Can People in Arranged Marriages Really Fall in Love?

Most of the countries around the world, live by the thought of ‘first one falls in love, then they proceed to get married’. But can it be the other way round? Can couples who assure their commitment in arranged marriages eventually find or rather fall in love after marriage? Yes – it is possible.

Marriage experts and matrimonial services providers speak about successful couples who find love after their marriage. This is not uncommon in countries like India, where the couples believe in the tradition of arranged marriages – they enter a commitment of life trusting that they find love in the partner that the family chooses for them.

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The key mantra is about understanding each other’s priorities and sharing the same – be it family, career, love, or relationships. The bonding between the couples is slow but the foundation is strong and not driven by mere passion. When families are at the matchmaking phase, they look more towards the compatibility aspects of the couple rather than merely checking their horoscopes. Arranged marriages bring together two people who have been brought up in similar family backgrounds and values. They are more inclined towards understanding and respecting their beliefs mutually – why wouldn’t this be a ground to respect and love your partner?

Falling in love doesn’t start with the moment that the couples say, ‘I do’. It will be an ongoing process that generally calls for some effort on each of them. Arranged marriages have two individuals who know that understanding each other and their interests will be important to make this work. The slow and steady process of knowing each other involves spending a lot of time together, doing the common hobbies as a couple, participating in events where they share common interests, and obviously talking through how they want to phase out their lives. These smaller attempts of knowing the partner can establish the trust needed in the relationship and will spark the fire of love among them.

The entry of a child into the lives of couples has only been found to have added more love and respect for each other. The joint responsibility in bringing up their child with mutually partaking in childcare activities has been supportive to the couples’ respect and love for each other.

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