Steps to Prevent Unhappy Marriage

You’re not alone in your feelings if you’re starting to feel that your marriage is turning south, don’t worry. The majority of couples have experienced rough patches in their relationship at one point or another. Some try to compromise and conquer unhappiness, while some fail or quit eventually. You may read this article to know about why some marriages fail to live up to their happily-ever-after ending.

The number of reasons why many marriages become unhappy unions:

  • Expectations aren’t met
  • Depression
  • Miscommunication
  • Tension in the relationship
  • Betrayal
  • Disappointment at how things are shaping up

As long as you’re both willing to put in the work the good news is that all this friction is preventable. The key to a lasting relationship is by preventing unhappiness in your marriage. Here are some tips on staying true to your vows and live a fulfilled, happy life with your significant other.

1. Know the person you’re marrying – You need to know everything about the person you plan on sharing your life with to shift the odds in favor of a happy marriage. You owe it to no one but yourself to know the history of the person you plan to marry, before signing on the dotted line of a marriage contract.

So opt for Elite Marriage Bureau Delhi along with a little background check about your prospective partner. But try to be discrete while doing your sleuthing.

2. Leave Your Ego at the Door – It is your ego that dictates that you have to be always right and win every argument, and it is killing your marriage day by day. When it comes to clashing egos there are no winners, only losers with deep emotional scars.

Your victory will be short-lived and comes at a cost even if you “win” a fight. In relationships, it’s more important to keep happiness going than to always be right.

3. Active Communication – One of the essential steps to keep your marriage happy is talking and sharing your feelings. If you wish your spouse should know how you feel or what’s on your mind, that’s unfair as no one can read thoughts. It is advisable that you have a healthy conversation while talking about taking and sharing responsibilities, instead of blaming each other.

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Why do NRI Prefer Indian Brides?

On the Matrimonial sites and elsewhere it seems like a trend that Indian NRI bachelor looks for the Indian brides for marriage mostly. They prefer only Indian girls when it comes to marriage though they may have many foreign friends abroad. What is the reason? The major reason remains settled in the sociology and psychology of the India-born NRI men. You may find out some reasons after thorough research, but here are some of the major reasons.

1. Cultural Inclination

In order to earn handsomely and getting a good life, a man is often separated from his family, but deep down he remains attached to his culture and hometown. It is difficult for any person to easily forget his own culture and adopt a new one. He internally vies for the old cultural values and instincts with which he was once tied even though he accepts the new culture.

NRI man feels internally satisfied and happy after marrying an Indian girl who shares similar cultural values to him. Since a wedding is all about accepting and understanding each other completely, cultural similarity makes the bonding all the more strong.

2. A stable family

Upbringing, cultural roots have a stronghold on men born in India. The family structure of Indian families is quite different from foreign families. NRI men realize that only a girl born in India can understand his family set up truly, or even if any other girl can, she will not be able to adjust according to their family style.

It is quite true, since adjusting in Indian families having outspoken relatives is quite a task. So they want a wife who has Indian cultural roots and can very well adjust to Indian families.

3. Ease of return

Some NRI men in spite of living abroad have their hearts in their own country. They prefer to marry an Indian girl to increase their chances of returning to their native land. In spite of all the bright side of marrying an Indian girl, one major challenge faced by NRI grooms remain that some women still think like a gold digger.

They aspire to settle outside India, grip over a hefty bank balance, do foreign trips, and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. So it can eventually lead to a disastrous marriage as the foundation is laid on pure greed and ambition from your prospective life partner. To select the perfect bride for an NRI groom you may depend on the services of reputed NRI Matrimonial Services in Delhi.

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Why you should consider Second Marriage!

There’s an old saying, the second time turns out to be lovelier than ever. No matter how heartbreaking your first marriage turned out to be, but living with it won’t lessen the heartaches. Many instances have proved how sometimes you get to meet your soulmate a bit later in life, and we are here to assist you through the process.

Things do not always turn out to be as expected, but having the courage to end something not worth your time, energy, and love gives you the idea of what you are looking for. The intention of getting married a second time might scare you but, love can seriously happen twice and bring unexpected joy to your life.

Having us by your side will encourage you to explore the suitable options we have listed and categorized. We are one of the best marriage agencies in Delhi, where we have classified the possible marriage option in our services section. Most second marriages have proceeded with the help of matrimonial agencies, apps, and sometimes mutual friends.

Being one of the leading Second Marriage Brokers, we will enlighten you with our elite services, which include the genuine families looking for a suitable bride and groom and the different events at cost-effective packages. When it comes to second marriages, we act a bit more responsible by matchmaking the best for you, trusting us won’t trouble you. Besides, we have listed some mind-blowing reasons why you should consider remarriage as an option.

1. You’ll be more confident than ever. – The time after your marriage ends, gives you clarity about how differently things could have been. The confidence in what you are searching for when it comes to a second marriage, you’ll be clear and precise about the future and your concerns.

2. You won’t rush into things to make it right! – After you had an experience you won’t hurry into making furious decisions. You might think of your first marriage as a failure, but it gives a clear view of your expectation.

3. Second marriage is more about being a Team. – Marriages are more about being a team to build a great future and nurture your kids with love and affection. You and your partner will focus more on how to let go of the past and start fresh.

We the team of WedGate Matrimony are considered as one of the finest remarriage agencies with us you’ll find a suitable match. Our support team helps you get through any sort of obstacle.

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Things all Mangliks Must Know and Follow

In Hindu society, the word ‘Manglik’ usually includes those natives who are affected by Mangal Dosha. Some people have a dosha in their horoscope due to the influence of the planet Mars, they are called Mangliks. Mars is the ruling planet of all Mangliks. This dosha is considered of great importance in our society among Hindus since it is one of the major deciding factors in Hindu marriages. Moreover, it is believed that if a Manglik marries a non-Manglik it can prove to be a disastrous pair such that it may lead to the death of one of the partners.

Being Manglik is almost taboo, as matching horoscopes is an ancient practice in Hindu society and planet Mars is considered malefic leading to dissatisfaction, tensions, and disasters in married life. If you glance through this you will come to know about few things that every Manglik person must know so that they are not puzzled by myths and rituals. The Hindu Matrimonial Services in Delhi may aid you in finding a suitable match in case you are Manglik.

Mars as a planet is believed to stay alone, and thus it quarrels with whoever is closest to it. As per astrology, if your ruling planet refuses to stand by your partner having a different ruling planet for a long time and one of you finally compromises. But planet Mars is only compatible with another Mars.

There are degrees and levels in Mangal dosha. The influence of Mars is strong on you if you are ‘purna’ (complete) Manglik. The influence of Mars is lesser on you If you are ‘vakri’ (half) Manglik. Generally, in a majority of cases, the influence of Mangal dosha is not that severe and does not lead to the death of your spouse or you!

Influence reduces with time – The influence of Mars remains only till a certain age for some people. They will not face any issues in their marital life if they plan to get married after this age. Hence the option of late marriage is there for Mangliks always.

Kumbh Vivah – By performing the Kumbh vivah, people who are full Mangliks can marry non-Mangliks even. The person afflicted by Mangal dosha is married to a Banyan tree or banana in this ritual. If you are a girl you may also wed a silver or gold statue of Lord Krishna. This removes the negative effect of the dosha from the person’s horoscope.

In case you are Manglik and searching for the perfect match you may get a wide array of eligible people on the site

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How to search for your life partner online?

Matrimonial websites are the answer to the quest of searching for your life partner. You have the freedom to decide about the life partner and search without having to pester brokers or bother your parents, which is the best thing about the Best Marriage Bureau in North Delhi. You can select your prospective match based on various factors like –income, social status, likes, dislikes, religion, caste, geographical location, second marriages, special cases, and whatever you can think of.

Majorly for the working professionals who do not have much time to socialize and aspire to get married, matrimonial websites have been of great help.  Meena, a media professional, has settled down with her partner through a matrimonial website. She said “I did not want to shift the city or leave my career. Finally found someone who fitted the bill through online matrimony.”

To lead a happy married life selecting the right life partner is very necessary. You must consider some important factors which one needs to consider when choosing a life partner. One of the most important aspects is considering the things that are crucial to you.

1. Look out for someone with who you can connect easily -It is very significant to select someone with whom you can easily strike a conversation. This way, you will enjoy doing things and talk freely without getting bored.

2. Potential partner with the same interests – If you select someone who shares a lot of common interests with you, it may work in your favor. Keep in mind that all your interests don’t need to be the same, but some would do. For example, if you are an ardent movie admirer, you would ideally like to be with someone who enjoys movies as well. This will definitely make your life interesting.

3. Consider your partner’s intellect If you are an over-achiever and hyper-active but your partner has a laid-back attitude, it may lead to a threat in your marriage. You must think and analyze how both of you are able to think and process things.

4. It is okay to have standards – You need to consider your and your family’s standards while choosing a life partner. Make sure that he/she’s not completely off the mark, though it may be okay to choose someone who probably does not belong to the same strata of society as yours.

In case you are aspiring to get married and looking for an ideal match you may get a wide array of eligible people on the site, which may match your expectation.

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Late Marriage – Its Causes and Effects

What is meant by ‘Late Marriage’?

It is known as ‘Delayed Marriage’ as well, late marriage allows you to get a peek into the progress of women empowerment worldwide. Youngsters were expected to get married right and start a family soon after, until the last century. But the trend is changing now. Marriage is a very personal decision and owing to the change in society, prospective bride and grooms are taking their own sweet time before tying the knot.

Late marriage has depicted the rising trend of pushing the age of marriage into the late 30s and higher, by personal preference and choice. Urban men and women equipped with good education and well-paid jobs are now more likely to postpone marriage. The long-held idea of ‘marriageable age’ has changed and it is confirmed by the latest statistics on marrying later in life. The average age for women getting married has increased from 18.3 years to 19.3 years as per the released data.

1. From the beginning of this century the change was slow but steady as more and more women started to focus on getting a good education and become independent financially, instead of using marriage as a meal ticket.

2. Parents are shifting their focus positively in upbringing their children to acquire education and skills to be self-dependent rather than getting a good groom.

3. Effects of urbanization, women empowerment, and access to facilities are responsible for this positive change in perspective.

4. Change from joint family to nuclear family system, fear of commitment, also influenced a young generation to delay their marriage till they are very certain of the choice they are making.

5. Globalization has a great effect. The advent of the internet and TV has brought Western culture to our doorsteps as people follow shows like ‘Friends’ and ‘How I met your mother’ which typically depicts late marriages.

6. With more individualization and focus on happy married life, you want an ideal life partner taking the help of the late Marriage Bureau in Delhi and are willing to wait for the right person.

7. Science can now take care of the biological clock with solutions like IVF and surrogacy.

If you marry late you will appreciate your marriage more since you have enjoyed enough as a single individual and had the most amazing time. You will not feel like that you have missed out on anything when you finally decide to get married.

In case you are searching for that perfect man or woman as your life partner in a late marriage you take a look at

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Can a Manglik Boy Marry a Non-Manglik Girl?

In India, the parents of both the bride and groom make sure to match the astrological stars before any marriage takes place. It is almost like a norm believed that the marriage will be a great success if the stars of the couple match each other majorly. People can be seen having doshas in their kundalis or birth charts in Vedic astrology, and the most feared doshas of all are the Manglik dosha. The most pertinent question that arises out of this is that whether a Manglik girl can marry a non-Manglik boy and vice versa.

People have tried to find more actually about Manglik and non-Manglik marriage solutions over the years. There has been a long debate over this question for a long period of time. Sometimes though it is quoted as over-exaggerated and people find a particular way to get over this problem, sooner or later. Mainly in people’s minds, the fear exists that a non-Manglik partner faces early death or divorce when married to a Manglik person through a Matrimonial agency in Delhi. This creates a huge impact and people start facing difficulties. Sometimes the marriage fails to happen just because of the Manglik dosha, though the proposal that the girl or the boy gets is a good one.

Manglik and Non-Manglik Marriage Effects:

  • Manglik means that the Planet Mars is located in strong houses and it might result in mangal dosha as per the horoscope. In any married life the Planet Mars causes distraction, separation, distance, etc mainly. It may also sometimes create great harm to the great relations that we share with our loved ones.
  • Most people are concerned about the fact that whether a Manglik may marry a non-Manglik and still be safe or not; others apprehend that can mangal dosha result in distance-related issues between them and their partners. It is calculated in astrology that if planet Mars is positioned in the first place then the native may become arrogant and hyper and this will result in a breakup soon.
  • There may be a lot of lack of happiness and other things sometimes in domestic life, it is believed that the location of planet mars is in the fourth house may cause this. Legal separation can also happen when the planet mars set on the seventh house, which is quite an extreme situation.

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The Purpose of a good Matrimonial Site

What are matrimonial sites?

The main aim of Matrimonial portals or websites is to offer brides and grooms with superb matchmaking experience. You can explore the opportunities and resources to unite with your true potential partner by taking the help of these matrimony companies. Many world-class online Matrimonial agents in Delhi offer online matrimonials in India and countries outside India to fulfill the demand in marriage for eligible bachelors, keeping pace with the changing needs of the time.

Objectives of the Matrimonial Websites are:

These matrimonial services help in facilitating matchmaking business by using the information given by the user.

It helps the user by offering a wide list of profiles of prospective grooms or brides online, along with various information regarding them.

Users will be able to retrieve information about their dream life partner at his or her convenience at their home.

This application for wedding sites also gives you a search utility to help those users who have a certain criterion of qualities in mind for making online matrimonial easier and effective.

The matrimonial services which are based on the internet pave a path for modernization in matrimonial search since the internet is a pivot for modern business.

What are the steps?

A new user needs to register in an online matrimony site and after successful registration, the user can get an email confirmation. After completion of registration, the users’ profile will be visible to other users allowed by the matrimonial services. There are different sectors like registration, partner search, wedding photography, wedding event services, etc present on the websites.

A matrimonial website gives a platform to a lot of grooms or brides to find a perfect match according to their required criteria. Bride and groom can directly search partner. If you are searching for a prospective life partner you may use match by email functionality and get a direct email alert for the match fulfilling your required criteria.

The rise of information technology and the internet is one prominent feature of globalization that is contributing to social changes. Communication through the internet allows individuals in communicating with others on a global scale thus leading social relations to become mediated across space and time increasingly.

In recent times Indian and NRI of Indian origins, who search for a suitable partner for their acquaintances are opting for online matrimonial services. Matrimonial websites also offer services like marriage consultation, wedding planning to help bachelors apart from online matrimonial.

You may visit to search for your prospective partner according to your preferences.

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Why You May opt for Marriage Bureaus Now a Day?

Marriage is a crucial turning point in the life of every individual and is not a straightforward and simple process. You should be careful about selecting your life partner. As marriage is an irreversible process if you make a thoughtless approach towards marriage you may have to repent for the rest of your life. If your life partner is compatible with you, the happier your life is bound to be. Your life partner will support you through successes and failures, ups and downs, and pleasures and pains.

Even a few years back people used to choose their own life partners through love. But, the increasing number of unsuccessful love marriages has led people to think that this may not be the right approach for ensuring a successful marriage. Hence choosing matrimonial services has become a viable alternative for those who are looking for a bride and groom. The Best Matrimonial Services may help you select the most suitable life partner.

How do they work?

The huge database of both bride and groom profiles is the greatest advantage offered by the matrimonial site. This way, you will gain access to a vast number of options in front of you as a registered member and will be assured of finding a suitable partner who can meet your expectations whatever preferences you have.

The searching happens inside the safe portals of the matrimonial site. So you may take the chance to contact the prospective grooms and brides only when you are sure that they will suit your expectations. Hence, your privacy is taken care of always when you work with Matrimonial Services in Delhi.

Matrimonial sites are not like dating sites. It offers you an opportunity for meeting with serious alliance seekers. These sites and their team members work with a serious purpose and hence only genuine members who are serious regarding finding their life partners register their profiles with these sites.

Therefore, it is quite likely that you may meet the one keenly looking for a groom or bride like you. Your chance of finding the right match is maximized when you make the right kind of search, and thus it also quickens the prospects of your marriage.

In case you are looking for that perfect man or woman as your life partner you may get to see numerous eligible people on the site, which may match your expectation.

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