Wedding Rings: Unveiling Their Origin, Symbolism, & Significance

Indian wedding tradition is the most important part of Indian wedding rituals. These rings may be the universally recognizable symbol of love and marriage that lasts forever. But what about the history and significance of wedding rings? Why you should wear them? Let’s answer them in this post.

Origin of Wedding Rings

Origin of Wedding Rings

  • The history of wedding rings dates back to around 5000 years. Egyptians used to exchange them as rings of eternal love.
  • The round shape represents no end. During the prehistoric era, the groom binds the ankles and wrists of a bride with grass to keep her soul from running away.
  • After the completion of the ceremony, he removes the rope and ties it to her finger.
  • Over time, this tradition evolved from grass to leather and now to a metal bond like gold, etc.
  • According to the Greeks and Romans, wedding rings must be worn on the left-hand ring finger as this finger has a vein that runs straight to the heart.

Since most people are right-handed, this protects the ring from possible damage.

Significance of Wedding Rings and Why to Wear Them

Significance of wedding rings and why to wear them

  • A wedding ring signifies your eternal love for your spouse through religion, law, or both.
  • It represents the start of a new chapter of your life.
  • It is important to wear your wedding ring as a reminder of your commitment to your partner and conveys that you are devoted to your spouse.
  • Another reason to wear this ring is to filter out any unwanted attention and consider your partner’s respect.

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