Why are Marriage Bureaus So Popular Now a Day?

Times have changed. Move over, pandits, and web portals. In the present day Rs. 250 billion Indian marriage market professional marriage brokers have emerged as big players. The marriage market in India is booming and becoming huge.

Family members and friends are apprehensive of making new introductions of members in the family for the purpose of marriage as families are becoming nuclear and divorce rates skyrocketing. Matchmaking has thus given birth to professional matrimonial brokers. In the Indian arranged marriage scenario the concept of the matchmaker has been there since early years. For decades a family ‘pandit’ or ‘shastri’ has informed families about the existence of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes within the community. Now marriage brokers have transformed from dhoti-clad pundits to cosmopolitan and business savvy marriage bureau companies.

The marriage brokerage business has flourished in the past ten years. The reason for this is that people are choosing to live in nuclear families. Traditionally family members used to bring ‘rishtas’ or matches but if the boy or the girl turns out to be defective, then they used to be blamed. Now families do not want to interfere and a marriage broker is emerging as a really good choice. In a lighter vein, the scenario is such that these days there are more marriage brokers than girls and boys.

The business may be booming and lucrative, but the business of marriage brokerage is definitely not an easy one, it is quite a complicated and difficult deal. Since here the lives of two individuals, as well as their families, are involved. So the stakes are really high. People are extra sensitive and hidden personalities seem to emerge when it comes to the subject of marriage.

Some Hindu Matrimonial Services in Delhi have expanded their horizon by offering “full facilities.” This involves meeting the two families for the first time, passing on messages to either side, making sure promises are delivered, negotiating wedding budgets, and being present at all wedding functions – starting from the engagement to the wedding reception. The job of a marriage broker is a comprehensive one. They need to be involved from the time the customer is registered in their agency till the time nuptial vows are exchanged, but no liability is taken for divorce whatsoever.

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