading this post.

7 Customs & Rituals of Christian Wedding:


1. Matchmaking

Just like Indian arranged marriage, a Christian wedding also consists of matchmaking rituals. As per this ritual, the Christian family search for a compatible match for their son or daughter. Matrimonial services ease this process by providing thousands of profiles as per the user’s requirements.

2. Engagement

This is a pre-wedding ritual in which the parents of the bride and groom host a party to announce the marriage. It is also declared in the respective churches in front of family and friends.

3. Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower
This pre-wedding ritual is organized for a bride. It is attended by all the female guests. The guests shower gifts and motivation to a bride to help and bless her for her happy married life. A bride cuts the pink cake featuring a hidden thimble. It is traditionally believed that a girl who gets the slice of cake with that thimble is believed to be the next to marry.

4. Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party
This is similar to the bridal shower but it is arranged for the would-be groom by his male cousins and friends. This is a western concept celebrated for the groom to enjoy his last day as a bachelor.

5. The Roce Ceremony

The Roce Ceremony
This ceremony takes place in Indian Christian communities. The bride and the groom take a ritualistic bath in their homes. Turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom in North Indian Christians community. Coconut paste is applied among South Indian Christians.

6. Bridal Entrance

Bridal Entrance
On the wedding day, a bride enters the venue in a car sent by the groom. She is received at the church by the groom family’s best man and is escorted into the church by the best man of the groom’s family.

7. Exchange of Vows

Exchange of Vows
The priest utters the Opening remarks. The bride and groom then utter the vows of marriage. If you’re looking for the best bride and groom in the Christian community, then Wedgate Matrimony will ease this process. You can find interesting matches based on social status, physical features, location, and more parameters.

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Top 5 Legal Benefits of Marriage in India

In India, marriages are planned and controlled according to the personal laws of the religion stated by both parties to the marriage. For example, The Foreign Marriage Act, of 1969 for international weddings and the Special Marriage Act, of 1954 for religious weddings. There are many laws to regulate the important situations of a valid marriage. Alongside emotional and social benefits, being married provide some more benefits.

If you’re finding the right life partner with a matrimonial site to spend the rest of your life with, then consider the legal benefits of marriage.

1. Filing Taxes Jointly

Filing Taxes JointlyIf one partner is doing a high-paid job or simply a job and another partner is staying at home, it will help to file taxes jointly. Filing separately could prevent couples from enjoying the advantages of getting to reduce two exemption amounts from the income.

2. Marital Tax Benefits
Marital Tax Benefits

Another biggest legal benefits include unlimited marital tax deduction. You can transfer a limitless amount of assets to your partner at any time without adding any tax. Creating Family Partnerships under federal tax laws helps divide the business income among family members.

3. Government Benefits
Government Benefits

After getting married, you can receive Medicare, disability, and social security benefits for your better half. Even it also offers public assistance benefits, military, and veterans’ benefits for your partner such as special loans and education.

4. Financial Benefits
Financial Benefits

If you’re not eligible for Social Security benefits, you can enjoy your partner’s benefits. But, you need to be at least 62 years old when caring for a kid who can get benefits and is disabled or aged less than 16 years. Another advantage is the IRA account. The working spouse with taxable income can contribute to the IRA account of their partner who is not working. But, you must file a joint tax return for this.

5. Legal Decision-Making Benefits
Legal Decision-Making Benefits

Married people have the status of next-of-kin for hospital visits. It means you are allowed to make medical decisions in the situation your life partner suffered from any illness or becomes disabled. You’re legally eligible to appeal for the wrongful death of your other half. You can also take decisions about whether to cremate your dead partner or not.

To enjoy these benefits, it’s important to marry the perfect person who will always be there to support you. Wedgate Matrimony provides you with the platform to find the most compatible life partner with ease and complete safety.

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Role of Wife and Husband in Modern Family

The popular quote ‘Wife and husband are like two wheels of a cart is indeed true in a complete sense. The coordinated efforts from each of them and support in all the circumstances whether it’s good or bad help in running a happy family. They are more than a support system for maintaining a good family and successful relationships. That’s a reason why most people are approaching the marriage bureau to find the right husband or wife who keeps a family unitedly and happily forever.

Wife and Husband’s Role in Family

The main responsibilities of a good husband and wife revolve around four terms – love, protect, share, and serve:

Wife and Husband’s Role in Family (1)

1. The journey of togetherness in a modern family brings many ups and downs. The couple’s duty towards family is to share all the responsibilities and face the challenges together without any conflicts or arguments no matter how complicated the situation is.

2. A wife’s life is no longer restricted to staying at home and doing household chores. The husband must understand the need to help her in with the household tasks. Both husband and wife contribute equally or do their best to meet the financial and other requirements of home and family members.

3. Protect your life partner, kids, and other family members in all manners – physical, psychological, mental, or emotional. Your family should feel completely safe in your presence.

4. The husband has always been the family’s leader but things got changed in the modern era. Today, both husband and wife take charge of their responsibilities without being too bossy. Sit together and have a proper discussion with each other to be on the same page about running your family successfully and properly.

5. If you have kids, engage them to help you based on their age. Assign and tell them their responsibilities to manage things together and make them responsible.

6. Trust and love are the foundation of a happy family. Love every family member unconditionally not just in terms of words but express that in everyday actions. Children always learn by imitating. So, behave and live the way you want your children to be. Try to be a role model, teacher, and best buddy to your kid to make them share everything with you.

Wedgate Matrimony is the leading marriage bureau in Delhi that provides happy times to many families by finding a compatible spouse.

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