Things to Keep in Mind before Marrying an NRI

Getting their daughter married to an NRI is a dream for every Indian parent. But the picture is not as rosy as it looks. With the number of issues and problems rising in NRI marriage, it is better to be very careful. Don’t judge any matrimonial site or services, if they bring you an NRI guy for your daughter. Only if you know the man and his family personally, should you go forward with it. In this article, you will get to know the things you should keep in mind before marrying or looking for an NRI.

Points to Keep in Mind before Marrying an NRI

5 Points to Keep in Mind Before Marrying an NRI

1) There Will be no Domestic Help – Everything you do and take care of has to be done by you alone. Life there is very fast, and there is no time for anything.

2) All Documents of the guy are Correct – To get a good and nice girl, a man can lie about his job and home. Since no one can verify whether what the guy says is true, it is easy. Just be aware of what you are doing, and whether everything is looking correct or not. Trust your instincts.

3) Nature of the Man – You will be far away from your family, with no one you know around, but your husband. Just because he is an NRI, it is not necessary to marry him. What is also important is the kind of man he is. If he is capable of taking care of you or not.

4) All Paperwork Intact – You need to make sure all your paperwork is done properly. The chance of an NRI marrying an Indian girl just to leave her in India with his parents is also there. To make sure your Visa does not get rejected, check all your paperwork properly.

5) Don’t Settle with Anything Less – Just because the man stays abroad, does not mean you need to agree on whatever he or his family says. Maintain your dignity and self-respect and then make a decision. If you compromise today, you will always have to keep doing that.

Remember, no guy is marrying you just to make you happy. They do it for themselves too. Maintain your place and space when making a decision. Be it, someone who stays in India or abroad, what matters is that the person is good, and you are happy with him.

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