Why should you sign up on matrimonial websites for searching your life partner?

A wedding is undeniably not a straightforward and simple process. Instead, it can be defined as a pivotal turning point in our life. Hence, you cannot be careless while selecting your life partner. Your partner will be with you during your failures and successes, ups and downs, and pains and pleasures. You need to be compatible with your partner to enjoy your happy and prosperous life after marriage.


In today’s life, we like to find our own partner with whom we feel comfortable and compatible. Unfortunately, we have witnessed the failures of love marriages. Thus, people have realized that arranged marriage ensures a better successful married life. However, marriage depends on your luck, faith and self abilities. There is no golden rule for a successful marriage. Still, dress high rates of failure in love marriages have most people to accept arrange marriage is the most visible alternative.


Do not compromise with your marriage


With matrimonial websites – matrimonial agencies in delhi available at your fingertips, there is no need for you to compromise with people and situations. You no longer have to depend on your family members or relatives to provide you with the list of prospects. You can get a life partner on your own conditions and terms. With multiple websites providing matrimonial services, you can get your life partner without hassle.


Let’s find out a few reasons why you should check out the matrimonial site to get the love of your life.


  • Quick and easy
  • Simple registration
  • Serious prospects
  • Most secured
  • Easy to approach
  • No need to compromise
  • New quality
  • Within affordable budget
  • Highly secured matrimonial security options
  • Customization
  • Expert advice
  • Free and open platform


Search your partner easily with matrimonial portals


It is essential to get a suitable partner with whom you can spend the rest of your life peacefully. Matrimonial site the geographical boundaries and help you to find a suitable match as per your priorities and preferences. Nothing can be better than finding a compatible partner who is familiar with the lifestyle you follow. Moreover, if you are the mother of a child and want to get married once again, these matrimonial websites can help you to get a suitable partner. Yes, you can get special categorization in these matrimonial websites, which re-marriage services.


At Wedgate Matrimony – sikh matrimonial services in delhi, you have multiple prospects to select from. This is a popular platform where you can even make the selection from caste specific matrimonial services. It includes Hindu matrimonial services, Punjabi matrimonial, Baniya, Gupta, and Agarwal matrimonial services, Jain matrimonial services and Sikh matrimonial services.

4 hacks to make the most out of these matrimonial websites

With multiple matrimonial websites coming up every month, now looking for a life partner has become easier than ever. Previously, family members, relatives, and people in the social group used to find matches for suitable prospects. With the passing time, the norms have tweaked a bit. Now, there is no need to marry someone by compromising your own preferences and priority. You just need to visit an available online matrimonial website and open a profile accompanied by your personal and professional information. Let’s discuss some useful hacks that can help you to make the most out of this matrimonial websites – marriage brokers in delhi:


Profile scrutinization


After you get a request on your matrimonial profile from any registered member of that site, verifying the profile of that prospect should be your foremost criterion. You need to give your best to find out the person with whom you are interacting because your security and safety depend completely on it. Thoroughly read the profile before accepting the request. At the same, you need to find out the details provided on the matrimonial site are false or true. If you think that something is fishy, serially for the next best alternative.


Complete profile check


This is an unavoidable factor that you need to take care of before clicking on the accept button. You should always check the complete profile of the prospect to find out if he is truthful or not. Also, find out the authenticity of essential details like permanent address contact address social media details and email ID. In case, if the website you sign up with provides you with the verification feature, go for it.


Photo credibility


Matrimonial profile consisting of photography of the groom or bright is more attractive is come to the one which does not have any photograph. Almost every serious matrimonial prospect uploads a profile photograph along with images of the family members, friends, office colleagues, and holiday spots, etc. However, an individual may get deceived with such photographs. So, it is essential to find out the source of these photographs.


Checking social media profiles


Most of the people are now active on social media networking sites. The type of posts they share and like actually helps in revealing a lot your character.


If you are seriously looking for your dream partner on a matrimonial website, create a profile today with Wedgate Matrimony – sikh marriage bureau in delhi. This is a popular matrimonial where you can create a new profile for yourself without risking your safety. Our profiles are verified and hence there is a question of fake profiles in the list.

How can you Save Money and Time with Matrimonial Websites?

According to contemporary industry research, present on an endless number of matrimonial websites is operating successfully in India. A phenomenal growth rate has been witnessed in this business, with new marriage websites coming up every month.

Unfortunately, not all matrimonial websites live up to the promises. Most of the profiles created on these matrimonial sites are fake. Thus, it can be misleading and also lead to multiple issues.


Matrimonial websites are not dating sites for you are looking for a partner to meet over a cup of coffee. Nowadays, most of the individuals who are of marriageable age prefer to log in to matrimonial websites for searching their compatible partners. It has been found that matrimonial websites now become popular owing to the convenience they provide to users from the aspect of money and time.

Time is a precious commodity in today’s world. And, the Best marriage bureau in Delhi NCR save both money and time. Hence, it is definitely worth spending. Let’s read below to know more about these websites.


Profile search

profile search

Searching for the information provide in the profile of a prospect is of utmost importance to ensure that they are true.


Instant validation


Initially, it was the responsibility of relative strength and well wishes to start the elusive, arduous, and unguaranteed validation processing.


With matrimonial websites becoming the most medium about marriageable people, details verification has become. Each of the leading matrimonial websites in India ensures proper verification. They use database and social network for validating the personal data.


Value-added services


Most of the matrimonial websites operating in India need to pay a nominal amount by the users. You cannot expect completely free services.


First meeting problem

first meeting

Traditionally the marriage matchmaking process used for extremely lengthy because couples get to know each other only after their first meeting. Moreover, the preliminary criteria also not matched before setting up a meeting.


But the present in matrimonial websites makes use of filtering criteria for judging couples compatibility. Filters are set up in accordance with occupation age income lifestyle parameters hobbies ethnic background etc. When you meet with prospects meet your preferences and criteria, rate of success manifolds.


At Wedgate Matrimony – hindu matrimonial services in delhi, we believe that you can search for the right partner without wasting too much of your precious money and time. We value our customers and make sure to provide the best services within the minimum possible time. We understand that marriage is a lifetime commitment and you should give our best in searching for the right partner for you.

Hence, we have a relationship expert advisor who can accept you from the very beginning of your search until the last. However, the packages highly affordable; includes elite, gold, silver, diamond, exclusive, NRI, and second marriage.

What is the importance of a personal matchmaker for your wedding?

Matchmaking is the pivotal aspect of developing a successful alliance. Nowadays, most of the renowned online marriage bureaus offer personalized services. Undoubtedly, in today’s busy life it is not always possible to take out time for meeting new prospects for marriage discussions. Hence, when you hand over your biodata to matrimonial agents in delhi, they assign this challenging task to their qualified matchmakers.

How can a matchmaker help you?

Well, an experienced and qualified matchmaker can undeniably provide you with a range of benefits. Let’s discuss name below for your convenience:




Customer confidentiality is of utmost importance for renowned matrimonial websites. They will not share your data without your permission. Fortunately, you can keep your private and personal information under your control.

Save time


save time

It is not possible for us to set hours every day in the midst of our busy schedule to reply to new prospects on the matrimonial websites. But, definitely it is not possible to reply at our own convenience.

So, you can manage the entire process whether personal manager. They will reply on your behalf and follow the matchmaking process with utmost concern. Finally, they will mail you the profiles which they think will fit your criteria.

Personal attention


When you hire the services of a personal matchmaker, they will provide you with personal attention. It means a personal manager will be appointed for you. And, he will be assigned the task of searching for the right prospect to suit your marriage criteria.

Pocket saving


pocket saving

There are multiple websites offering matrimonial services. E-marriages have gained popularity over the passing time. Hence, the monthly charges have now become quite less and within our affordability.

Manual matchmaking


With a personal matchmaker, you can stay assured that they will and pick matches to meet your partner preference.

Profile security



Your profile will be secured entirely with matrimonial sites. No one will be able to view your profile picture without your consent. Moreover, stringent security options have been designed keeping in mind the convenience and safety of clients.

So, if you are looking for your dream partner, do not hesitate to contact us with our Wedgate professional executives – jain matrimonial services in delhi. We have multiple options available for our esteemed clients, and just a phone call away from you. Check our exclusive packages on the official website along with the range of services we have in our stock for you.

How can you create an exclusive profile on matrimonial websites?

We believe that marriages are created in heaven but it depends on us to look for the right choice. With technological advancements, distance relationships and connecting with several individuals of marriageable age have become easier than ever.

Matrimonial services in delhi become the most vital point of contact. All you need is to log in to a reliable matrimonial site and create your profile in an impressive style to look for your preferable matches. When your profile looks genuine and impressive, it becomes easier for other people to contact you. Likes and dislikes matter a lot when it comes to contacting someone for marriage.


Even before we contact someone, it is vital to read the profile to understand his thoughts, personality, and choices. When we find them matching our criteria, we take a step ahead and contact the prospects. Moreover, matrimonial websites are user-friendly and can be accessed by both the groom and bride who want to get married as well as their family members or others who are taking the responsibility of looking for a prospective search.


Security aspect of matrimonial profiles

When it comes to security, none of us wants to compromise. Nowadays, with cyber crimes over flooding the newspaper, matrimonial sites have come up with multiple security options for their genuine clients. Creating a profile means it will be accessible to only people who genuinely interested in getting married.

There are multiple reliable matrimonial sites that have recently gained trust and popularity because they ensure security to their clients and also serve as a dating website. They have won the reliability and credibility for maintaining the sanctity of the wedding.


Tips for creating an exclusive and impressive profile

When it comes to creating a strong profile, you should be honest about yourself. Do not write anything which does not hold true to your character. Be hundred percent honest with your details and views. Thus, when someone reads those informative, he will get to understand and visualize your personality.

Similarly, pictures are the centre of attraction of your profile. It is advisable to upload your individual picture which reflects your true self and personality. The background of your image should reflect your office or home area to ensure the trust factor. Lastly, add as many details as possible to your profile along with links of your social media profiles.


At Wedgate Matrimony – elite matrimonial services in delhi, we are always ready to furnish you with necessary tips for creating your profile. Our executives can even guide you remotely step-by-step in opening a new account on our matrimonial site. So, what are you waiting for? We are just a phone call away from you!

Bursting top 4 myths of matrimonial websites

With a lack of time in our regular life, most of the people were looking for an ideal life partner to take help from the internet. Matrimonial sites now become highly popular among marriageable people.

However, there are some stubborn and common myths related to matrimonial bureau in delhi.

There are numerous reputed and successful matrimonial websites in India that have been serving eligible grooms and brides increasingly.

Well, it’s high time that we need to clear the misconception that few people hold about online matrimonial sites.

Hence, let’s start with the top 4 myths of matrimonial websites:

Searching life partner online is a waste of time


There are some individuals who believe arduously that matrimonial websites are a waste of money, effort, and time.

But the real truth is that today matrimonial websites are one of the most preferable options for marriageable people because they consume less time, and offer a wide range of benefits as compared to offline arrangements.

In our life, we never get over true partner online


If no one in your circle had ever got married through matrimonial websites, it does not mean that matrimonial sites are hopeless. Your circle is perhaps limited.

There are unlimited numbers of people across the world who have found their dream partner through these websites. Again, a handful number of people believe that these websites are designed for immature and young enthusiasts who are not actually focused on finding a life partner.

If you read the success stories of matrimonial websites, you will be surprised to find that most of the arranged marriages and now conducted via them.

It is quite embarrassing in real life to create matrimonial profiles


With increasing your generation registering profiles online on matrimonial websites, the concept of feeling embarrassed has become really outdated.

But if you feel nagging issues about your matrimonial profile being discovered by your social circles, friends, and family members, glad to know that most of the reputed matrimonial websites advanced security options. Hence, you can hide your profile from people who are not registered.

Matrimonial websites are entirely filled up with fake accounts


This assumption no longer holds true because the present scenario has changed a lot. Even a decade ago, this had been the most serious issue among people of marriageable age.

But with technological advancements as well as enhanced social security rules in place, most of the reputed matrimonial websites come with stringent verification processes, accompanied by robust vigilance teams, and strict regulations for members.

At Wedgate Matrimony – aggarwal marriage bureau in delhi, we can provide you with the best possible results in accordance to your requirements. You can call us today and discuss your partner preferences. We will give our best in searching the right partner for your life!

How to keep fraudsters at bay? How to avoid fake profiles on matrimonial sites?

Online fake profiles have now become common. With the increasing matrimonial websites, fake profiles have become a major concern among people of marriageable ages. You must have already read about fake marriages and fake matrimonial profiles.

Moreover, sometimes we get to hear about friend of friends having bad experiences in their marriage lives, which automatically put an end to our search for a true life partner. Well, to ensure the security of genuine clients, matrimonial websites prefer to complete several rounds of verification. It helps them to distinguish genuine and verified profiles from fake ones.

If you are planning to go ahead with the service of a marriage bureau in delhi, it is advisable to find out about their verification options. To save the clients from fake marriages, most of the websites conduct multiple scam checks. Continue reading this post to know the tips to avoid fake profiles.

Thorough profile checking


It is essential to conduct a thorough search about a prospect because you are going to stay for the rest of your life with him. You have the right to check the entire profile which should include his educational background occupation residential area and other vital details.


Trust batch on profiles


Look out for prospects having trust badges. It means that your profile is completely verified by the matrimonial team, which includes screening of their social profile and identity proof issued by the government.


Move at a slow pace


Do not rush, take things ahead slowly. If you find someone who is running at breakneck speed and then put everything on a hold for certain, you can initiate communication yourself. But, it is advisable to chat with the contact for a few weeks on the platform before taking things offline.


No response? 


 When you do not get a response from a certain candidate, you should move on to the next suitable alternative. It is suggested to respond to all the candidates to approach you for whom you want to communicate with.

But most of the time people prefer to move ahead with the singer prospective the time. Thus, it creates a perception that there are innumerable fake profiles for matrimonial websites because nobody ever responds.


Follow your first instinct


If you feel comfortable after online chatting for having a conversation about the phone, plan for the date. Do not stress yourself for the face to face interaction if you think that something is wrong.

After all, you have to spend the rest of your life with that person. So, you have the full authority to reject or accept someone. It is advisable to plan a meetup at a coffee shop or a busy area to ensure safety. You can place your

At Wedgate Matrimony – nri marriage bureau in delhi, we ensure all the profiles on our website are genuine and authentic. You can place your trust on our services and always follow your instincts. Do not let any bad experience how were your present moments.

A few bad experiences cannot stop you from enjoying your entire life and probable good experiences. Always be and optimistic, not a pessimist.

A complete guide to the workings of a marriage bureau

Matchmaking has always been a favourite pastime in India. In fact every function, get together, party, and festival or occasion that is celebrated has that irritating yet lovable aunt or grandma who keeps pairing up people. Hence converting it into business and setting up a marriage bureau to do these things officially is definitely a good idea. In fact there are very few hobbies or pastimes which have the potency to be converted into a lucrative business. Establishing and running a marriage bureau makes for an excellent source of income wherein both the investment required and the day to day expenses incurred are quite low.

What does a marriage bureau do

Simply speaking a marriage bureau helps establish a connection between a potential groom and a potential bride. This connection is made on the basis of certain similarities that one has with the other. When a candidate wishes to register his or her name with a marriage bureau, he or she simply has to fill up a detailed form which helps the bureau understand:

• The personality of the prospective groom or bride,
• His or her likes and dislikes, work areas, qualifications, family background, financial status etc.,
• What he or she is looking for in a life partner and
• Whether they have any religious specifications.

Since most marriage bureaus in India are community based, there is a need to understand if the world-be groom or the bride is interested in inter-community marriage. In fact there are certain marriage bureaus set up which cater only to one community like the Punjabi marriage bureau in Delhi or the Bengali matrimonial in Kolkata etc. Herein people who register automatically come to find a groom or a bride in his or her community.

Once the connection has been established by a computer matrix, the people involved with the marriage bureau either directly get in touch with the candidate or their parents. The details are then given to the matching couple and sometimes a meeting is also set up between the two.

Marriage bureau charges

Marriage bureaus only charge candidates when registering and the amount can range from anything between INR 1000 to INR 5000 and even INR 10000 if the registration is being done at one of the best marriage bureau in Delhi. The rate of registration depends on the success rate a bureau has. This success rate can only be achieved with the help of a good marketing campaign.

Advantages of community based marriage bureau

It has been generally seen that community based marriage bureaus have a greater chance of success than that of one which is open to all communities. This is because people belonging to a certain community will open a marriage bureau based the needs and requirements of that community only. There is an inherent advantage associated with this which is:

• The person’s familiarity with the religious requirements and the norms of the community,
• The word of mouth publicity he or she gets practically for free and
• The community’s comfort level when dealing with a person belong to their own community is also much more.

All these factors contribute to the growth of the marriage bureau and it soon goes on to become an elite marriage bureau. This in turn ensures more candidate registrations and more work in general provided the person opening the marriage bureau is able to capitalise on the connections that they have within the community and also prove themselves worthy of the trust placed.

Wedding preferences common with Punjabi families

Punjabis are one of the most easily recognizable people in India. They have different sects like Mona Sardar, Punjabi and so on. Their dress components like Turban, Kripan and Kada give them an unmissable identity. Even those Punjabis who do not wear these stuffs can easily be identified with their outgoing nature, great physique and uncanny knack for humor. If you have fallen for a Punjabi girl or guy, you can take help of these services of marriage bureau in Delhi to gel with this clan easily.

1. Expert astrologer service

The easiest way to find a match is to get the horoscopes matched. Even Punjabis rely a lot on this process. Half of the doubts are already cleared when the horoscopes of the prospective boy and girl are found compatible. In some cases, this forms the most important criterion for going further with the nuptial discussions. You can search for the matrimonial services in Delhi that have the expert astrologers on their panel to make the match-making process easy and fast.

2. Personal grooming services

Punjabis are very particular about the dressing, perfumes, the way of talking and all. Though they are very easygoing in nature, but do pay attention to the way boys and girls carry themselves. Especially, the elite Punjabi class is more worried about the external traits and the personality. To make the very first impression the best one, you can register for the personal grooming services available with the elite Punjabi marriage bureau in Delhi. They can help you know all about the traditions and culture and can also guide you on the way you should carry Punjabi ethnic as well as modern dresses.

3. Portfolio designing

Your Portfolio is your online identity. You cannot tamper with it. You cannot underplay it too. When you are searching for a Punjabi family to establish a nuptial bond, you should be particular about your portfolio. The Punjabis prefer straightforward people. Therefore, your portfolio should be crisp, clearer and very much interesting. You can take help of portfolio designing experts available with NRI marriage bureau because many affluent Punjabis stay outside India and have acquired NRI status. If you prepare your portfolio with full honesty, it can save you lots of issues that are common with NRI alliances.

4. Pre-working and arrangements for meeting

Punjabis love treating people with good food, drinks and gifts and expect the same in return. If you are not that much of a social being, then it is better to get the pre-meeting work done. The experts at the marriage bureau in New Delhi know all about the Punjabi way of meets and greets. They also know the perfect venues where the meetings for wedding can be organized as per the requirements of both the parties. Thus, when the meeting part goes well, it is more than half the battle won.

So, pay attention to these aspects of entering into a marriage alliance with a Punjabi family. When unsure, you can reach to the marriage bureau services to achieve a more organized approach.