How to Identify a Fake Person on Matrimony Sites?

People are debating over which type of wedding is more successful – arranged or love? But, no one can win over this topic. The reason is every coin has its two sides. According to some sources, it has been found that arranged marriages turn out more successful. If you’re going for an arranged wedding and thinking of finding a soulmate through marriage bureau in delhi, then be a little attentive. Even though the companies verify and validate their client’s details before adding them into their database to ensure safety, it is important for you as well to take some security measures.

Steps to identify fake matrimonial accounts

The Indian marriage concept has changed with the evolution of marriage bureau services where finding a suitable spouse becomes easy. Availability of n numbers of profiles of opposite sex helps an individual to compare multiple options based on their search criteria and find the most deserving one. However, there are some cases where registered candidates are trapped by fake profiles. If you don’t want to be fooled by those fake matrimonial account holders and go for the safe search, follow some of the points discussed below –

1. Check all the details attentively, smartly, and carefully as you’re not meeting or interacting with that person physically.

2. Be aware of the photographs that are extremely professional or high level of model material. These might be the stolen photos of the real people from social media profiles. Ensure that the photograph matches with candidate’s age.

3. Don’t show any interest or keep a low level of interaction if you don’t find any photograph of the candidate or the information provided is irrelevant or incomplete.

4. Stay away from a person who is showing fake feelings for money or using attractive tricks to gather your bank or financial source details.

5. Don’t prefer an individual who is frequently making changes in his/her profile such as traits, caste, occupation, etc.

6. Sometimes a candidate might show a higher interest in you and puts some pressure to meet quickly or do other things. If this would be the case, it’s good to stop all means of contact with them.

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