Unraveling the Rituals of a Grand Hindu Wedding

A Hindu wedding is considered the most pious ceremony involving several Vedic rituals and customs. The vibrant, grand and elegant ceremonies continue for about 2-3 days. Here’s a look at the rituals of a Hindu wedding-

Unraveling the Rituals of a Grand Hindu Wedding (1)

  • The celebrations begin with the ‘Ganesh Staphna ‘ where Lord Ganesha is worshiped to conduct the entire wedding without any hindrances. Then, in the Mehendi ceremony, the bride, groom, and all females present for the function apply intricate henna designs on their hands and legs. Songs, dances, food, and gifts form a part of this ceremony. All are dressed in beautifully colored traditional Indian wear.
  • The Haldi ceremony involves all present wearing yellow and applying a turmeric paste on the would-be husband and wife. On the evening before the wedding, a ‘Sangeet ceremony’ is organized. This involves singing and dancing with family and friends till the wee hours of the morning. Several varieties of food and desserts are served at the function.
  • On the day of the wedding, the function of ‘Maayra’ is held. This involves the maternal side of the bride and groom’s family, giving clothes, jewelry, and gifts to their sister’s family. Then, to wed his wife, the groom, who rides a horse, and his family and friends, proceed to the bride’s house for the wedding. This is the ‘baraat’ and involves a lot of dancing and fireworks.
  • This is followed by the Varmala, where the couples exchange garlands. The ‘kanyadan,’ in which the parents give the hand of their daughter to the groom. The ritual of ‘Saptapadi’ involves tying the ends of the attire of the bride and groom.
  • This is followed by the ‘phere’ where the bride and groom circle seven times before the sacred fire. Then, the groom applies ‘sindoor’ or vermillion on the part of the bride’s hair. Vidaai is the final ceremony in a Hindu wedding. Here the groom takes his newly wedded wife to his own house. The relatives and friends bless the newlyweds and take with them beautiful memories of a grand wedding

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Frequently Ask Question

Q1. What makes Hindu weddings unique?
A1. Hindu weddings are characterized by rich cultural ceremonies, vibrant traditions, and colorful attire.

Q2. How long is a typical Hindu wedding?
A2. Usually, three to five hours or longer, depending on the rituals.

Q3. Tell us about pre-wedding rituals.
A3. Includes engagement, mehndi, sangeet, and haldi ceremonies.

Q4. What’s the significance of the ‘Baraat’ procession?
A4. It’s the groom’s grand entrance with family, symbolizing his journey to the wedding venue.

Q5. Explain ‘Kanyadaan.’
A5. It’s when the bride’s parents give her away to the groom, symbolizing trust.

Q6. What is ‘Saptapadi’?
A6. The couple takes seven vows around the sacred fire, signifying commitment.

Q7. How are Hindu weddings influenced by regional diversity?
A7.They vary in rituals, attire, and customs based on regional traditions.

Q8. Can non-Hindus attend Hindu weddings?
A8.Yes, guests of all backgrounds are welcome to join the festivities.

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