Can we do marriage in Panchak?

In the sky, there are 27 constellations. And, Panchak is the combination of five constellations from the last. These are ‘Dhanishta‘, ‘Shatabhisha‘, ‘Poorvabhadrapada‘, ‘Uttarabhadrapada‘, and ‘Revathi‘. According to several religious scriptures, if someone dies at Panchak, five other family members will also die. Panchak that starts on Saturday is the most dangerous Panchak. It is mainly known as the death quintet.

Is Marriage Possible in Panchak?

According to Hindu scriptures, auspicious and holy tasks such as naming ceremonies, marriage, Nav Vadhu Pravesh, Upnayan Sanskar, new construction, Mundan ritual, and housewarming are not allowed during Panchak Kaal. Marriage is prohibited in Mrityu Panchak if it begins on a Saturday (death). Marriage and the starting of any auspicious event are prohibited during this Panchak. During Panchak, wood or wood-related items are not purchased. Also, traveling in the south direction during Panchak is not considered good as the south is the direction of the God of death (Yamraj).

How to Perform Wedding in Panchak?

How to Perform Wedding in Panchak

The negative effects of Panchak Dosha are reduced when Panchak is in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra. When this Panchak falls on a Sunday, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is created. This yoga is beneficial for engagement and other marriage ceremonies. If the last three Panchak falls on a Sunday and Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is formed, it brings prosperity and success.

During Panchak, follow the astrological treatments and recommended precautions. Don’t perform any activity that is prohibited during Panchal Kaal.

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