7 Interesting Rituals of Punjabi Weddings

The moment we hear about a ‘Punjabi wedding,’ the first thought that crosses our mind is a grand wedding with loud music, dancing lots of fun, frolic and unimaginable varieties of food! Punjabis live in almost every part of the world. People belonging to the Punjabi community are fun-loving but glued to their traditions and culture. From some lesser-known customs to the more common ones, from traditional ones to modern ones, a Punjabi wedding has it all!

punjabi marriage rituals

List of 7 Interesting Punjabi Marriage Rituals:

Are you excited to know about Punjabi wedding rituals? Here is your complete guide

1. The Roka

The Roka, Thaka, Chunni ceremony and engagement take place before the wedding ceremony. The wedding is generally a grand affair and lasts for 2-3 days. The Mehendi ceremony is a very important function where the bride and most of the grooms get beautiful designs of henna applied.

2. Sangeet

One of the most extravagant ceremonies of a Punjabi wedding is the sangeet. It is organized a day before the wedding were relatives, friends, bride and groom dance, sing and play fun games.

3. The Haldi

The ‘haldi’ ceremony generally takes place on the day of the wedding. A mix of turmeric, rosewater, and mustard oil is applied to the bride’s and groom’s bodies. These days it is a combined function where everybody is dressed in yellow.

4. Kangana Bandhna

The ‘Kangana bandhna’ ceremony, the ‘chooda ceremony’ and ‘kalire’ ceremony are held on the wedding day.

5. Ghodi Chadha

After the ‘sehrabandi,’ the ritual of Ghodi Chadhna takes place. This is the baraat where the groom, who is on a horse and his family and friends, proceeds to the bride’s house for the wedding. This involves a lot of dancing and fireworks.

6. Madhuperka

This is followed by the Varmala, where the would-be husband and wife exchange garlands. Another ancient Vedic tradition observed in a Punjabi wedding is called the ‘Madhuperka.’ The groom is served with sherbet or madhuperk, which is made of clarified butter, curd, honey, and essence.

7. Kanyadan

The ‘kanyadan’ is followed by the ‘phere,’ where the bride and the groom have to circle seven times before the fire. The final ceremony is the Vidaai, where the groom takes his newly wedded wife to his own house.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is a “chuda” ceremony?
Ans: “chuda” ceremony is called Bridal bangle ceremony.

Q 2: What happens in a “haldi” ceremony?
Ans: In a pre-wedding ceremony, turmeric paste is applied to the bride and groom’s skin to bring a natural glow.