Top and stubborn myths about the Marriage Bureau

The scarcity of time makes our relationship dwindle and people hardly visited their relatives. Thus, the scope of suggestion goes down and marriageable adults start preferring Matrimonial Services to look for an ideal soul mate.


On the other hand, there are some stubborn and common myths about the Marriage Bureau.


In the world of the internet, the efforts of a wedding planner bring two hearts from distant locations to beat together and form a strong bond of love. However, some consider it’s an embarrassing, while other believe it is not safe to create a profile and post the information on the web.  It is high time to understand and debunk the working mode of Marriage Bureau.


  • Myth1: Marriage Bureau is a total wastage of money and time

Some people arduously believe that Matrimonial Services are waste of money and time, but, in actual these services consume less time in matchmaking and within a short period present a detailed interaction with a prospective candidate.


  • Myth2: Can soul mate be found Online

Perhaps, there is umpteen couple who found their life partner online. The serious seekers can read the success stories and testimonials to check out if the Marriage Bureau really works hard to find the ideal matches. Here, the database includes a long list of eligible and compatible brides and grooms. Choose the one with the best personality, class and ethics and of similar caste.


  • Myth3:an awkward situation, if real friends and peers found out the profile

The first thing is that the reputed sites always have security options so an unregistered person can’t see the profile. And, no need to feel shy as we are living in the tech-savvy world where distances are covers via social platform like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.


  • Myth4: The database full-fledged with fake creep Profile

Assuming this is totally wrong and reputed sites always comprise of stringent verification processes to avoid frivolous people. The first step is to create the profile and verified it so that no one gets stuck with a fake account. The verification process is very essential to lower down the risk of cheating. The profile form ends up with couples of questionnaires like interests, hobbies, personal choices and many more to get an idea of one’s personality.

Choosing a perfect match is the biggest and toughest decision for parents as well as for children. Baseless myths are many so avoid them and choose Wedgate Matrimony to get the real prince charming or the princess of a heart.