How to keep fraudsters at bay? How to avoid fake profiles on matrimonial sites?

Online fake profiles have now become common. With the increasing matrimonial websites, fake profiles have become a major concern among people of marriageable ages. You must have already read about fake marriages and fake matrimonial profiles.

Moreover, sometimes we get to hear about friend of friends having bad experiences in their marriage lives, which automatically put an end to our search for a true life partner. Well, to ensure the security of genuine clients, matrimonial websites prefer to complete several rounds of verification. It helps them to distinguish genuine and verified profiles from fake ones.

If you are planning to go ahead with the service of a marriage bureau in delhi, it is advisable to find out about their verification options. To save the clients from fake marriages, most of the websites conduct multiple scam checks. Continue reading this post to know the tips to avoid fake profiles.

Thorough profile checking


It is essential to conduct a thorough search about a prospect because you are going to stay for the rest of your life with him. You have the right to check the entire profile which should include his educational background occupation residential area and other vital details.


Trust batch on profiles


Look out for prospects having trust badges. It means that your profile is completely verified by the matrimonial team, which includes screening of their social profile and identity proof issued by the government.


Move at a slow pace


Do not rush, take things ahead slowly. If you find someone who is running at breakneck speed and then put everything on a hold for certain, you can initiate communication yourself. But, it is advisable to chat with the contact for a few weeks on the platform before taking things offline.


No response? 


 When you do not get a response from a certain candidate, you should move on to the next suitable alternative. It is suggested to respond to all the candidates to approach you for whom you want to communicate with.

But most of the time people prefer to move ahead with the singer prospective the time. Thus, it creates a perception that there are innumerable fake profiles for matrimonial websites because nobody ever responds.


Follow your first instinct


If you feel comfortable after online chatting for having a conversation about the phone, plan for the date. Do not stress yourself for the face to face interaction if you think that something is wrong.

After all, you have to spend the rest of your life with that person. So, you have the full authority to reject or accept someone. It is advisable to plan a meetup at a coffee shop or a busy area to ensure safety. You can place your

At Wedgate Matrimony – nri marriage bureau in delhi, we ensure all the profiles on our website are genuine and authentic. You can place your trust on our services and always follow your instincts. Do not let any bad experience how were your present moments.

A few bad experiences cannot stop you from enjoying your entire life and probable good experiences. Always be and optimistic, not a pessimist.