10 Proven Tips to Help you Prosper in Your First Year of Wedding

When you marry someone, be it arranged or in love, the first year is very crucial. It decides the kind of life you spend ahead with that family and the kind of relations you build with them. It is based on your first year of marriage, that people judge you throughout your life. Every person wants to make that perfect and the best. Certain tips that would help you thrive through your first year of marriage are:

Tips to Help you Thrive in Your First Year of Marriage

1) Consider them your family – the most important thing is to consider your in-laws as your family and not outsiders. When you start doing that, things automatically start falling into place.

2) Listen more and argue less – you are new to that house and its rules. Start listening to what people tell you instead of arguing about doing things your way. This will not just make your family happy but your husband will also be happy with the fact that you are respecting his parents.

3) Do things their way – your way might differ from their way of doing something. But try doing it their way. They have more experience.

4) Respect your husband’s family – there may be things where your husband’s family is wrong. But no matter the situation your husband would never like to hear anything negative about them. Respect them at all times, and only then will they care for you.

5) Don’t keep complaining to your husband – things that happen in the house should stay in the house. When your husband comes back home from work don’t keep complaining about things to him. It will tick him off.

6) Spend time with your husband whenever he is free – on off days of your husband, don’t spend your time in the kitchen or with others. Give time to him. Get to know him.

7) Start knowing his friends – as a normal person, no his friends and enjoy going out with them. Only then your husband would want to include you in his plans and not leave you out.

8) Communication is the key – talk to your husband about everything. Know things that are bothering him.

9) Spend time in bed – physical intimacy is important in a relationship. Especially in the first year, keep it on.

10) Keep doing small things for your husband – keep showing your love to your husband over small things. Men love that.

Naturally, you will find your husband taking some steps towards you to maintain good relations as well. Keep them up, and things will be perfect for the two of you. Also, keep following our blogs to know more about marriage.

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