Some Important Reasons Why Punjabi Marriages Are So Popular?

Why are Punjabi weddings so popular? Why do people love marrying Punjabi “Munda” or “Kudi”? In this post, you’ll discover key reasons to find a compatible Punjabi partner with Punjabi matrimonial services Delhi.

Why Punjabi weddings are winning everyone’s heart?

Punjabi or Sikh weddings are the most extravagant of all. The marriage rituals are considered holy because marriages are performed with their Guru’s blessings. Besides this, there are many more reasons behind the increasing popularity of Punjabi weddings. These are as follows –

  • Rituals and traditions

From the engagement or ‘Sagan’ ceremony till ‘Vidaai’, many rituals are performed including Paath ceremony, Gharoli, Maiyan, Mehndi, Jaago, Sangeet, and more. Hence, if you want to be a part of the Punjabi wedding, you must attend every ritual celebration.

  • Dressing

A bride wears “Choora” and a beautiful “Kalire” gifted from her maternal side. Kalire worn hanging from the choora, jewelry, lehenga, dupatta, and “Paranda” adds an adorable charm to a bride’s beauty.

Not only the bride, but other girls also decked up in the most elegant embroidery Punjabi suit with a matching dupatta and heavily but gracefully applied makeup. Every guest is beautifully dressed creating a colorful wedding environment. However, one can easily identify a bride from the crowd of attractive and well-dressed ladies.

  • The Punjabi marriage is all about fun and celebration

The enjoyment goes non-stop with too many ritual celebrations, constant dancing, delectable food, and of course, drinks. Since Punjabis are known as foodies, the best of meals are offered in every ceremony. Family members, friends, and relatives are all-night dancers and enjoy every moment together with great fun. Every person gives a warm presence throughout a marriage. Even some parties organize special singing and dancing performances for more entertainment.

  • Couples are blessed with a whole community
  • No matter whether a wedding is of their family members or some far-sitting relatives, Punjabis enjoy every ceremony as their own. Hundreds or thousands of guests come to a wedding to bless the newlywed couple and be a part of the celebration.

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