How to Have a Happy Marriage?

Matrimony unfolds as a wondrous odyssey brimming with affection, camaraderie, and cherished moments woven together. Yet, like any relationship, it requires effort, commitment, and understanding to thrive. In this guide, we’ll explore expert advice on how to foster a happy and fulfilling marriage that stands the test of time.

How to Have a Happy Marriage?

Cultivate a Happy Marriage: Expert Tips for Lasting Bliss

1. Prioritize Communication

Effective communication forms the bedrock of a successful marriage. Make it a priority to openly discuss your feelings, concerns, and aspirations with your partner. Listen actively, express empathy, and communicate with honesty and respect. Regular check-ins and heartfelt conversations can strengthen your bond and resolve conflicts more effectively.

2. Nurture Trust and Transparency

Trust is the cornerstone of a happy marriage. Build and maintain trust by being transparent in your actions and decisions. Avoid secrecy, be accountable for your words and actions, and demonstrate reliability and integrity. Trust fosters security and emotional intimacy, laying the groundwork for a strong and enduring partnership.

3. Foster Mutual Respect

In every relationship, and particularly in marriage, respect forms the essential foundation for mutual understanding and harmony. Treat your partner with kindness, empathy, and appreciation. Value their opinions, honor their boundaries, and refrain from belittling or criticizing them. Cultivate a culture of mutual respect where both partners feel valued, heard, and cherished.

4. Embrace Compromise and Flexibility

Marriage requires compromise and flexibility to accommodate the needs and desires of both partners. Be willing to negotiate and find common ground on matters big and small. Practice empathy and understanding, and be open to adapting to changing circumstances. Remember, compromise is not a sign of weakness but a testament to your commitment to the relationship.

5. Prioritize Quality Time Together

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, carve out quality time to nurture your relationship. Schedule regular date nights, and weekend getaways, or simply enjoy quiet moments together at home. Focus on building shared experiences, creating memories, and strengthening your emotional connection. Quality time reinforces your bond and reminds you of the love and joy you share.

6. Cultivate Appreciation and Gratitude

Expressing gratitude and appreciation can work wonders in fostering a happy marriage. Recognize and rejoice in the unique abilities, achievements, and contributions of your partner, fostering a culture of appreciation and mutual support. Express gratitude for the little things, whether it’s a kind gesture, a supportive word, or a thoughtful act of love. Cultivating a culture of appreciation fosters positivity and reinforces the bond between partners.

7. Keep Romance Alive

Maintaining romance and intimacy is crucial for a fulfilling marriage. Keep the spark alive by engaging in affectionate gestures, heartfelt compliments, and acts of kindness. Surprise your partner with thoughtful gifts, love notes, or romantic gestures to show your love and appreciation. Prioritize physical intimacy and emotional connection to keep the passion alive in your relationship.

8. Practice Patience and Forgiveness

No marriage is perfect, and conflicts and misunderstandings are inevitable. Practice patience and forgiveness in moments of tension or disagreement. Be willing to forgive mistakes, let go of grudges, and move forward with compassion and understanding. Remember, forgiveness is not about condoning the behavior but about releasing yourself from the burden of resentment and moving toward healing.

9. Seek Professional Support When Needed

If you find yourself facing challenges or conflicts that seem insurmountable, don’t hesitate to seek professional support. Marriage counseling or therapy can provide valuable tools, insights, and strategies for overcoming obstacles and strengthening your bond. Keep in mind that reaching out for assistance reflects strength and dedication to nurturing the vitality and enduring bond of your marriage.

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A happy marriage is not the absence of challenges but the ability to navigate them together with love, understanding, and resilience. By prioritizing communication, trust, respect, and mutual support, you can cultivate a fulfilling partnership that brings joy, fulfillment, and lasting happiness. Remember, your marriage is a journey, and with dedication and effort, you can create a love story that stands the test of time.

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Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage: A Detailed Discussion

A wonderful marriage is not the result of the first love you had, but rather of how effectively you maintained that love throughout the marriage. Marriage is a bond between two families and two people of opposing couples. Both couples must dedicate their entire lives to their marriage and to one another.

Everyone wants to know which of the two possibilities is superior and more successful. Some individuals support love weddings since both couples are already acquainted. On the other side, some people support arranged marriages. Unlike planned weddings, when partners are chosen by the couple’s family, parents, or other relatives, love marriages allow girls and boys to pick their spouses on their own.

The main objective is to marry, whether it’s to the spouse of your choosing or your parents. Marriage is not a child’s game; it comes with a lot of responsibilities.

To determine the ideal method for selecting a spouse, there is an ongoing discussion over love marriage Vs arranged marriage. Even several polls have been conducted to determine which candidate is most popular.

Understanding Love Marriage:

Love marriages, often romanticized in popular culture, stem from individuals choosing their life partners based on mutual affection, compatibility, and shared values. These unions are founded on the premise of emotional connection and personal choice.

Pros of Love Marriage:

  • Emotional Compatibility: Couples in love marriages typically share a deep emotional bond, fostering understanding and empathy.
  • Personal Autonomy: Individuals have the freedom to select a partner who resonates with their aspirations and ideals.
  • Prior Knowledge: Couples often know each other well before marriage, reducing the chances of surprises or hidden aspects.

Challenges of Love Marriage:

  • Family Acceptance: Overcoming familial objections can be daunting, especially in cultures where arranged marriages are the norm.
  • High Expectations: With love comes expectations, which, if unmet, can lead to disappointment or disillusionment.
  • Conflict Resolution: Couples may struggle to navigate conflicts without the guidance of elders or established marital frameworks.

Understanding Arranged Marriage:

Arranged marriages are orchestrated by families or intermediaries, where the couple meets with the intention of matrimony after minimal or no prior acquaintance. These unions are often steeped in tradition and cultural norms.

Pros of Arranged Marriage:

  • Family Support: Arranged marriages benefit from the collective wisdom and support of extended family networks.
  • Shared Values: Families strive to match individuals based on compatibility in areas such as religion, social status, and financial stability.
  • Stability: Arranged marriages often prioritize long-term stability and familial harmony over individual desires.

Challenges of Arranged Marriage:

  • Initial Adjustment: Couples may face challenges in building rapport and understanding due to limited prior interaction.
  • Pressure to Conform: There can be societal pressure to conform to traditional gender roles and familial expectations.
  • Compatibility Concerns: Despite efforts, compatibility issues may arise, leading to strained relationships or divorces.

Let’s Know About the Marriage Mindset of Indian Elders

Let’s Know About the Marriage Mindset of Indian Elders

However, in India, arranged marriages predominate. Additionally, people support arranged weddings in the discussion of love marriage vs. other types of unions.

Older people claim that having your parents arrange a partner for you is preferable because they are aware of your preferences and will make the best decision for you.

The relationship between several families is another benefit of planned marriages. Marriage unites two families, which are today more interconnected than ever before, in addition to two individuals.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Good Life Partner

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Good Life Partner

The relationships between families play a significant role in many cultures daily. Additionally, strong relationships inside the family may be advantageous for one’s chances for a successful future in the workplace.

When choosing a spouse for their son or daughter in an arranged marriage, parents will first determine whether the background of the prospective bride’s or groom’s family is compatible with their own. Status, future security, and stability appear to be the most highly desired qualities in an arranged marriage so that their child can lead a stable, secure existence that is comparable to that of their parents. This is the primary cause of India’s low divorce rate.

Regardless of the decision, the couple and the families must live in love, trust, and understanding for the marriage to succeed, this is the lesson we would want to convey in closing the Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage.

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Top 5 Financial Benefits of Marriage

Marriage is a blessing that everyone wants to have in their life. It adds the beauty of starting a life with someone who’ll always be there regardless of what the circumstances are. It is correctly said that money can’t buy true happiness and love. But, you can access a huge swath of financial benefits with your marriage.

Before you go ahead finding the most compatible life partner with matrimonial services, let’s find out how a wedding can benefit you financially. Yes, you read right. Alongside other benefits, getting married to the right person can provide you with several financial advantages. Some of them are listed below.

Here we have mentioned 5 financial benefits of marriage

1. Tax Benefits

Tax BenifitsThe majority of the states benefit married couples when they pay their taxes. Filing the tax jointly helps in maximizing tax savings if a family has one earner. Filing jointly can result in a higher tax bracket if both partners earn the same amount of money.

2. Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Marriage can bring you several benefits in insurance planning. It may include small savings on premiums and huge choices in coverage. Tying the pure knot of a wedding reduces the monthly rates as married people are considered safer bets for insurance companies.

3. Joint Credit Cards

Joint Credit Cards

After getting married, you can apply for joint credit cards that provide some major advantages. Your partner may remind you about the paid time and assist pay off the balance when you can manage it alone.

4. Purchasing or Selling a Home

Purchasing or Selling a Home

When selling any home, married couples with joint ownership enjoy a capital gains exclusion of up to Rs. 41684500.00 which is twice the exclusion of a single person. The unnamed partner is helpless in case of divorce, death, or splitting up when both names are not mentioned on the title of a property you own together.

5. Retirement Investment

Retirement Investment

The employer-backed 401(k) and IRA are perfect options to secure your and your better half’s future. With a spouse IRA (individual retirement account), one spouse can keep his/her earnings towards an IRA in the name of another partner. It will secure the future of both when one partner doesn’t earn much income.

So, if you truly want to search for a great life partner to live happily together and enjoy the sweet financial perks of marriage, then visit Wedgate Matrimony today. This is a reliable marriage bureau in Delhi that helps many people meet and marry their dream partner.

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Classic Bengali Wedding Rituals to Know Before Attending a Bengali Wedding

In India, wedding rituals and customs differ from one state to another. Bengal, the land of several cultural diversities, celebrates wedding rituals and occasions with great zeal and enjoyment. A Bengali wedding is truly an ultimate treat to the eyes.

Traditional Bengali marriage rituals are culturally rich and full of fun. If you’re finding a Bengali girl or boy with a matrimonial site or going to attend a Bengali wedding, then you must know Bengali marriage customs.

List of 6 Traditional Bengali Wedding Rituals & Customs

Here we have mentioned 6 incredible & amazing Bengali marriage rituals & customs, that you should know about them and remember before appearing a Bengali wedding.

1. Adan Pradan

Adan Pradan Bengali Wedding Rituals
In this ritual, family members of both parties approve of the wedding in the presence of a priest. During this ritual, the wedding date is also fixed and announced.

2. Aashirbaad (Engagement & Gifting)

Aashirbaad Engagement & Gifting Bengali Wedding Rituals
In this ceremony, both families accept the couple and declare their wedding formally. The bride and groom are blessed with trefoil leaves and husked rice. They are showered with several gifts such as money, clothes, and ornaments by their in-laws. This ritual is performed at the bride’s home.

3. Aiburo Bhaat (Bachelor Party or Bridal Party)

Aiburo Bhaat Bengali Wedding Rituals
Also known as the bridal shower, would-be couples are offered a traditional and delicious Bengali meal as their last official meal before marriage. This is a celebration meal with families and friends joining to enjoy the end of the couple’s singlehood.

4. Gaye Hollud or Haldi

Gaye Hollud Bengali Wedding Rituals
The haldi ceremony is celebrated on the morning of the wedding by applying turmeric paste on the face and body of the groom. The same turmeric paste with gifts or Tatva is sent to the bride’s home. That turmeric paste is then applied to the bride’s face and body by the married women of her family. Then, she bathes in the water brought by her mother and other ladies of the family.

5. Sankha Porano

Sankha Porano Bengali Wedding Rituals
This is the Bangle ceremony in which the would-be bride has to wear conch shell bangles (Sankha and Pola) after the Haldi ceremony. These bangles are dipped in turmeric water during this Bangle ceremony.

6. Saptapadi (Phere)

Saptapadi Bengali Wedding Rituals
In this sacred ritual, the priest invokes blessings by chanting Vedic mantras before the holy fire, symbolizing purity and divinity. The couple, hand in hand, circle the fire seven times, each circumambulation signifying a vow of commitment and love, binding their souls in the eternal bond of marriage.

These are some rituals you can enjoy at a Bengali wedding. Wedgate Matrimony has helped many people to find the right match for a wedding. Even they also assist with Bengali wedding events and photography. You can search for a perfect Bengali bride or groom based on your requirements.

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7 Important Pre Wedding Rituals in Hindu Marriage

Have you found the perfect partner to marry with a matrimonial site or your own? Have you fixed your wedding and now wondering how to take care of the main rituals performed? In Indian weddings, especially Hindu marriages rituals, and ceremonies are celebrated just like a festival with great fun, excitement, and enthusiasm.

In this post, you’ll learn about some of the main pre-wedding rituals performed in the Hindu community.

1. Roka

This is the first pre-wedding ceremony in which the bride and groom are asked for their approval for the marriage. The elders of both families bless the couple for a new beginning in their life. It is a golden chance for the bride and groom and their families to spend quality time with each other.

2. Sagai

This is the ring ceremony that marks the start of the wedding preparations. It is performed in the presence of priest and family members. The couple exchanges ring and get their family’s blessings for a successful married life. Gifts, clothes, and ornaments are also exchanged between both families.

3. Tilak

This is a groom acceptance ceremony performed at the groom’s residence where the bride’s brother or father accepts him as a groom. Tilak or kumkum is applied on the groom’s forehead.

4. Haldi

This is the most colorful Hindu wedding ritual in which guests dance and take memorable photos. The family members of both parties apply Haldi on the face, hands, and legs of the bride and groom.

5. Mehndi

This is another fun Hindu marriage ritual attended by all family members. The beautiful Henna or Mehndi designs are created on the hands and feet of the bride. The groom & hands are also decorated with Mehndi. All the guests dance and sing to enjoy the moment.

6. SangeetSangeet

This music and singing ceremony is about music and celebration. Everyone dances to party music on this beautiful night.

7. Wedding Day

Wedding Day
The bride’s father does Kanyadaan by taking his daughter’s right hand and putting it on the right hand of the groom. The couple exchanges floral garlands during the Jai Mala or Varmala ceremony and takes seven rounds around Holy fire. The groom ties mangal sutra onto the bride’s neck and applies sindoor. During Vidaai, the bride bids farewell to her family.

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The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: An Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide

Do you want to make your wedding planning a breeze? If yes, then here you’ll find the most useful guide to make this possible. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming because there are so many tasks and responsibilities to perform. But, you can make this easier and more exciting with some tips discussed below.

1. Budget Analysis

Budget Analysis

After finalizing the wedding date, check your budget. Divide the things you want to invest in and choose the most important expenses. Determine the potential size of your marriage and the guest list count.

2. Create a Guest List

Create Guest List
Take paper and pen and note down who should be invited. Create a list of the approximate number of guests you want to be present at your wedding.

3. Select Venue

Select Venue
During the wedding season, most of the venues stay blocked. So, choose and book a venue many months in advance. Before booking the venue, consider venue size, environment, location, and the total number of guests.

4. Photographer and Videographer

Photographer and Videographer
Book a photographer and videographer as soon as possible before the wedding day. But, first determine which photography you’re interested in such as old-school style, theme photography, etc.

5. Caterer

Contact the best caterer for your D-Day ensuring delectable food for the guests. Examine what you want to include in the menu. You can go for the traditional choice or try something new.

6. Decoration

Apart from food, what draws everyone’s attention is decoration. Hire a professional decorator and choose a style or theme to get more creative. Numerous wedding styles make your big day a reflection of beautiful flowers and colors.

7. Mehndi and Makeup Artists

Mehndi and Makeup Artists
Book a good Mehndi artist and select the most impressive Henna design. Also, hire a make-up artist and the best makeup package. It is vital for both the bride and groom. Book a pre-bridal or groom package and professionally-trained artist for your main wedding ceremonies.

So, here is what you must include in your wedding checklist to make your wedding planning hassle-free and easier. But, the very first thing you need is to find the most compatible life partner. No matter how perfect your wedding planning and arrangement are, all become in vain when you marry the wrong person. Wedgate Matrimony provides the best platform to look for a great life partner who will be there with you in all circumstances.

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Evolution of Online Matrimonial Service In India

Online matrimony services are not a new concept. In India, they started in the late 1990s. Such services gain significant growth by 2003 with the emergence of around 2000 Indian online matrimonial sites. The main reason behind this rapid growth is that today, unlike the traditional matchmaking process, matrimonial websites have a wide reach all over India and other nations.

traditional indian wedding ceremony

Evolution of Matrimonial Services

Online matrimonial sites originally started for NRIs. This is because, during the 90s, there was no good internet connectivity in India. In the 2000s, matrimonial web portals started combining love and arranged marriages. However, this industry witnessed growth in 2017. The industry gained an average of 2% revenue yearly from 2010 to 2015. The profit rate was then expected to go beyond Rs.20.6 billion by 2020.

Reasons for the Exceptional Growth of Matrimonial Sites in Recent Years

The impact of the lockdown on COVID-19 has been noticed greatly on matrimonial websites with their huge growth. Several matrimonial sites have witnessed huge growth in their customer base. During the pandemic, most people are limited to their houses and spend more time browsing online matrimonial sites to find the right match. Many websites have gained a 30% increase in the number of registrations.

The companies started providing special offers and enhanced matrimonial services. Alongside helping with matchmaking operations, companies included other services such as horoscope matching, wedding planning, pre-bridal dietician, and lots more.

Future of Matrimonial Services

The advancement of the internet has revolutionized the matrimony industry. User-friendly nature, a huge database of prospective brides and grooms, enhanced security, and genuine results are making more people opt for a matrimonial site rather than a traditional approach.

In 2022, online matrimonial industry revenue in India is estimated to be 0.26 billion US dollars. The year-on-year growth for these services is 130%. Today, more than 12 million people in India use online matrimonial websites. Seeing the rapid growth, the industry is believed to have an increased future scope.

Wedgate Matrimony is among the topmost leaders in the matrimony sector. It becomes the primary choice of people seeking a compatible life partner to get married. This matrimonial agency has been successfully offering a wide range of services such as remarriage, late marriage, NRI matrimony, and lots more. Moreover, the experts are fully dedicated to assisting you in organizing and planning your weddings successfully without any stress.

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10 Questions Every Father is Supposed to Ask His Future Son-In-Law

Every father wants to do their best to conform to the fulfillment of promises of their lovely daughters to protect them. They ensure that their daughter marries the best person and happily lives her wedding life. Here, we will discuss some key questions that a father asks his would-be son-in-law no matter whether they choose him via a marriage bureau like Wedgate Matrimony or he is her daughter’s choice.

Questions Every Father is Supposed to Ask His Future Son-In-Law

1. The straight question that needs a clear answer is “Are you ready to marry my daughter”? With this question, a father just tries to gain clarity on whether his future son-in-law would or would not be able to face the challenges life throws in their wedding journey.

2. What would be your financial objectives? It means what you’re planning about family, home, and other things.

3. What do you like in my daughter that made you marry her?

4. Will you always support my daughter and always stand with her regardless of the complexity of the situation?

5. What do you do to solve the conflicts/arguments/fight?

6. What do you think about your relationship with my daughter?

7. Are you cohesive spiritually?

8. Do you have any relational red flags?

9. Do my daughter and you settle on biblical roles and responsibilities?

10. Do you both have meaningful and honest communication?

So, these are the questions that a father is supposed to ask his would-be son-in-law. He would agree to your relationship and get your marriage fixed if he is satisfied with you with his heart. Thus, while answering any question, be loyal, honest, and straight to your words.

What you are saying should reflect in your behavior and expression. The answer must be strongly convincing and solid. So, remember it must be about getting married not about dating.

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How to Make Strong Your Second Marriage?

Most people believe that a second marriage never lasts a lifetime. But, this is not true at all. Over the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the record of successful second marriages in India. Now, a broken marriage doesn’t mean the end of life. A divorced person or a widower with or without kids can search for the perfect bride or groom with matrimonial services online.

Ways to Make Strong Your Second Marriage

Here, we have enlisted some of the most powerful tips that you can work on to make your second marriage strong and successful for the rest of your life.

7 Ways to Make Strong Your Second Marriage

1. Look at your spouse doing something good and then appreciate them for doing that. Creating an environment of tolerance, respect, and appreciation maintains the warmth of togetherness in a relationship.

2. Regardless of how hectic your life is, take out some quality time and create a relaxed environment to have an interactive conversation with your better half.

3. Stop comparing your new spouse to your ex or other people. Don’t allow these memory-triggering moments to become an obstacle in your new wedding life.

4. Always be open to your partner. Discuss all minor and major problems to deal with them together.

5. Discuss your feelings and expectations as keeping them just along with you can lead to misunderstandings.

6. Be self-aware to direct second marriage challenges effectively. Don’t allow them to create an impact on your new relationship.

7. Since you have opened a new chapter of your life, never jump to the previous pages. Come out of your previous thinking patterns.

Wedgate Matrimony has helped many people bring back the beautiful colors in their dull lives by finding the right partner for second marriage or late marriage. They make the matchmaking process easy.

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