Is Marriage Really Essential to Live Happily?

The responses to this question can be different when asked to different generations of people in your family. If you ask a youngster, who is living his life, will say ‘No’ and when asked to a man/ woman who has experienced decades of marital life, will say ‘Yes’. Despite their different answers at different stages in their lives, the human race now accepts the fact that being married adds to your happiness and long life.

Married couples go beyond their individual vision of being successful in careers, being reputable in society to being responsible parents to the future generation. They come through the lineage of family beliefs that has established marriage as an institution and it to be a means to procreate. Marriage creates the nuclear society where we bring forth children who will be part of the larger society and will work towards the growth of society & country.

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Do marriage and happiness solely lie in birthing the children? No. Marriage identifies you to be someone who can love, respect, and mutually share your space with another person of a similar nature. An individual’s focus grows beyond his own selfish needs to the needs of his/ her partner – to talk and do similar activities, to laugh at humor that amuses both, to respect each other’s ambitions, and to love each other despite any differences. These aspects of living a life in harmony, and at times resolving conflicts, makes you a better individual and sharpen your ability as a responsible individual. In turn, it also contributes to the overall success and happiness of the person

Beyond managing your life, marital life brings discipline to the lives of people. It improvises behavior, it helps individuals to follow methods and standardized ways of living, to eat well, and live a better lifestyle. This is an ongoing process and as nuclear units of the society; all families of happy marriages evolve socially and economically. Several cities today boast of improved living when families come together and form townships & communities with schools, healthcare facilities, and economic establishments – if not for marriages, such growth in urban areas is not possible.

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