What to Do and Don’ts of Sikh Matrimony?

Marriage customs usually differ by cast and religion. And, when we are talking about Sikhism matrimonial, there are certain do’s and don’ts that one needs to follow. Sikhs usually stick to strict rituals and follow standard guidelines while conducting any marriage ceremony. And, if you are from any other religion and want to marry a Sikh, then you need to know about their norms. Along with that, it is your prior duty to respect the religion if you get rejected because intimacies outside of marriage are not approved.

Thus, every matrimonial site has a specific section based on caste and religion. For example, you will find particularly Sikh matrimonial services in Delhi while looking for a compatible Sikh match.

Let’s get to know about the Sikh matrimonial do and don’ts for a successful marriage.

What to Do?

1. If you are Sikh, then you need to choose another Sikh bride or groom as a marriage partner without regard to caste or religion

2. The marriage-seeking partners should be emotionally and physically mature to take responsibility for marriage.

3. The ceremony is conducted in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib.

4. There are no specific numbers of guests or invitations that you can send out. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the wedding party size.

5. You need to maintain a close relationship with the parents of both the groom and the bride while partaking in meals.

6. A Sikh can find a suitable match through matrimonial services. They are also allowed to marry a widowed man or wife willing to remarry.

What Not to Do?

1. There are certain codes based on the specific rituals and customs in a Sikh marriage.

2. Wedding minor bride or grooms who are mentally or physically not ready for marriage.

3. The wedding dates are determined based on astrology or horoscope.

4. When a match is fixed, asking or accepting or paying a bride price, asking for dowry.

5. Taking part in rituals that include washing feet with milk or breaking pitchers, or cutting berry.

6. Participating in rituals that include chanting mantras, the sacred fire, or pavilion (This is related to traditional Hindu marriages).

7. Engaging devadasis to perform dances at the reception.

8. Engage in Indian premarital or extramarital or having more than one affair.

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