Benefits of Marriage with a Businessman vs a Service Job Man

It is not just love that matters when you plan to marry someone. Apart from love, there are other factors too. What kind of a job the guy has played a very crucial role in deciding whether you want to settle down with him or not? He cannot feed you with just Love, he needs money too. Even as a parent, they need to see what is the work of the guy they are looking at.

Marriage with a Businessman vs a Service Job Man

A Girl Looks for a Businessman More Than a Guy with a Service Job:

1) Works of their Free Will – The husband is free to spend time with his wife whenever he wants to. There is no specification of a 9-5 job. If they plan to go out, they need not wait for the leave of the guy.

2) No Fixed Income – There is no fixed income that a man gets in his own business. Today he may earn a little less, but tomorrow, he may earn the double of that too. Expenses can be managed by income. The wife is free to even make some luxury expenses if she wants to. She knows, her husband will manage.

3) No End of the Month – In a business, there is no fixed month-end, after which the cash flow stops. The constraints of money at the end of the month are not something the wife will have to feel.

4) He is His Boss – A businessman is never irritated because his boss said something. He is free to make his own decisions and plan work according to his mood. There is no fixed work he needs to complete on a particular day, just because his boss said so.

Saying all that, there are lots of problems too. A businessman has no fixed time of work. He may continue working even till 11 at night, and may even go to work on a Sunday. The decision lies in your hand. You need to also see the kind of man he is. Only that will help you decide if you wish to be with him lifelong or not.

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