What to Do and Don’ts of Sikh Matrimony?

Marriage customs usually differ by cast and religion. And, when we are talking about Sikhism matrimonial, there are certain do’s and don’ts that one needs to follow. Sikhs usually stick to strict rituals and follow standard guidelines while conducting any marriage ceremony. And, if you are from any other religion and want to marry a Sikh, then you need to know about their norms. Along with that, it is your prior duty to respect the religion if you get rejected because intimacies outside of marriage are not approved.

Thus, every matrimonial site has a specific section based on caste and religion. For example, you will find particularly Sikh matrimonial services in Delhi while looking for a compatible Sikh match.

Let’s get to know about the Sikh matrimonial do and don’ts for a successful marriage.

What to Do?

1. If you are Sikh, then you need to choose another Sikh bride or groom as a marriage partner without regard to caste or religion

2. The marriage-seeking partners should be emotionally and physically mature to take responsibility for marriage.

3. The ceremony is conducted in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib.

4. There are no specific numbers of guests or invitations that you can send out. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the wedding party size.

5. You need to maintain a close relationship with the parents of both the groom and the bride while partaking in meals.

6. A Sikh can find a suitable match through matrimonial services. They are also allowed to marry a widowed man or wife willing to remarry.

What Not to Do?

1. There are certain codes based on the specific rituals and customs in a Sikh marriage.

2. Wedding minor bride or grooms who are mentally or physically not ready for marriage.

3. The wedding dates are determined based on astrology or horoscope.

4. When a match is fixed, asking or accepting or paying a bride price, asking for dowry.

5. Taking part in rituals that include washing feet with milk or breaking pitchers, or cutting berry.

6. Participating in rituals that include chanting mantras, the sacred fire, or pavilion (This is related to traditional Hindu marriages).

7. Engaging devadasis to perform dances at the reception.

8. Engage in Indian premarital or extramarital or having more than one affair.

At Wedgate Matrimony, we take full responsibility to help you get a perfect match in terms of religion, caste, customs, and code of conduct. We have incorporated specific searches which help in uniting with a perfect match without much hassle. So, enjoy our Sikh matrimonial services in Delhi, and Feel free to call us on +91 011 4709 4491 / 9599991980.

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How to Make A Marriage Successful when Its Second Marriage

A lovely house, huge property, and bank balance are not enough for a happily married life. Rather honesty, trust, values, characteristics are much more important. If you have any terrible past experience, then the agency associated with remarriage matrimonial services in Delhi can help you to define a successful marriage. Joining a reputable matrimonial site is a great leap, and they ensure that you get the right partner to end in a happily ever after.

If you want to commit and wish to make the remarriage work, certain components act for a desirable marriage. So, let’s get to know what those qualities are:


When you are truly in love, then it would resonate in your relationship. Love can be considered to be a founding factor in a relationship. But, matchmaking doesn’t only depend on love. It also depends on emotional attachment and understanding. And, these feelings come when you want to believe that person. Moreover, when you understand the person along with his/her all the good and bad things, you can make your marriage better.

Keeping Faith

It would be best if you kept faith that everything would work out to the best. Try not to to to judge any situation based on any previous experience. Open fidelity in sexual matters is considered to be a destructor in marriages. But, it would help if you educated yourself that marriage is beyond the union. You need to value and understand how important you both are in each other’s life.


Every relationship deserves patience. You need to be living a peaceful life so that the other person doesn’t become a reason for boredom or restriction. It is often said the opposite attract. So, one could be lazy while the other could be fast enough, one can be carefree while the other can work hard. Thus, it’s all about unique characteristics and persistence, which are the secret getaway to a happy marriage.

Communication and Together Time

You need to appreciate the other person in your life by spending time with them, interacting with them, and show your intention to grow. You must give your best effort to improve your relationship. So, you need to talk to your spouse about your dream, your worries, and your plans. And, all these would help to build a transparent communicating medium.

Wedgate Matrimony understands that a partnership requires respect and contribution from both sides. With us, you can find your ideal partner based on your qualities, likes, and dislikes. With our matrimonial website, you get to recognize how wonderful marriage is, no matter it’s your first marriage or it’s all about remarriage.

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What is the Importance of NRI Matrimonial Services?

The most celebrated occasion in your life is your marriage. Irrespective of the region and culture, weddings are a treat to enjoy. It brings new promises and is an integral part of life. However, if you are looking for an NRI groom or bride, and chose to opt for an arranged marriage, then matrimonial sites are your best bet.

Finding a life partner can be challenging, but you can overcome this hurdle with a certified matrimonial agency with ease. So, let’s get to know how matrimonial sites play an integral role in matchmaking.

Why has it become hard to find NRI spouse?

There can be numerous hindrances to make things complicated between two people. Mostly the distance is counted among the top barriers in the match matching process. And, if they are from different backgrounds, there is a contrast in culture, upbringing, living style, and belief, and communicating can get complex. Moreover, with the involvement of fraud marriage brokers, things turn out to provide a sour experience.

How can matrimonial sites help to communicate with NRI matches?

If caste or region is not your barrier, then NRI matrimonial services in Delhi can help you.

1. Through the Matrimonial website, you can meet different types of profiles and get relevant information about them. Online sites do not require any marriage broker, and thus you do not have to worry about any middle man in discovering your spouse.

2. You can freely access information after getting a membership and plan your future according to the best convenience. You only have to pay for the membership, and there is no additional cost.

3. The search process helps you look for specific criteria that can include quality, location, job profile, history, decent, etc. There are particular sections where you can search for a bride or groom based on your interest and desired criteria.

4. Online matrimonial services also provide smooth communication facilities so that distance does not become your limitation while choosing an NRI partner. Chat with them or mail them and get to know each other.

5. Many matrimonial sites also provide consultancy, financial assistance, wedding planning, and a series of other choices to help you take the first step into marriage.

Are you looking for a reliable and knowledgeable matrimony site that offers NRI matrimonial services in Delhi? Wedgate Matrimony is counted among the reputed and highly rated online matrimony sites that provide relevant matches based on your choices. We also offer you the best packages and online assistance for all your queries related to NRI marriages. Feel free to reach us.

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Qualities of the Best NRI Matrimony Site to Find an NRI Groom

Everybody has their preference of time to settle down in life. Some choose it to be soon enough, while others take time. Thus, everything depends upon choices. Some even desire to get married to an NRI groom or bride, and this is not a fantasy but realistic in today’s world. Because now, we are connected through online platforms accessible anywhere everywhere!

However, you cannot ignore the struggle of finding the perfect match. So, you have to join the best NRI matrimony sites where you can get a spouse who is a compatible partner.

But, you cannot simply join any wedding portal. Take a look at your requirement and the qualities that these matrimonial sites bestow. To make it a lot easier, go through the following factors that make a matrimony site preferable.

  • Compatible in Finding NRI Matches

If you are looking for an NRI groom, then you need to join a platform that has specialization in this field. The demand for marrying an NRI person has increased with time. So, it has also become equally difficult to get a perfect match. But, a reputable matrimony service can help you with filters and specific to meet the companion you seek.

  • Time Management

After registering to any matrimony site, you have to choose a package and duration of time. You cannot spend years trying to meet a compatible life partner. So, a match-making site that values time and helps you meet the preferable groom or bride within a fixed duration is always worth joining.

  • Additional Advantages

Joining any online wedding site means you get online privileges to meet the most compatible life partner. Matrimony site offers features such as chat facilities, video conferencing. This ensures eliminating distance as the major barrier. Along with that, you also get verified connections, so you do not have to worry about fraudulent.

  • Wedding Platforms with Good Review

Good reviews are a sign that you can rely on this matrimony portal and also justifies the fact that it has already provided reliable matches. Positive feedback from previous profile holders helps to build trust. With these platforms, you can explore more and easily access the profiles that match your interest.

Wedgate Matrimony has been a top choice for finding the most compatible life partner. We have promising facilities to help you with your queries. We are the best bet for people who are looking for  NRI partners for marriage. So, without any hesitation, join our site and allow us to help you take a step towards a wedding with NRI Groom or bride.

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How can you Create an Impressive Marriage Profile Through a Matrimonial Agency?

Marriage is one of the biggest decisions in your life. It is the union of two souls who have specific qualities and characters that make them prospective soulmates. So, if you are ready to tie the knot, the next step after registering on the matrimonial profile file is to find the perfect spouse who would understand you.

Now, finding a prospective life partner has become relatively easy with the matrimonial agency in Delhi. All you have to do is upload the profiles and attract the attention of the reader. Have you ever thought about how can you make your profile impressive so that you can get a perfect groom or bride?

Let’s understand how you can make an impact on the reader with your matrimonial profile.

Things you need to add to your matrimonial profile

Maximal profiles are entirely different from any job profile, and you need to keep that in mind. So, a quality interaction plays an integral part; start with saying hello and introduce yourself.

1. Always be honest about the details provided on the profile, and they should be correct. You need to be truthful about yourself and your idea about marriage. Discuss your outlook on life and your beliefs.

2. Do not ever leave the profile half-filled, and always provide a complete detail, so that the other person can easily understand. It helps in communication.

3. Be specific about your educational qualification and your professional benchmarks. It is not necessary to provide the grade obtained in your school or college.

4. Remember that the reader is going to many profiles daily, and they are also seeking a perfect bride or groom. So, you must not write lengthy profiles. Otherwise, the other person might get bored. Try to make it interesting; keep it short and crisp.

5. Mention your hobbies, your likes, dislikes, and your interests. This will help to understand him or her about your personality. Help them get a true reflection of your traditional life.

6. Always try to upload a recent photograph as it provides a fair idea to get a prospective spouse. Moreover, it would also maximize your profile visit.

7. Your profile picture doesn’t require you to be a model, but it should be rather modest. A decent picture also increases the chance to meet the individual in person.

Wedgate Matrimony, the renowned matrimonial agency in Delhi has come up with a customized marriage profile creation that helps you create an impact on the reader. It allows you to search according to your likes and dislikes and helps to get heaven-made matches. We have a responsive customer service department to help you with all your requirements.

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Importance of Horoscope Compatibility in Match Making when the Marriage is Late

Who doesn’t like a compatible matrimonial match? The task can seem to be hectic, but it is not impossible. Horoscope matchmaking procedures are usually implied to find perfect suitors who play an important role in one another’s life. And, together, they would settle down for a new beginning.

Marriages that are not based on compatibility or trust have a hard time surviving. So, horoscope matching is still a reliable source, especially in the case of arranged marriages. Moreover, online matrimonial services also offer these facilities where horoscopes are matched, and then the rest of the proceedings are done.

In India, families hire a priest to find the vital qualities that would be necessary for a happily ever after.  Be it a late marriage site or specific religion matrimony service, if you are in dilemma whether you should choose based on horoscope, and then go through the points. These will help you understand why horoscope matching is a prime factor in deciding to step ahead for a wedding life.

Importance of Horoscope

Compatibility predictions

Horoscope has the capability to determine whether the marriage would work out in favor of two-person or not. It also helps to ascertain the compatible areas, which is one of the major qualities for a successful wedding. Since ancient times, wedding couples have relied on these predictions to find the complexities and benefits of a particular union. This also determines whether the couple would live with equality and respect.

Importance of zodiac signs

Horoscope matching is primarily based on zodiac signs. Many people believe that two zodiac signs must harmonize in order to go ahead with the wedding. There are past incidents that notify that marriages that are conducted after defying horoscope face fretful situations later. Zodiac signs are usually based on the stars and the position of the planetary. And, Vedic tradition believes that a change in these positions can impact a person’s decision and living style.

The belief in horoscope varies from person to person. And, everybody has their own reason while opting for a horoscope match marriage.  Some might be thinking of remarriage, while others might be having a late marriage. But, the fact remains still that compatibility is necessary for a relationship to grow and evolve.

At Wedgate Matrimony, we prioritize each and every concern, belief, and choice. Thus, we have developed a website that would streamline every demand irrespective of religion, caste, age, gotra, etc. A million suitors have joined our platform. So, if you are looking for a comfortable match for your late marriage, we are your answer as the best late marriage site.

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How Can You Communicate with Your Match on Matrimonial Sites?

The pandemic has brought an amicable situation where everything has become quite complex, but that doesn’t mean you would stop living. Even in the tough times, matrimonial sites have played a pivotal role in helping to connect with your perfect match with ease. But, you must be wondering how can you connect with the comfortable spouse and still maintain the physical distancing protocol. The solution is with these matrimonial services that help you connect with your special someone digitally.

You can always start with the free membership, get to know about the matrimony platform more, and understand the accessibility. And, if you think that it’s worth your time, then upgrade to a paid membership. After you get the paid membership, you are allowed to access many additional features. These facilities help to build stable communication in case of long-distance matches.

So, let’s get to know how you can connect with him or her through the marriage bureau in central Delhi.

1. Free to Call Them Over the Phone

After you register on the matrimonial sites, you can access their phone number and other personal details to stay connected. Now, you can follow all the rules and regulations to maintain the social distancing norms, yet continue your long-distance conversations. Phone calls will help you to know no more about your compatible match. So, spend some time, talk to them, but always trust your vibes.

2. Online Chatting

Communication is the key to build a relationship that has emotional attachments. To understand your partner, to know about their qualities, likes, and dislikes, online chatting is necessary. So, even if you do not get a convenient time to meet, always interact through online chatting and share your ideas. But, be honest and do not try to present yourself as somebody else just for the sake of impressing.

3. Go for Video Conferencing

With the development in technology, it has become easy to chat and talk to somebody through video calls. There is nothing to get disappointed in if you are unable to meet the special someone in person. Here, digital opportunities prove to be a supportive pillar for a long-distance relationship.  This eventually converts the meeting into a healthy relationship.

Wedgate Matrimony has been a constant matchmaker for years. We understand the present situation and have improvised to help you get a perfect suitor. We try to provide specific communication assistance to find an ideal match in every case. With us, you can find the perfect groom or bride based on your preferences and qualities. So, join us today.

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Why Punjabi Hindu Weddings are so Vibrant?

Punjabi marriage is loud and extravagant. This is a general perception that the entire world has. Punjabi as you know is a fun-loving race. Yes, but most of you are like that. It is that they are probably more expressive than other Indian ethnic races.

It is quite funny as you will never find their mood somber even on a solemn occasion. Their wedding ceremony is marked by beautiful ladies decked up in heavily embroidered sarees and designer lehenga-cholis, men in sherwanis and expensive branded suits, and a dazzling array of colors on display. The moment you arrive at one such big Punjabi wedding venue, you are sure to be greeted with a warm and friendly welcome, loud sounds of laughter with guests flashing million-watt smiles. In Punjabi weddings, you will see even the elderly taking an active part in all the activities with lots of enthusiasm along with the youngsters, unlike other Indian marriages. Moreover, films like ‘ Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’ , and a lot of other Hindi movies have depicted Punjabi Hindu Weddings such that Punjabi weddings have become synonymous with ‘Indian’ weddings. A well-known Punjabi Marriage Bureau in Delhi can arrange for that perfect match you dream about.

Some of the main Rituals are:-

  • Roka and Thaka – It is one of the first rituals called Roka or Rokna, where the family of the bride visits the family home of the groom with a lot of gifts.
  • Mehendi Ceremony (Henna) – Mehendi is an omissible part of most Indian weddings, loved by every Indian woman – married or unmarried. Usually, Mehendi artists create intricate designs with Mehendi on the palm of the hands and feet of the bride followed by a ladies Sangeet where ladies close to the bride sing and dance, on the same evening.
  • Varmala or Jaimala – At the wedding hall after the groom enters, he is led to an elevated stand. The bride gets up on the stand at the sacred ‘mahurat’ and they exchange garlands followed by a lot of excitement and hoopla.
  • Mangal Phere –The sacred fire has to be circled four times by the bride and groom. The end of the saree or the lehenga worn by the bride is tied to the scarf worn by the groom.

Grand Reception Party At the end of the wedding rituals, a lavish party is thrown in honor of the newlyweds by the family of groom. Nowadays, cutting bridal cakes and champagne has become quite common.

In case you are looking for that perfect Punjabi girl or boy you may log on to https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/.

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Steps to Prevent Unhappy Marriage

You’re not alone in your feelings if you’re starting to feel that your marriage is turning south, don’t worry. The majority of couples have experienced rough patches in their relationship at one point or another. Some try to compromise and conquer unhappiness, while some fail or quit eventually. You may read this article to know about why some marriages fail to live up to their happily-ever-after ending.

The number of reasons why many marriages become unhappy unions:

  • Expectations aren’t met
  • Depression
  • Miscommunication
  • Tension in the relationship
  • Betrayal
  • Disappointment at how things are shaping up

As long as you’re both willing to put in the work the good news is that all this friction is preventable. The key to a lasting relationship is by preventing unhappiness in your marriage. Here are some tips on staying true to your vows and live a fulfilled, happy life with your significant other.

1. Know the person you’re marrying – You need to know everything about the person you plan on sharing your life with to shift the odds in favor of a happy marriage. You owe it to no one but yourself to know the history of the person you plan to marry, before signing on the dotted line of a marriage contract.

So opt for Elite Marriage Bureau Delhi along with a little background check about your prospective partner. But try to be discrete while doing your sleuthing.

2. Leave Your Ego at the Door – It is your ego that dictates that you have to be always right and win every argument, and it is killing your marriage day by day. When it comes to clashing egos there are no winners, only losers with deep emotional scars.

Your victory will be short-lived and comes at a cost even if you “win” a fight. In relationships, it’s more important to keep happiness going than to always be right.

3. Active Communication – One of the essential steps to keep your marriage happy is talking and sharing your feelings. If you wish your spouse should know how you feel or what’s on your mind, that’s unfair as no one can read thoughts. It is advisable that you have a healthy conversation while talking about taking and sharing responsibilities, instead of blaming each other.

In case you are looking for that dream man or wife you may log on to  https://www.wedgatematrimony.com/.

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