5 Tips to Save Money on Wedding Planning without Sacrificing Style

Plan a wedding with these simple tricks to save money without compromising on quality and style. This useful guide from experts of leading matrimonial services providers will make your budget-friendly dream wedding come true.

1. Plan a Smaller Wedding

Plan a Smaller Wedding (1)

Here, we are not talking just about reducing your guest list but other items like food and beverage costs, decoration, flowers, rentals, gifts, etc. Decreasing your guest list by 10, 20, or 50% can make a great difference.

2. Use Online Wedding Invitation

Use online wedding invitation

Save the printing and postage costs by selecting affordable and personalized wedding invitations online. Send your invitations online through a wedding website and save on the additional cost of stationery.

3. Select a Venue within the Budget

Select a venue within the budget

The more money you invest in your wedding venue, the less amount you will have for other wedding preparations. So, to save money on your wedding planning, choose a venue with small rental charges ensuring it best fits your style. Don’t go for highly popular or big name venues as many local venue providers also offer great services.

4. Hire a Photographer Per Hours

Hire a Photographer Per Hours

Hire your photographer only for the functions you wish to add to your wedding album. Rather than a whole day, hire a photographer only for the required hours, capturing the best moments in a budget-friendly way.

5. Simplify Everything

Simplify Everything

Another tip to save money on wedding planning without scarifying style is simplifying everything. Instead of hiring multiple photographers, go with just one. Go for DIY decorations. Repurpose flowers from various wedding ceremonies to a reception. Use chairs at your wedding venue rather than renting them additionally.

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