Why are Indian Weddings So Expensive?

Have you heard of the term ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’? It is not an understatement to say that the foreigners look upon our weddings to be pompous and expensive. The amount that gets spent in a small community wedding amazes them – right from the wedding arrangements to the bride and groom’s outfits, from the jewelry to the food.

Indian Weddings So Expensive

Let’s See What Contributed to Our Fat Indian Weddings:

1. Guests/ Invitees – The number of guests and invitees to the weddings determine the level of grandeur. Depending on this costs around the printing of invites, the size/ seating arrangements of the wedding hall (mandap), the food, and the gifts are going to be determined as well. Of this list, the venue incurs the most cost and the supporting decorations need the extra money to be spent too.

2. Wedding Attire – Wedding outfits have taken a major stake in our Indian weddings. The vibrant colors of the clothes worn by the bride and the groom captivate the eyes of the people. Not to miss the jewelry needed to emphasize the social status of the families. For themed weddings, the bridesmaids, and close family members team up to dress alongside the couple making it a delight to watch.

3. Rituals & Festivities – Weddings are not a single day or a few hours event. Starting with an engagement ceremony, the festivities continue with the Mehndi or Haldi ceremony, Sangeet and Reception too! Every festivity is about more clothes, more guests, and more food. Also, the arrangement around the spiritual festivities involving temple visits along with a priest is arranged by your marriage bureaus.

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Photography_ Videography

4. Photography/ Videography – Gone are the days when photography just meant clicking the sequence of events. The memory of the wedding festivities is best recorded, and video graphed by professional videographers whereas professional photographers have started with wedding packages that include candid photography, pre-wedding photoshoots, post-wedding photo shoots, etc.

5. Themed / Destination weddings – The new trend is about themed or destination weddings that have started to incur more costs in making arrangements based on specific agendas. Event management companies or matrimonial services are being sought for support to help organize and conduct them

6. Light music / Party / DJ – When couples get married, there is a bandwagon of friends of their age who celebrate along. What’s a celebration without some music and a party? Weddings have started witnessing this trend and some of our big fat Indian weddings have seen celebrities gracing the occasion too!

Wedgate Matrimony is a premium matrimonial services provider in the city of Delhi. We have been successful in organizing the weddings according to the expectations of the families and with grandeur.

Q1: Why are Indian weddings costly?
A: Indian weddings involve elaborate traditions and celebrations, contributing to the overall expense.

Q2: How can Wedgate Matrimony help with venue costs?
A: Wedgate Matrimony assists in finding venues that match preferences while optimizing costs.

Q3: What about catering expenses?
A: Wedgate Matrimony suggests cost-effective catering options without compromising quality.

Q4: Any tips for managing attire and jewelry costs?
A: Wedgate Matrimony provides insights into reputable designers and jewelers within budget.

Q5: What services does Wedgate Matrimony offer?
A: We offer budget-friendly vendor recommendations, negotiation assistance, and tailored planning advice.

Q6: Is a beautiful, memorable wedding possible on a reasonable budget?
A: Yes! Wedgate Matrimony specializes in creating stunning weddings within budget constraints.

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