To Be Or Not To Be – Married?

Marriage is a huge commitment. While it seems easy, it is not exactly a bed of roses. Once the honeymoon period is over, you are no longer partying every night or whispering sweet nothings in each others’ ears. Instead, your life becomes a series of compromises, adjusting with the other person whom you may or may not know. Despite the number of happily married cases, an almost equal number of unhappy ones with long tales of sacrifices exist. So, the big question here is, should you get married or not? Here is a look at what you get and what you end up losing when you get married…

Pros of Getting Married

Pros of Getting Married

1. You get a chance to find your partner in crime, a companion for life with whom you can share your life’s lows and highs. It is great to have friends, but eventually, everyone grows and moves apart. Having a good life partner ensures that you have a friend for life to share your happy and sad moments with.

2. Having a partner ensures that you are never alone, even during the darkest of times. This instills a sense of security that protects and carries you even through the darkest of times. It also brings stability to your lives

3. Marriage is one of the checkboxes that need to be ticked by society’s standards. Once you are married, beginning a family is easier compared to when you are single.

4. When you get married, you can reduce your expenses as you end up sharing rent and bills. This will increase the savings that can be used in ways beneficial to both of you.

Cons of Getting Married

Cons of Getting Married

1. With the right partner, you can prosper tremendously. However, if you two are not compatible, marriage can be a complete disaster with regular disagreements. Unless your personalities match and complement each other, getting married would be bad.

2. If you are someone who loves independence, being tied down to one place, person, or relationship is not on your agenda. Then, getting married can cause a serious change in your personality.

3. More often than not, marriage involves adjustment, which can lead to a loss of individuality. This can bring unhappiness to your life.

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