Top Sikh Pre and Post-Wedding Rituals

Punjabi weddings are considered to be the best celebration because Punjabis reflect their Sikh culture and beautiful traditions within every wedding ceremony. That’s a reason most people are looking for a Punjabi girl or boy through matrimonial services.

Top Sikh Pre and Post-Wedding Rituals

Sikh marriages consist of various rituals that start before the wedding and continue even after the marriage day. In this blog, we have covered some of them.

1. Roka


In this event, both the families meet at the bride’s home and exchange gifts, sweets, and clothes as a token of love.

2. Engagement or Kurmai


It is an official engagement ceremony in which couples exchange rings and the bride’s family gives kara to the groom.

3. Sangeet


This event is hosted in both houses and celebrated with music, dance, and so much fun. Dinner is followed by music.

4. Mehendi


A Mehendi is designed on the hands and feet of both bride and groom. Other ladies get the Mehendi design made on their hands. Dholak is played and dance is also performed.

5. Chooda


The bride’s uncle gifts her chooda which is bathed in yogurt milk and rosewater.

6. Maiyan

Oil and turmeric paste is applied to the hair and body of the bride and groom respectively.

7. Gana


A red thread is tied to the left wrist of the bride and the right wrist of the groom for protection from evil and prosperity.

8. Anand Karaj

Anand Karaj

This is the main wedding ceremony in which the priest of Gurudwara reads Guru Granth Sahib and explains the importance of marriage to the couple. He describes the couple’s duties towards each other.

9. Vidai


This is the time when the bride officially leaves with her new family and bids an emotional farewell to her own family. The bride’s mother-in-law welcomes a newlywed couple into their home.

10. Reception


The groom’s parents organize a reception after the wedding as a formal introduction of the newlywed couple to their family, friends, and relatives.

11. Phere Pauna

On this day, a bride makes her first visit to her own home after the wedding.

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