Re-Marriages: Is it a Welcome Sign or a Taboo in India?

India is the birthplace of a lot of customs and beliefs. Marriage in our culture is seen to be a bond that unifies two individuals, their families, and their traditions. Breaking such a divine bond is still considered taboo in many areas of the country. Small towns and villages call it detrimental to the progress of their community and society. Yet, major cities such as Delhi have come to accept the fact that divorces are not harmful and try to understand the real reason behind the divorce for the benefit of the people involved.

As individuals living their current life, it is important that all of us live it in happiness and harmony. Discords and misinterpreted happenings may have led to the separation of married people in their past. This doesn’t entitle them to remain alone and sober all through their life – they are still living, and they need to live it happily. Re-marriages have emerged to be a welcome sign in major cities and families do accept the need for separated people to remarry to find their happiness.

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Re-marriages are welcomed by small towns or villages for widowed individuals.

The social beliefs among them permit re-marriages for the benefit of children who have lost one parent and are expecting support. The widowed individual is encouraged to remarry so that he or she can share the responsibility of bringing up the children and not solely carry the burden of the family in this regard. However, they don’t mete out similar empathy when a divorced person wants to remarry.

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Larger cities are quite liberal, and we have been witnessing that most of the re-marriages are encouraged. It is welcomed that individuals are able to leave the past behind, whether it was a distasteful marriage leading to a divorce or the death of the spouse. Such individuals are encouraged by friends and family to step ahead and prepare for a happy life. Also, in this process, previously married people, who now seek partners in re-marriage, are careful and wise.

They assess the pros and cons quite efficiently and make wise decisions. The history of being hurt due to the occurrences in the earlier marriage prepares the people to be emotionally strong and stable. Nobody wants to get hurt twice, do they?

It is definitely a welcome sign in today’s Indian society for re-marriages!

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