Things To Avoid Before The Wedding

Every would-be couple, especially brides love to look fit in their wedding outfits with flawless appearance and personality. In order to make that dream come true, certain things must be avoided some weeks or months before the wedding day. So, let’s take a tour of the list of don’ts for the would-be bride.

1. Food Items to Avoid

Food Items to Avoid
Before your wedding day, there are some food items you should avoid. Avoid excess intake of salt as it can cause water retention in your body. This eventually leads to swelling or bloating that makes you appear heavier. Dairy products such as cheese or yogurt can bloat up your belly and cause indigestion. Also, avoid sweets and fried food, carbonated drinks, caffeine intake, and spicy food.

2. Haircuts and Hair Color

Haircuts and Hair ColorKeep the hairstyle the same without trying any drastic haircut or new hair color. It will change the style and texture of your hair. Note that your hairstyle needs to go in coordination with your D-day dresses, makeup, and jewelry. To refresh your shade without affecting your look, ask a hair expert to apply a clear gloss on strands for extra shine and sheen.

3. New Workouts

New WorkoutsKeep going with your traditional workout without trying something new before you tie the knot. This is not the right time for new moves as pulled muscles can take about weeks to get recovered. If you need to burn out some fat, you can begin a new fitness program with a specialized expert.

If you are looking for a dietician, then you can approach Wedgate Matrimony, a leading marriage bureau that offers pre-wedding dietician services and other matrimonial services. Dieticians and nutritional experts will help you to stay in proper mental and physical shape on your special day.

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