4 Common Wedding Day Disasters and How to Handle Them

Everyone wants their wedding functions to be picture-perfect, but there is always a possibility for some hiccups along the way. Even well-planned and well-coordinated events may sometimes deal with some accidents. Don’t panic as you can fix an unexpected wedding day mishap and enjoy your beautiful day of love and celebration.

1. Rain on a Wedding day

Rain on a Wedding day

If you have an outdoor venue, unforeseen weather changes like rain can ruin your day. In that situation, check with your decorator for a backup plan like an alternate indoor provision or waterproof tents.

2. Vendor Cancelation

Vendor Cancelation

Due to some emergencies, sometimes your photographer, makeup artist, DJ, or other vendor cancels the booking. The best way to prevent that mishap is to ask your vendor for some reference or other emergency backup plan before finalizing the booking.

3. Broken or Stuck Zipper

What would you do when you end up with your wedding outfit stuck zipper or broken? If it is broken, get someone to sew it for you. In the meanwhile, get ready with other attire or ornaments. If a zipper is stuck, let someone rub a wax or candle to loosen it. Ask your artist to cover the drape so that a wax mark or stitching don’t appear.

4. Family drama

Trust us, this happens in most Indian families. There is always a family member who looks for the opportunity to create some unwanted scenes in wedding preparations. Try to move unruly members, who have some issues with a wedding or related activities, out of the main venue. Talk nicely and calmly to them to let them be happy throughout the wedding.

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