6 Reasons Why Indian Marriages Are Successful

We Indians invest wholeheartedly in the achievement and life span of Indian relationships. Compared to abroad, divorce rates are not high in India. Couples in India believe in fulfilling janm-janmantar ka sath and keeping those saat vachans (seven vows). Here are some reasons why Indians do have long-lasting marriages and why opting for separation is difficult for them.

1. Marriage Happens Once in a Lifetime

Marriage is once in a lifetime affair that is put together by the parents or families of a bride and groom. So, making the marriage a great success becomes almost a necessity. The involvement of both families in matters related to a couple makes the Indian marriage successful.

2. Divorce is not Even the Only Solution

Married couples are encouraged to keep their wedding relationship alive at any cost even at the cost of their mental peace. The burden of continuing a marriage mostly falls on the women due to societal pressure. Also, in many families, men are the main source of income. Women who have tried or done separation got refusal by their parents or their siblings refused to support them.

3. The Indian women Compromises and Sacrifices

The Indian women Compromises and Sacrifices

To make the marriage ever-lasting, women in India compromise more than men. She is the one who keeps her husband’s and her in-laws’ happiness and cares before her own happiness to make her man and in-laws happy.

4. Adjustment and Suffering in Silence

In India, most people believed that separating and land in divorce when you can adjust. Divorce is often considered a consequence of a woman’s incapability to adjust to her new family also it creates doubt on her character. Society ends up putting women in a bad way like mental harassment, tolerating things just for adjustment, and other things.

5. The ideology of ‘Till Death do us Apart

In India, there is a mentality that couples could not separate till their death does them apart. This ideology makes marriages in India successful. Couples try to make their relationship long-lasting no matter how much they go through in their wedding life.

6. Kid’s Happiness

Kids Happiness

Most Indian marriages continue due to the happiness, mental peace, and better future of their kids. The children’s fate makes them live together.
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6 Reasons Why Arranged Marriages are Good

For ages, arranged marriages have been followed by people of marriageable age all over the world. But, in today’s world of online dating, love affairs, and matrimonial sites, arranged marriage is considered a bit old-school approach for many people.

Some people believe that love marriages are better than arranged marriages. But, it lays the strong foundation for a happy and healthy relationship. Here we bring some reasons why arranged marriages are good.

1. Socially Acceptable

Socially acceptable

Arranged marriage set-ups are accepted not only by parents and families but society as well because the compatible partner has been selected after detailed research about their financial and career prospects, and family background. So, the would-be spouse comes with everyone’s approved stamp.

2. Fewer Expectations

Fewer Expectations

The expectations of your partner and your in-laws are lower in arranged marriages. On the other hand, love marriages are full of prolonged expectations that when not fulfilled can often result in disappointments and conflicts. Since couples in arranged marriages may not better understand each other, they have low expectations of the response. This results in less possibility of divorce.

3. More Excitement

More excitement

People in arranged marriages are excited to meet and understand each other. The time from the engagement to the wedding day is a blessing and the most beautiful period for couples. They would be eager to live with their partner for the rest of their life.

4. Choices


There is no dearth of options when opting for an arranged marriage. You can look for the perfect spouse online through the marriage bureau with your parents. You don’t necessarily require the interference of neighbors or relatives to get choices for the right person to marry. You can find and meet a person sharing similar moral values and beliefs with you.

5. Mutual Respect and Commitment

In an arranged marriage setup, parents select the right bride or groom so they ensure they choose the best one for their child. So, couples have better mutual respect and admiration without judging each other. Since the couples are making a fresh start in their life, the level of commitment is more.

6. No need to Convince Parents

No need to convince parents

Since arranged marriages are fixed with the support of parents, there is no need to convince your parents to get married to a specific person.

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5 Myths and Facts about Arranged Marriages

Arranged marriages in India make up 55 percent of all marriages. This marriage is not as unfortunate as you might think. In arranged marriages, parents choose a life partner for their child based on their background, traditions, societal status, and cultural beliefs. Like other things, arranged marriages also have certain pros and cons. Let’s discover some unknown facts and myths about arranged marriages.

1. Arranged Marriage Happens Just in Third-world Nations

Arranged marriage happens just in third-world nations

Some people believe that arranged marriages are generally forced, like child brides, and women are forced to marry as a source of money for their families. But, this is not true. Parents, family members, friends, and/or relatives find someone who might be a suitable life partner for you. They provide you with some options to marry without any compulsion. You can say no if you don’t like a specific proposal.

2. Arranged Marriages Have Lower Divorce Rates

Arranged Marriages Have Lower Divorce Rates
According to one study report, arranged marriages worldwide have a 6.3% average rate of divorce. However, it doesn’t mean that the marriage is successful and happy. There are some couples who are living together just for the sake of their children, family, and society.

3. Compatibility with Major Things

Compatibility on Major Things

Lack of compatibility becomes the main reason millions of relationship breaks every day. In an arranged marriage, couples come from the same cultural and religious background, having the same life objectives. Better compatibility between couples, expectations, and cultural beliefs make arranged marriages fare better and fewer disputes between couples.

4. Marriage is Done at a Right Time

Marriage is done at a right time

When you’re thinking of marrying your girlfriend or boyfriend who is jobless or not ready to marry right now can result in marrying at the wrong age. However, in an arranged marriage, your family starts thinking about your wedding when you’re mentally prepared for it; when you’re well settled, and when you are ready to take the responsibility of another person for your whole life.

5. Women Should Compromise more

Women Should Compromise more

Many people believe that in arranged marriages women have to compromise and adjust more on expectations for their partner. But, this is not the situation for every person. Compromise in marriage is not limited to women. Now, the woman has the right to say no to the selected match.

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5 Creative Wedding Party Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Definitely Love

Add a custom touch to your wedding celebration by presenting wedding favor to your guests. Read on for the best ideas that delight your guests.

1. Let Love Grow with Pretty Planters

 Let love grow with pretty planters

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people recognized the importance of gardening in their homes. Send your guests home with tiny potted blooms, individual seed packets, or succulents with cute packaging to let them grow flowers or plants of their own. Select from numerous watercolor design options matching your wedding decoration style or theme.

2. Handmade Soap

Handmade soap

An adorable idea for a creative wedding favor is allowing your guests to pick the handmade fragrant soap. Don’t forget to customize the packaging with sweet little notes, date or wedding hashtags, and a wedding monogram to make it an extremely thoughtful favor for guests.

3. New-age Sweets

New age sweets

Sending your guests home with delicious sweets is a traditional favorite of Indian weddings. You can try subtler flavors by introducing new inventions like cinnamon, custard apple laddoos, and rose petals or walnut barfi for the “Is Pal Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaye” moment.

4. Personalized Coffee Bags

 Personalized coffee bags

Gift personalized coffee bags to provide your special day as a favor on the wedding night or include a hotel wedding welcome bag at the arrival of your guests. You can also serve this favor at the next-day wedding morning to let your guests relish the morning cuppa.

5. Luggage tags

Luggage tags

Choose personalized letters and leather luggage tags as wedding favors if you’re planning a destination wedding. This destination wedding and travel-themed favor are what guests can use immediately. When choosing favors for guests, you need to consider your wedding size and budget.

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Read this postImportance and Tips for Self-Care and Stay Balanced During Wedding Planning

Importance and Tips for Self-Care and Stay Balanced During Wedding Planning

While doing other wedding planning and arrangements, don’t forget the self-care to stay balanced and stress-free. Good care is important for your and your partner’s health & well-being. Here are some great self-care tips to help you stay balanced and healthy while planning your wedding.

1. Good Sleep is a Key

Good Sleep is a Key
Make good sleep a priority no matter how challenging the wedding planning is. Proper sleep helps with effective digestion, improved energy levels, and stress management. Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night to feel and look fresh.

2. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help

Don’t hesitate to ask for help
Wedding planning is one of the most stressful times of your whole life. If you’re alone, don’t hesitate to ask your family members or friends for support. You can also hire a wedding planner to manage or take over the wedding-related tasks.

3. Start Intake of Herbal Tea

Start Intake of Herbal Tea
Ditch tea and coffee, and start taking herbal tea that will energize you from inside and outside. Eucalyptus oil-rich bubble bath and a lavender candle will calm your nerves and provide immense relaxation, comfort, and balance.

4. Get Proper  Meditation

Get proper meditation
To prevent too much stress from wedding planning, use regular deep breathing and meditation. It helps in reducing anxiety and stress and improves confidence, focus, and creativity. 15 minutes of meditation a day will help you feel calmer.

5. Get Regular Facials

Get regular facials
Alleviate stress and get good skincare by scheduling an appointment for massage and facials at a reliable beauty spa and salon. It helps in keeping your skin fully hydrated.
Alongside these tips, get a proper diet. You can get assistance from a pre-wedding dietician at Wedgate Matrimony. Here, the experts provide an array of matrimonial services like help in finding the soulmate, wedding photography, and more.

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The Significance Of Pre-Marital Counseling: 6 Reasons To Consider

Getting married and being together forever is the wish of most romantic couples. Once you said ‘yes’, you may have planned the life ahead of you and your spouse. Many couples choose to pre-marital counseling before their wedding day. Want to know why? Keep scrolling.

What is Pre-Marital Counseling?

What is Pre-Marital Counseling

It is a type of couples therapy that mentally prepare the couples for their marriage. It helps in ensuring that couples would have a healthy and strong relationship. Multiple topics are covered during pre-marital counseling. For example, roles in marriage, children & parenting, finance, beliefs & values, communication, family relationship, time spent together, decision-making, and more.

The purpose is to help would-be couples discuss various important problems like finances, children’s care, and more. Counselors equip partners with tools to guide them successfully on the path of happier wedding life. It creates a solid foundation for a successful marriage.

Reasons Couples Should Consider Pre-marital Counseling

Reasons Couples Should Consider Pre-marital Counseling

1. Premarital counselors help couples plan for their future like setting family or financial planning goals, and how to achieve those goals.

2. Couples develop better communication skills as they have a neutral party to assist them in better understanding each other.

3. It facilitates would-be partners to understand the importance of marriage.

4. Pre-marital counseling helps couples explore new things about themselves.

5. The pre-marital counseling allows partners to develop the mentality of changing themselves and accordingly adjust with their spouses in their spaces.

6. It helps in developing mutual goals for marriage.

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5 Tips to Save Money on Wedding Planning without Sacrificing Style

Plan a wedding with these simple tricks to save money without compromising on quality and style. This useful guide from experts of leading matrimonial services providers will make your budget-friendly dream wedding come true.

1. Plan a Smaller Wedding

Plan a Smaller Wedding (1)

Here, we are not talking just about reducing your guest list but other items like food and beverage costs, decoration, flowers, rentals, gifts, etc. Decreasing your guest list by 10, 20, or 50% can make a great difference.

2. Use Online Wedding Invitation

Use online wedding invitation

Save the printing and postage costs by selecting affordable and personalized wedding invitations online. Send your invitations online through a wedding website and save on the additional cost of stationery.

3. Select a Venue within the Budget

Select a venue within the budget

The more money you invest in your wedding venue, the less amount you will have for other wedding preparations. So, to save money on your wedding planning, choose a venue with small rental charges ensuring it best fits your style. Don’t go for highly popular or big name venues as many local venue providers also offer great services.

4. Hire a Photographer Per Hours

Hire a Photographer Per Hours

Hire your photographer only for the functions you wish to add to your wedding album. Rather than a whole day, hire a photographer only for the required hours, capturing the best moments in a budget-friendly way.

5. Simplify Everything

Simplify Everything

Another tip to save money on wedding planning without scarifying style is simplifying everything. Instead of hiring multiple photographers, go with just one. Go for DIY decorations. Repurpose flowers from various wedding ceremonies to a reception. Use chairs at your wedding venue rather than renting them additionally.

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Evolution of Popular Wedding Traditions and their Origins

There is no deficiency of wedding traditions and superstitions in different cultures across the world. These traditions have surprising origins. Some of them date back to earlier era. Some of them can go while some remained the same despite hundreds of years of their evolution. Let’s learn about the evolution of different wedding traditions over the years.

1. Engagement rings

Engagement rings
The first time, Archduke Maximilian of Austria gifted a diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. This tradition is worth following as it is an emotional and personal investment that symbolizes commitment, strength, and love.

2. Wedding rings

Wedding rings
The tradition of wedding rings was started by the Egyptians. The circle of the ring denotes infinity because it has no starting or end point. The empty space shows a gateway into the unfamiliar. Wedding rings have evolved over time, reflecting everlasting love with platinum. These rings feature diamonds and colorful gemstones.

3. Wearing a wedding ring on 4th finger

Wearing a wedding ring on 4th finger
Ancient Egyptians believe that the vein of love ran via the fourth finger (ring finger) of the left hand straight to the heart. Wearing a wedding ring on the 4th finger will protect it from wear and tear as most people are right-handed.

4. Organizing wedding ceremonies

Organizing indian wedding ceremonies
In most cultures, getting married need the consent of couples and their families in the presence of some witnesses. The ceremony of tying two people into a single knot of marriage is called a wedding, a term we use today. This tradition is worth keeping as it makes the ceremony memorable. Wedgate Matrimony, a trustworthy matrimonial site, helps in finding a compatible partner belonging to different culture, background, religion, and caste. Before making a final decision, you can determine the viewpoint of your partner regarding wedding traditions.

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4 Common Wedding Day Disasters and How to Handle Them

Everyone wants their wedding functions to be picture-perfect, but there is always a possibility for some hiccups along the way. Even well-planned and well-coordinated events may sometimes deal with some accidents. Don’t panic as you can fix an unexpected wedding day mishap and enjoy your beautiful day of love and celebration.

1. Rain on a Wedding day

Rain on a Wedding day

If you have an outdoor venue, unforeseen weather changes like rain can ruin your day. In that situation, check with your decorator for a backup plan like an alternate indoor provision or waterproof tents.

2. Vendor Cancelation

Vendor Cancelation

Due to some emergencies, sometimes your photographer, makeup artist, DJ, or other vendor cancels the booking. The best way to prevent that mishap is to ask your vendor for some reference or other emergency backup plan before finalizing the booking.

3. Broken or Stuck Zipper

What would you do when you end up with your wedding outfit stuck zipper or broken? If it is broken, get someone to sew it for you. In the meanwhile, get ready with other attire or ornaments. If a zipper is stuck, let someone rub a wax or candle to loosen it. Ask your artist to cover the drape so that a wax mark or stitching don’t appear.

4. Family drama

Trust us, this happens in most Indian families. There is always a family member who looks for the opportunity to create some unwanted scenes in wedding preparations. Try to move unruly members, who have some issues with a wedding or related activities, out of the main venue. Talk nicely and calmly to them to let them be happy throughout the wedding.

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